Fall Colorways & A Giveaway …

I know, I know … it is not technically fall for about 3 more weeks … BUT, it’s starting to feel like fall around here and by the time it really is fall, I’ll be buried in holiday sewing.

Sooooo, I’m getting a jump start on my fall colorways for my ‘Happy Little’ Camera Strap Slipcovers.

The first colorway was a complete fluke. These fabrics were originally picked out for my bestie. I was ‘commissioned’ by her to make a few more pillows to match these ones::

Well, the bestie up and decides she’s getting herself a new house which will need a new couch to fill up all the new space and she wants to go with a orange & limey green color scheme with pops of aqua blue (hello fun!). Hmmm, clearly the fabrics we had picked were no longer going to work.

BUT … wait a minute … yes, indeed, these would be *perfect* for a fall colorway. I am so glad this all worked out because I *love* these prints together.

I was going to call it the ‘Formerly my bestie’s pillows’ colorway, but thought that might be weird. So instead … let me introduce the ‘Falling Leaves’ Colorway::

The second colorway I posted earlier this morning. A delicious palette of yellow & gray. Like the little bits of sun that peeks through on some of these dreary gray days. ‘Sunny Gray Skies’ Colorway::

I hope you like both as much as I do! Go check out all of the available colorways here.

AND … if you’d like to win yourself a ‘Happy Little’ Camera Strap Slipcover, head over to Toni’s lovely blog, Make it Perfect, for your chance!!

Happy Creating!


  1. Gorgeous! I love them both!

  2. Love the fall colorway! Love to think about the fall now that school is back in session:)

  3. Your bestie approves of your new items. :) And thanks for not calling it my former bestie blah, blah, blah. That would have had me worried. :)

    Missed you today – hopefully we can chat it up tomorrow?? xoox

  4. Love the Sunny Gray skies!!

  5. Your eye for color is amazing!

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