Leftovers … (shhh, it’s another GIVEAWAY)

You know when you have a party you’re often left with … well, leftovers, right?

And isn’t it the best when you wake up the next morning to cake in the fridge? Gosh, I love cold cake, cold cupcakes, cold cobbler, cold … uhm, almost anything baked with sugar, flour and butter.

So, the way we’ve been partying it up here at the Knitty Bitties blog, I happened to find some pretty sweet leftovers to share. After all I can’t eat this all by myself. If I did I’d have to run the next 5 months straight …. and I don’t want to do that, I’d miss my sewing machine :).

Let’s look at what I’m going to GIVEAWAY to one of you …

It’s a scrap pack (plus a little more) from a wonderful little (okay, not so little) shop on Etsy called Fabric Worm.

I just love Fabric Worm.

My favorite … the Baby Quilt Sets. So inspiring, so fun, fresh and unexpected combinations. Seriously, love, love, love them.

My second favorite, the Scrap Packs. It’s like a brown paper grab bag filled with fabulous pieces of fabric. Sometimes you hit the jackpot and get a pack filled with new fabrics as well as retired and hard to find fabrics. It’s serious ‘happy mail day’ when my Fabric Worm packages arrive.

Well recently I ordered up a special scrap pack and I accidentally received a ‘girls scrap pack.’ Now while I loved it, it wasn’t what I was in need of … so I thought it would be great to share with YOU!

Up for grabs …

{I threw in a couple blue ‘Castle Peeps’ I had on hand … they seemed like they would live happily ever after together :D}

(1) Scrap Pack which includes more than 2 yards of fabric (all the full bolt width).

You could make a lot of things from this … a wall sized quilt, pillow covers, quilted coasters, embellished towels … and on and on and on.

Enter to win, one comment for each chance::

  • Leave a comment telling me what you would do with your fabric :).
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  • Tweet this “@knittybitties fabric giveaway for a scrap pack from @fabricworm http://tiny.cc/t4p4o”

Yea 4 chances to win!! Winner will be chosen by random.org on Sunday, Jul 25th.


  1. Cute scrap pack! I’d love to have it to make little applique shirts.
    For my little princess. I lovin that castle fabric.

  2. I hate to jump in so early. I’ve never seen a #2 comment win. Holding breath!

    I’d make some camera strap covers and maybe a skirt or two for my diva.

  3. I think I’d try to make a little quilt for my soon-to-arrive daughter. I’ve knit a lot for her, but I haven’t sewn anything yet…

  4. I am thinking some embellished t-shirts and towels would be in my future!

  5. I follow your blog!

  6. I follow on twitter!

  7. i am a creature of habit and there is no doubt that all of this would somehow be turned into a quilt. my favorite use for fun fabric. this is so fun!!! thanks

  8. i am a follower of your blog

  9. I am thinking I’d make a cute little bag for my princess!!

  10. I am a follower of Knitty Bitties!

  11. I would make another baby quilt 9but of course!).

  12. I think a baby quilt would be cute with them.

  13. I follow your blog!

  14. I follow on twitter @thepeachrainbow

  15. Beautiful fabrics! I’m starting to secorate my baby girl’s nursery, in pink and green, so these fabrics would be wonderful! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  16. I follow. Thanks!

  17. I love scrap packs! I would probably use it to make a baby quilt!
    jenlea2000 at hotmail dot com

  18. I follow the Knitty Bitties blog!
    jenlea2000 at hotmail dot com

  19. Thanks for the chance to win! I’d make some quilted coasters, and a camera strap cover.

  20. I’m also a follower!

  21. Wow, thanks! I would probably use some of the fabric to make bee blocks. And I would definitely use some of it in my on-going string quilt.

  22. Wow, what a generous give-away! I think I’d make a wall quilt for my daughter’s room – she would adore castle peeps and those fairies!

  23. I’m a follower!

  24. Pro’lly something for my baby doll 2-year-old little sister. :)

  25. Quilt of course! Maybe some quilted placemats for my very messy little girl.

  26. I follow your blog too

  27. Wow! beautiful fabric: are you sure you want to part with it? I would use to sew for my new baby girl — which I’m having much fun doing when I get a moment between her and my two preschooler boys! Appliques for sure, wee baby lap quilts, ‘hold on’ straps for the stroller so my boys don’t stray while we’re out…

  28. I follow and love your blog and shop!

  29. My girls have little travel pillows that need summer covers. And I need backs for two doll quilts I am making AND their dolls need matching pillows and summer nighties. I could SO use this fabric :) Thanks for the giveaway.

