A secret … and a giveaway …

Come close …. I’ve got a secret to share …

Are you ready? Now, please, please, please do not repeat what I’m about to tell you. Okay?


Phew, I said it out loud (uhm, kind of).

Now you see there isn’t anything wrong with being a scrapper (tell me you’ve seen ‘New in Town’?!?!). In fact quite opposite, I *big fat puffy heart* scrapbooking. And I loved doing it … when I did it. But it always felt like SO much work. Ya know? And then as my little got bigger and needier and into more … well my time for scrapping got less and less and the guilt more and more.

Then I found digital scrapbooking. And hey, things were looking up. I could design on the computer in short little bits of time with no mess to deal with and the wonderful power of CTRL-Z (as in un-do). And this lasted for awhile, but I started to miss the feel of paper and the smell of glue sticks. So I went to ‘hybrid’ scrappin.’ A cross of the two … and I liked it and did it. For awhile.

Until sewing stepped in … and well, it’s all been history since then.

I still have high hopes of getting back to it, I still feel guilt about it and still have a lot of stuff taunting me as I sew :).

Wow, that was a really long introduction to today’s giveaway which is brought to you by a very talented digital artist, Michelle Underwood. If you dabble in the scrapbooking world at all you recognize her name … but, if you don’t recognize her name how about 2P’s? Yep, she designs for Two Peas in a Bucket.

I am totally smitten with her work and have been working on incorporating her designs on my re-vamp of the Knitty Bitties blog. Like the new header? I created it with Michelle’s designs (now if I could just figure out how to switch out the background) …

this crazy life...michelle underwood designs

So let me share a little more about Michelle …

A little about you?
Hello, I am Michelle Underwood. I am a Digital Scrapbook Designer at Two peas in a bucket, and I also have a blog called “This Crazy Life”. I have 3 boys ranging from 7 to almost 14. My husband and I have been married for 7 years (together for 10) and he works for Pepsi Mid America. We live in a small town in Tennessee. We have only 1 traffic light. It shuts off around 9:00 every night. lol. When I tell people around here what I do they don’t have a clue what I am talking about!

How did you get started creating digital designs? Do you have a background in graphic arts?
I am a self taught digital scrapbook designer. I started studying online and utilizing tutorials until I finally got a grasp on how to create my own papers and elements. I started creating in 2003. I started selling my designs when Scrapbook-elements opened it’s doors in 2004.

Favorite Color Combination?
I love lime green, teal, yellow. I have to say, right now I am digging yellow and gray together.

Favorite kit you’ve designed in the last year?
My favorite kit is “That was Yesterday”

“Vintage Holiday Memories” is a very close second.

Favorite piece of clothing right now?

Hmm, that’s hard. I like shirts with ruffles. I have been on a kick. I can’t narrow it down, it’s like choosing which kid you love the most. lol!

Are you as smitten as me now? Get ready to be even more smitten because Michelle is offering ONE OF YOU a $25 gift certificate toward her designs. Seriously? Seriously. And you DO NOT have to be a scrapbooker (although I *might* admire you more if you are) to win. As you can see, even a former-scrappin’ fool turned sewing machine can still put her designs to good work.

To enter:
– Tell me what your favorite piece of clothing is right now

For more chances (please leave a separate comment for each):
– Follow Michelle on Twitter
– Follow Michelle’s Blog
– Be a fan of Michelle Underwood Designs on Facebook
– Tweet this – Win a $25 GC to Michelle Underwood Designs (@MrsCrazy) on @KnittyBitties today! http://bit.ly/bJSdwT

A winner will be selected (by Mr. Random.org) next Wednesday, September 1st.

And a gift for everyone … Michelle has a FREE kit available at 2P’s right now. Go grab it!!

Happy Creating … how ever you create!

P.S. Double the fun … You’ll want to go check out her blog … I *might* have a little giveaway going on over there too!


  1. My favourite piece of clothing is actually the t-shirt I’m wearing right now – It has a wide neck and is crooked / A line at the bottom . Overall its white but it has a floral design around the neck and top of the back. . I usually wear a lot of black so I’m really enjoying the colour of this top – something diff and more girly for me…

  2. my fav piece of clothes right now is a purple shirt with ruffles on the sleeves…it’s super soft and comfy! i find that i can wear it for casual or if i want to dress up a little. thanks for the chance to win…michelle’s digi kits are so gorgeous!

  3. My fav piece of clothing right now is my white capris. Simple they goo with everything.

  4. I am now following Michelle on twitter.

    I love your banner!! I want one..

  5. I now also follow Michelle’s blog

  6. I’ve been a fan of Michelle’s work for ages. I totally love her style and use of colour. Oh, and my current favourite piece of clothing is a black and white flowy top I have. It’s comfortable and looks great with white capris.

