A chain reaction …

It started with this …

{Gathered & Ruffled Clutch}

Which led to this …

{Gathered & Ruffled iPad Soft Cover}

and this …

{Gathered & Ruffle Kindle/Nook Soft Cover}

I can’t stop adding gathers and ruffles!!

And the latest? A cover for my much loved Mini (as in my baby HP laptop). It keeps me company as I sew away, allows me to catch up on blogs in bed and hangs out with me at Starbucks or in the school parking lot as I wait for my little. And now she can travel in style without me worrying about scratches or dirt along the way.

This is my ‘proto-type’ but it’s close to having all the new design bugs worked out and should be in the shop soon. Let me know if you’re interested … I’ll have 1 or 2 more available in this colorway and more choices coming soon.

{Gathered & Ruffled front}

{Flap closure with velcro}

Thanks to Anna of Noodlehead for getting this design stuck in my head. I love it!!

{Edited to add fabric information (that I can remember) on laptop soft cover: Front (L to R) Riley Blake All Star, Anna Griffin’s Darcey, Amy Butler Full Moon Dot in Tangerine, Amy Butler’s Love, Joel Dewberry’s Aviary, Riley Blake All Star (green with stars & orange on orange circles. Back -Anna Griffin’s Darcey. Most of these are older lines and I’m not sure of the availability. Hope that helps a little?!?!}

Happy Creating!


  1. Wow those are all so fabulous!! You are truly talented!

    I am loving the fabrics in that cover for your mini. Would you mind telling me what they are? I am just loving the color combination!


  2. these are all honestly the cutest, prettiest things i have seen lately

  3. I LOVE the way the flap folds over – too cute!!


  4. WHAT?? Oh my that is adorable, and those fabrics?? WOW!! I so wish I had a mini laptop right now.

  5. You rock my socks! I LOVE everything you create!

  6. Soooo cute! Great…now I want one.

  7. Question: how do you feel about creating an iBook cover, say one with…grimace, elastic, to hold the cover on whilst the lap top is open, say with measurements for a 15″ MacBook that may be in someone’s life that you know? Just a question :)

  8. WOW! Makes me want a mini HP laptop! Your work is always beautiful!!

  9. Love the goodies, I want the ruffled wristlet…whoa it’s great

  10. so so pretty!!! these are all great. You did an amazing job. :)

  11. I absolutely love your creations! Isn’t Noodlehead a wonderful blog? My daughter and I have been making her little coin purses. :o)
    I hope you are having a nice weekend.
    Sincerely ~ Tricia

  12. Now I want a mini! OH and a cover for it! 😛

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