  30. I have followed you forEVER :)

  31. I’d make a fairy pillow for my neice, for starters. Then a castle peeps blankie for my little one!

  32. I also follow your blog – thanks for the opportunity!

  33. I would make something for my niece due in November. I’m thinking a pouch to hold diapers and wipes.

  34. So cute!! I love the Castle Peeps you added in with it!!
    I think I would make a little quilt for my coworkers first grand baby! (She is a preemie and just so tiny and adorable!)

  35. I’m thinking of pillow shams for my girls beds and matching doll sleeping bags – thanks for the chance!

  36. I follow your blog.

  37. I love the fabric! I would like to make some clothes out of the fabric.

  38. I follow the blog!

  39. Beautiful fabric!! I think I might try to make a toddler quilt for my kiddo or just make a bunch of fun patchwork stuff.


  40. I also follow your blog!

  41. Definately maing something for my Grily- girl… What would depend on what’s in the bag 😉 Or maybe s purse or two…

  42. I’m a follower =)

  43. lovely fabric, i would probably make some bunting for my little ones, we’ve just moved & their rooms could do with something nice to look at!

    but i also love the camera strap idea someone else came up with, seeing as i’ve just got a new camera & all!

  44. & i follow your blog x

  45. nice scaps!
    try some cold pizza! yummy!

  46. I follow your blog! Please call me in

  47. Those fabrics are so cute!! :)

  48. I already follow the Knitty Bitties blog. :)

  49. I think I would make a couple pillow shams for my neice. Great fabrics

  50. I am a follower

  51. I would use them to make some purses or my single girl quilt. Thanks!

  52. I’m a follower of you!

  53. I am not a big “sewer” but I would love to make a banner (penant style). Thanks for the chance.

  54. I follow the KB blog.

  55. I follow you on Twitter :-).

  56. I’d make a cute little quilt for my niece! I only have boys, so any chance I get to sew girl stuff I take it :)

  57. Yes! I love the fabric worm scrap packs. I am expecting my first one in the mail any day now. Thanks for the give away!.


  58. I also follow you.


  59. Such cute prints! I would love to make some layered ruffle tops or skirts and since my little 2 1/2 year old has adopted a bitty baby american girl from an older daughter of friends, of course we have to do some doll outfits too!

  60. I’m not exactly sure what I would do with it, maybe some applique shirts as gifts for my son’s friend.

    The fabrics are really cute though.

  61. I follow you on twitter!

  62. I tweeted!

  63. super cute scrap pack!! I didn’t even know they sold those – totally gonna look into that! Thanks for sharing : )

  64. I do follow you already.

  65. oops … you can erase one of my comments – but I forgot to answer the question!! I would totally make a quilt. Sorry about that!

  66. I see A LOT of my favorite color in this scrap pack 😎 I might make a purse (I’m addicted to bags) or a quilt.

  67. I follow the Knitty Bitties blog

  68. I follow Knitty Bitties on Twitter 😎

  69. I twitted about this great giveaway.

  70. I can see making an adorable skirt or dress for my little princess!

  71. Anonymous says:

    mini quilts, for sure. i’ve got a swap coming up, and two spots on my own wall left to fill. lots of wall quilts in my future :)

    albeaton at aol dot com

  72. I’d make a reversible summer hat for my 3 year old daughter – scrap pack screams patchwork fun!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    catherine s.

  73. I follow Knitty Bitties blog 😀

    catherine s.

  74. I also follow Knitty Bitties on Twitter @CatherineStern

    thanks for the chance to win!

    catherine s.

  75. I’d make something snazzy for my 23month old Princess!

  76. I follow Knitty Bitties blog!

  77. Oooooo! I would have to make something patchwork…. maybe a bag for the kiddos!

  78. I am also a follower on Google reader! :)

  79. I’d make something special for my daughter! Love the fabric….


  80. I follow your blog!

  81. I would definitely make makeup cases and book covers with the fabric!

  82. I am also a follower of the blog!!

  83. I am also a follower on twitter!

  84. I retweeted at @lmwilliams2009

  85. very cute fabric! think i would have to make my girlies some mini-quilts for their dolls cots with it :)

  86. I make dresses, baby gifts, blankets, quilts, etc.

  87. I follow your blog! :)

  88. I follow you on twitter! :)

  89. I tweeted the giveaway!

  90. hi there – Id like to make some pillow cases :)

  91. So hard to pick, but I THINK I would make my daughter a pillowcase, however, I reserve the right to change my mind. Thanks for the opportunity.

  92. I follow your blog. Thanks.

  93. I follow you on Twitter – @narniamum. Thanks.

  94. So cute! I think I would try my hand at a quilt. yummy fabrics!!!

  95. I love making fabric bags and boxes. thanks!

  96. follower!

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