  7. I have a swimsuit cover-up that could also pass as a daring little dress (for me, that is). It was my favorite and most comfortable thing to wear on our cruise last year; I think I need to book another so I can wear it again đŸ˜‰

  8. Wow I used to be a scrapper too! When the kids came and I completely shevled it. Once I fell in love with quilting I not only removed my scrapping supplies from the shelf(to make room for fabric of course) I boxed them up and hid them in the back of a long…long…closet. We are moving this week and came across the boxes (yep that was box-es as in way more then one) of scrapping supplies I decided to split my sewing space and will be scrapping again.

    As for the great giveaway…

    My favorite piece of clothing is a pair of capris. They feel good on, cool enough yet protect from the sun.

  9. I love my green sweater …it’s so soft and comfy. I sooo look forward to Fall so I can wear it.

  10. I’m a new follower of Michelle’s blog.

  11. My favorite piece of clothing right now is my aqua ruffle shirt, yellow wedge sandals & jean skirt. :) Oh…. & my Espirit sweatshirt. đŸ˜€

    I LOVE this give away. If I don’t win, will you still change my blog to have her cute pages & banners??? SOO fun. xoxo

  12. I tried to be a fan of hers on FB, but it wouldn’t let me….does that still count? Weird.

  13. Following her blog.

  14. Could really care less about Twitter, but would love to win this contest… đŸ˜€

  15. Visiting her stuff at 2 Peas – it’s SO adorable. Do you think you could teach me how to digi scrap in November? You know, when you come to stay for the month?? :) xoxo

  16. My fav piece of clothing right now is my Dunder Mifflin T-shirt I got to try out for a review. Seriously so comfy, and cute!

  17. I follow michelle on twitter

  18. follow michelle’s blog

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  20. + I already follow Michelle’s blog

    thifas blog(at ) gmail(dot ) com

  21. My favorite peice of Clothing are my South Pole Pajama’s! lol It’s cute plus they are stretchy, i wore them through my whole pregnancy and even now they still shape to my body plus they are 100% cotton and I only paid $3 for them at Sears!


  22. I am not sure if this is open to Canadians or not – if not leave me out please :(
    my favorite piece of clothes – my jeans – I will tell you why – I have lost 100 pounds since last June (2009) and when I was 230 I was super uncomfortable in something so simple,as jeans, I gapped out of them and they were to tight. Now I feel sexy and they are SOOO comfy. I LOVE them, wear them all the time, and (blush) get noticed in them! Yup for now it is jeans, when I get used to the skinny me I will upgrade LOL

  23. I love my jean capris!

  24. I follow Michelle on Twitter @allthngzrelated!

  25. I follow Michelle’s blog!

  26. I requested Michelle as a friend on FB!

  27. I love this simple, cotton, navy blue dress from Old Navy, so comfortable and summer-y!

    TheCuttingEtch1 at yahoo dot com

  28. I’m loving my “holey” jeans! They’re so comfy to just lounge around in! :)


  29. I follow Michelle via Twitter! :)

  30. FB fan of Michelle!

  31. My favourite piece of clothing is a dusky blue, long-sleeved shirt with a faux wrap look to it. It’s SO soft and comfortable. I wear it all the time and wish I had it in every colour! Thanks for the chance to win, love Michelle’s designs!

    Email: silverhealer21 at msn dot com

  32. I am now following Michelle on Twitter. My username is TheSilverLight.

    Email: silverhealer21 at msn dot com

  33. I’ve been following Michelle’s blog :) Love it so much!

    Email: silverhealer21 at msn dot com

  34. I tweeted about the giveaway! http://twitter.com/thesilverlight

    Email: silverhealer21 at msn dot com

  35. I bought a pair of C9 running shorts a couple of months ago. Although I haven’t done much running, I have worn the shorts a lot because they’re so comfy!


  36. Following Michelle’s blog


  37. favorite piece of clothing is a pair of Tommy Hilfiger capri jeans. They have red stitching on the pockets and cuffs of the ants that roll up. I love them…they are so comfy!

    p.s.I love to scrapbook and any time I can get to do so.

  38. following Michelle’s blog.

  39. following Michelle on FB.

  40. My favorite piece of clothing are my underwear. Yes. Weird but true. I have so many, I make sure I match them with every outfit!!

    Email: melissajackson07@gmail.com

  41. I follow Michelle on Twitter. (@melissajackson0)

    Email: melissajackson07@gmail.com

  42. I follow Michelle’s Blog via GFC. (melissajackson07)

    Email: melissajackson07@gmail.com

  43. I am a fan of Michelle Underwood Designs on FB. (melissa jackson)

    Email: melissajackson07@gmail.com

  44. Capri’s I wish I could wear them year round!

  45. Right now, my favorite piece of clothing is this perfect skirt from the Banana Republic outlet — I liked it so much, I got it in another color! omydarlingblog(at)gmail(dot)com

  46. Following Michelle on twitter @ohmydarlingblog

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