Oops …

How did 7 days just sneak by?!?!

Sorry friends … I am in the middle of a sewing marathon and have to remind myself to make ‘pit stops’ (aka blogging, eating, sleeping) so that I don’t collapse. Too bad I didn’t remind myself of this a few days ago … I’m currently nursing a nasty head/body cold. BLEH!

Here’s some peeks at the custom orders keeping me a busy bee last week::

Custom Laptop Cover::

I love the splash of hot pink :).

Everyday Hobo Tote featuring beautiful fabrics from Amy Butler’s “Love” line::

Do you like? I’ll have one *almost* identical listed in the shop soon. Let me know if you’d like me to reserve it for you.

Hello Pretty Pinafore bag featuring prints from Joel Dewberry’s “Deer Valley” line::

When I ordered these up I had NO IDEA just how wonderful they would come together on this bag. I had a hard time sending it away!!

I’m making another one for another lovely customer and have just enough fabric to make ONE MORE. Only catch? You have to wait a few months … I think she’s worth the wait ;).

Now that I’ve enticed you with pretties … let’s talk shop. I’m currently prepping for a local Fall Boutique as well as clearing time to make some samples for the L.A. textile show (hello!!!). I’m excited about both … the only issue? They both have to be done in a little over 2 weeks. Deep breaths, deep breaths.

So, the shop will be close September 23rd – 25th while the boutique is going. I’ll be up in the mountains with a hundred other ladies having a great weekend of food and fellowship. I will.so.need.this!

When I return, I’ll hit the ground running (figuratively and literally … I’ll be prepping for a 10K a few weeks later). I’ll be working on my “Handmade Holidays” promotion which will run the end of October/beginning of November. I’ll share a whole post on this next week, but if you want a great deal on holiday gifts AND the chance to pick your own fabrics, you will not want to miss these limited deals!!

I’m also taking a few weeks off from giveaways, but when I return, there will be some fun ones. Including new items (like pillow covers? Yes, so fun!!) and some seasonal items (think bunting).

So that’s the haps around here …

Oh wait. One more thing (LOL) … have ya’ll heard of a ‘Mug Rug.’ Hmmm … me neither up until a week ago. And then I saw Darci talking about it, which led me to another fun blog, “Two More Seconds” where Erin was doing a Mug Rug giveaway. Well I am always drinking iced tea. Always. And I can not stand the wet ring that the cup leaves. I am also quite fond of a little snack while I’m sewing. Graham crackers are probably my staple. So I decided I needed a mug rug and what better than to win one? And a mug rug featuring Katie Jump Rope?

Well guess what? I DID WIN!

Here’s a peak at the mug rug on it’s way to me::

So happy! Thanks again Erin!

And thank you guys for reading through this long rambling post. I’ll try to make them less spread out so I don’t have to go on and on and on …

Happy Creating!


  1. I am seeing mug rugs popping up everywhere and hearing about them too! And I LOVE them! They are on my list for Christmas gifts. Lucky you to win those! Take care of yourself and get well!

  2. all of these projects are so stunning…i am seeing these mug rugs and i think i am going to have to make one for myself….cheer up my side table a little.

  3. Oh my goodness, I’m in love with the Joel Dewberry bag. I might need the one you have left to make….but I might also need a laptop cover for my school laptop…hmmm…we’ll talk. Send me an email when your crazy marathon sewing is done. good luck!

  4. I love the new stuff! So cute. This is bad, I can tell it’s turning into an addiction!

  5. WOW! I am absolutely in love with both bags you featured on this post! Oh, my goodness! I really, really LOVE the Joel Dewberry bag! You are amazing!!!

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