A lovely Monday to you …

Do you all (ya’ll) read “Blessed Little Nest“? It’s one of the sweetest little blogs, written by one the sweetest gals I’ve never met, Heather :). I think I must have been introduced to her blog this summer and have enjoyed each post since.


Every Monday, Heather hosts {Life Made Lovely Monday}. A chance for her readers to post and link up about the lovely in their Monday(or any day for that matter … I think you just post about it on Monday).

My sister has been playing along … as did one of my sweetest friends. So today I decided I wanted to join in and share about the lovely in my day.

I started the day with the lovely feeling a very good nights sleep. These have been rare the last few weeks, the lovely did not go unnoticed.

{The mantle, all decked out for fall … I love the glow of the new addition, a grapevine pumpkin twinkling with white lights.}

After getting my son off to school, I returned home and proceeded to clean, catch up on blogs {repeat} until my house was in a lovely state of clean and order :). I took a moment to photograph some of the lovely fall areas of our house.

{My yummy orange accent wall works so well this time of year.}

{Above the kitchen sink, I love the addition of the Happy Harvest bunting.}

Then choose to go for a run even though I knew it was a bit warmer than I would like (hello 90 degree weather ?!?!). I’m not going to lie, the run was not lovely, but the feeling of completion and the after run endorphins were lovely.

So today is the start of a fresh new week full of so much potential. It was a lovely Monday.

Happy Creating!


  1. Hee! I love it, what I love more is the fact that I was on Blessed Little Nest, procrastinating (what else is new?) and saw the most adorable mantle I’d ever seen and though it oddly familiar- and then when I clicked it, it took me to your blog! All that to say I’m glad you played along and I really want that pumpkin! Good work on the run- I’m proud of you!

  2. Popping over from Heather’s
    Your Fall decor is beautiful!!
    Love that bunting…the perfect touch!!
    Enjoy the day

  3. Love the orange wall-looks great! And those hot weather runs..man I agree with you there. My doggie and I are ready for it to actually feel like fall-makes runs a bit easier when it’s cooler!

    Have a happy week!

  4. I’m finally catching up on my blog reading and instantly recognized the thumbnail of your fireplace on BLN. :) It looks so adorable, of course! I’m determined to get our house into fall now that it’s mostly back in order from last week! I did start the porch last night so I can say fall is here, in spite of these blasted high temps we’re still having!

  5. i’m so glad you linked up! and thank you so much for all the kind words. wow! your fall decor and that yummy orange wall are making me want to bust out my autumn decorations and get to it. love your buntings, too. sooo cute.

  6. love your mantel!

  7. Found you through Nester’s fall mantle party. Love your mantle, and that bunting is drool worthy! If you have a minute- I would be delighted if you would pop over and check out mine:

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