I just might explode … (and Giveaway)


Happy Monday morning to you!

This week I have the pleasure of introducing you to two young ladies who are going to knock your socks off with their talent.

(Hmmm, I think that last sentence made me sound like I’m 74.)

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing (yea, like in real life … so weird) one of these ‘young ladies’ for a LONG time. Like before she was in Jr. High. Which really, that wasn’t that long ago for her … although I’m sure it feels like forever in her world. The funny thing is that it was only very recently that I discovered just how complex and wonderful this girl is. I see her every Sunday at church … but now have had the pleasure of getting to know her behind the scenes :).

So, let me tell you a little more about Kara, the creative force behind ‘I just might explode …

A little about you?

My name is Kara Haupt and I live in Boise, Idaho. I’m 18 years old and I’m moving to Brooklyn, NY in a little over a month to attend art school. I’ve been making pretty things for about 3 years. I spend a lot of time over-analyzing life, doing pointless things with friends, and laughing hysterically.

I’m amazed at your passion and dedication at such a young age (Kara just graduated from High School and is on her way to Pratt … hello people!). What made you start an Etsy shop while you were still in high school?

Thank you! Um… I’m not sure really? I had a few ideas for some products and Etsy was the perfect venue to try them out. I started creating classes in February of 2009 because, again, I had some ideas I wanted to try out. Found out it was something I enjoyed and that other people liked, so I’ve created three since then. Etsy is pretty magical.

Favorite Color Combinations?

Mustard yellow and pure white. Always.

Favorite item currently in your shop?

Probably this-


It’s just so… pretty! Haha.

Favorite Starbucks drink OR favorite dessert?

Favorite summer Starbucks drink is passion tea lemonade with added sweetener. Favorite winter drink is a white chocolate mocha. Someone’s gonna need to send me funds each week next year for Starbucks! I’m either going to be poor or un-caffeinated! Not sure what’s worse…

To read more about Kara (and feel like your hangin‘ with one of those young cool kids … if you’re “old” and in your 30’s like me) pop on over to her blog.

Kara is offering up a fun giveaway for you guys …

Your choice of (1) necklace and (1) PDF class from her shop. Her necklaces are a sweet new addition to her shop and her classes are what got her shop started. A little bit old and a little bit new …

Enter to win, one comment for each chance::

  • Leave a comment
  • Visit Kara’s Etsy shop, The Sequined Shoe, and tell us your favorite item
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Yea 6 chances to win!! Winner will be chosen by random.org on Sunday, Jul 25th.


  1. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  2. I love the Blue and Yellow Heart Slide Necklace at Kara’s Etsy shop!

  3. I follow Kara on Twitter.

  4. I follow the Knitty Bitties blog.

  5. I follow Knitty Bitties on Teitter (that’s how I heard about the giveaway!).

  6. I tweeted about this great giveaway 8-).

  7. Yay, I love giveaways 😀

  8. Oh and I love the Record Mini Book Kit best! :))

  9. I already follow you and Kara on twitter :)

    Love, love, love this girl!

  10. I’m a knitty bitties follower

  11. love her eclectic style and those necklaces are darling :)

  12. I love the name of her shop!

  13. Oooo neat stuff!!

  14. I already follow the Knitty Bitties blog. :)

  15. Kara’s shop is very nice. My favorites are the slide necklaces– the purple ones and the blue ones are calling to me. :)

  16. Very Nice…

  17. My favorite thing at Kara’s Etsy shop is the record mini book kit. I saw it earlier today and thought it was super cute.

  18. following kara on twitter

  19. following knitty bitties on twitter

  20. following blog!!

  21. tweeted also!

  22. Love Kara’s work, been a follower of her blog for a while. Love yours too, so joining in on the action here as a follower too.

    Sorry I don’t tweet or twiter….I leave that to the birds. lol

  23. You are just so nice to us followers.

  24. I also follow you.

  25. I really like the heart slide necklace in yellow from the shop. Very cute composition

  26. Great giveaway, love the pdf class idea! Hope I win.

  27. I am already following Kara on Twitter, but now I am following Knitty Bitties as well!

  28. My favorite item is the Pretties Vanity Table Ring Platter. I love it!

  29. What a wonderful giveaway. My favorate item is the blue and yellow necklace

  30. i think kara is pretty remarkable. yep i do.

  31. I’d love to do one of Kara’s classes!

  32. Kara forever 😀 I am a terrible poet, I know, but it’s a true thing. I’d love to win.

  33. Oh, I would love to win one of Kara’s classes! She’s such an inspiration.

  34. thanks for the giveaway! I love kara!

  35. i’m a big fan of kara’s painted plates for jewelry.

  36. i follow kara’s blog!

  37. I am absolutely loving the Record Mini Book Kit in blue from the shop.

  38. Thanks for offering another giveaway! How exciting!! :)

  39. I love the “Money Can’t Buy Me Love Pocket Change Holder” in Kara’s Etsy shop!

  40. I just added Kara to follow on Twitter (I’m @laur_n).

  41. I already follow your blog!

  42. I already follow you on Twitter! (I’m @laur_n.)

  43. I tweeted the comment! http://twitter.com/laur_n

  44. Thank you for a beautiful giveaway! Please call me in!

  45. I follow your blog! Thanks again!

  46. tweeted.. my username is purpleglow :)

  47. I follow this blog now. :)

  48. I follow this blog on twitter now too. :)

  49. I’ve been following Kara for a long time now. :)

  50. I really love all the heart slide necklaces, but I think the Blue/Yellow combo is my favorite! Been really partial to the color yellow this summer… 😉 Great giveaway!

  51. Okay, what a cute shop. I hope I win!

  52. It is a really tough call, but I think my fave item in her shop is the pretty vanity tray.

  53. I follow your blog!

  54. oh how fun! i love everything in her shop, so creative :]

  55. What a great giveaway! I love Kara’s blog and work, she’s so creative!!! I think my favorite item in her shop is the record mini book kit.

  56. Dude! :) My fingers are crossed! Love Kara & all that she does. :)

  57. Amazing giveaway! I adore Kara’s blog! That’s awesome that the two of you know each other in real life. :)

  58. Ooh and I like everything in her shop! The necklaces are so pretty, but the handmade journal looks really interesting!

  59. And I’m now a follower of your blog! I should have put all of this in one comment, sorry!

  60. Let’s see… if I win I’ll take the Fall in Love class since it is the only one of her four classes I didn’t get to take :(

    My favorite items (besides those three lovely trays she handpainted/wrote on) are the “let it be” and “you are a fairytale” records. I loveeeeeeeeeee Kara’s handwriting.

    xo. *crosses fingers I win, I never win these giveaways on blogs!*

  61. It is funny when you run into people online from real life or in real life from online. The world is really so small. :)

    (okay, i’m done. this is comment #6 for me.)

  62. thanks for a beautiful giveaway ladies!

  63. I’ve been a huge fan of the paper kits in the shop since… gosh I’m not sure!

  64. I Follow Knitty Bitties

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