4 Dresses & A Sinus Infection …

Gosh I wish I was more clever with my titles :). Instead I just think up silly (er, cheese-y) snippets of pop culture and twist them to my liking.

So, in the midst of having a cold turned sinus infection, I had to create 4 dresses, a shirt and a pair of shorts for Robert Kaufman. And by had I really mean got to since this is such a fun gig to be a part of :). You might remember I worked with them for the first time this past Spring … so when I was asked to create some samples for their booth at the L.A. Textile show I jumped at the chance.

I even scheduled it into my work calendar.

Little did I know I’d be so sick and have so much to do in 2 little weeks.

Oh well, I finished all of the samples and got them shipped out in time, so in the end it all worked out just fine.

So, want to see what I made? Since I’ve been stringing you along for weeks now?!?

{Music Box Jumper}

All samples were created using Oliver+S patterns.

{Music Box Jumper in Linen from the Mon Cheri fabric line.}

{Music Box Jumper in Garden from the Remix fabric line.}

This was my first time working with an Oliver+S pattern and I loved all the attention to detail AND learning so many tips and tricks. I highly recommend them for a beautiful end product and a pattern you’ll be able to use over and over. I do not however recommend sewing from said patterns while battling a sinus infection. Just sayin.’

{Jump Rope Dress}

{Adorable little details.}

These next two *might* have been my favorite. Biased? Yes. I *heart* little boys clothes that looks like big boys clothes. I know the same can’t always be said about girls … but seriously, is there anything cuter than a sharp dressed little boy? I think not. Just picture one in this outfit …

{Sketchbook shirt in Earth from Urban Circus.}

And these shorts, with their faux fly, pleats and accent stitching … I think I know a little mister who will be sporting these for Easter 2011 ;).

{Sketchbook Shorts in Chocolate from Pure Cotton.}

And a look at them set up in the booth::

{Images courtesy of Robert Kaufman}

Think you deserve a prize? For …
… making it to the end of this LONG post (although full of pictures … yea!)
… bearing with me and my QUIET blog the last few weeks
… just being a great bloggy reader?

Well I do … so please leave a comment with some happy thought about your day and I’ll enter you into a giveaway of a bag of scraps (some small, some large … over 1lb) from these 5 samples.

Extra Entries::

Happy Creating!


  1. Oh, cute! I think the Jump Rope dress is my favorite. :) And I’d love some scraps! I’d probably use them to make fabric flowers.

  2. I’m {finally} a blog follower! :)

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  4. I am loving the smell of pumpkin and spice everywhere, and so glad that it has finally cooled off in TX so that I can enjoy and Pumpkin Spice Latte:)

    Love all the fabric and dresses.


  5. woodyandrachel@tx.rr.com

    I follow your blog

  6. I have yet to dive into using actual patterns but those jumpers are just adorable! And I certainly <3 scraps!

  7. I follow your blog of course!

  8. and on twitter!

  9. I’ll be getting ready in a few minutes to meet a friend for a 10 mile walk. We are training to walk the Nike half marathon later this month. The Nike event is so inspiring. There are people that travel from all of the country and beyond to walk in memory of loved ones lost to cancer.

  10. Today is wonderful because I finally have a whole day just o get my sewing room in order and finish my quilt top (its been sitting for a month now). Plus my best friend got vintage Singer from her grandmother to learn. So now I have someone to teach!

    p.s. I love those boy shorts!

  11. I follow you!

  12. Happy to have a day out with my parents. But ended up me being sick in the car and not able to finish the back for a quilt I was hoping to baste tonight. BUT I do have a new HDT ready to be listed in my blog.

    So TWO happy thoughts.

  13. I too finally a follower even though you are one of my daily read.

  14. My happy thought is a sharp dressed little boy! I agree with you there’s nothing cuter! :)

  15. I follow your blog!

  16. yay! those look amazing! I love the girl’s jump rope dress- anyway you can muster one of those up in adult size- say as a tunic with some leggings (not jeggings)?!

    My little bit of happy today: making curtains for the living room and dining room, yippee!

  17. Oooo those are all so adorable!!

  18. I follow your blog via google reader. 😀

  19. Love it! What darling material and adorable pieces. :)

  20. I’m following you on Twitter. Happy Tweeting! @kirstencsmith

  21. I also subscribe to your blog!…because it’s just too cute! 😉

  22. I loved the Mon Shery fabric!!
    Today is a beautiful golden october day! And this is the best thing!
    xxx Flávia

  23. I follow your blog, since quite some time!
    xxx Flávia

  24. Oh, that music box jumper is ADORABLE!!!!!

  25. Beautiful clothes!

  26. My Happy thought is that my husband I are celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary!


  27. I get to wake up to a grinning 17 month old hopping in her crib, best part of my day.

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  31. that is very very cool. all of these clothes looks amazing.

  32. Andrea, wow! Love the samples. That yellow dress is my fave. Wish it could be made in my size. Assuming that it would be cute in my size… 😉

    Well done! You have mad skills!

  33. Wow. Just. Wow.
    Those dresses are gorgeous! I especially love the second one. Beautiful. My happy thought is a huge basket of apples, picked with the kids this morning, just waiting to be made into apple goodies… apple crisp… yum!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. I also follow. Thanks!

  35. I am definitely going to buy the jump rope dress pattern. All 3 of my girls would love it!

  36. I definitely follow your blog. :)

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  38. Such beautiful work! very inspiring – think i’ll finish up my blouse today 😉

  39. p.s. incase i win my email is gcastillomail@gmail.com
    fingers crossed.

  40. Those are SOOO cute! I LOVE that little owl dress. You are so talented!

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  42. And I follow you on Twitter of course!

  43. Julie T. says:

    I am so proud of you! To actually see it all “on display”! You go girl! I really love the Jump rope dress, the details are amazing. Thanks for sharing the pics!

  44. I love that jumprope dress in all the fabrics!
    My wonderful thought for the day: I spent the day at the local fall fair with my kids, while my husband worked with the volunteer fire dept. at the demolition derby. A warm, fuzzy experience on a cold, grey autumn day!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  45. I’m also a follower!

  46. What an awesome opportunity!!
    My happiness for the day enjoying a glass of wine watching Jersey Shore reruns…guilty pleasure..lol

  47. I follow your blog

    Happy thought of the day – I got to take a nap!

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  51. Hi friend!! Look at YOUR handmade clothes in that fancy shop! How cool. I don’t want to be entered for the drawing, thank you, unless you’re going to switch scraps for a SB card. :) Just wanted to say hi to your blog & let you know I’m proud of you.


  52. Oooh – nice job. And way to go for getting it done in such a short timeframe (while sick, no less).

  53. I am a loyal follower :)

  54. Anonymous says:

    My son (who will be 1 this week) woke up this morning clapping his hands!

    Komazalea at yahoo dot com :)

  55. I really need to try an Oliver+s Patterns sometime! Everything they have is so cute!
    I would probably use them for my Daughters Quilt!

  56. And I am a follower!

  57. Your clothing is beautiful!!! I only dream about being able to sew more than a straight line!

    Heading over to follow you! I’d love to win some scraps!

  58. I LOVE the clothes you made! My favorite pattern is the butterfly dress one. Too cute! You did a great job! Everything looks amazing! :)

  59. Also, I am a follower of your blog! Gotta keep tabs on my favorite BFF!

  60. Also, I follow you on twitter too (staalker!) :)

  61. I tweeted! Woot :)

  62. Love me some scraps:) THanks!!!

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  64. My two boys make every day HAPPY :)

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  66. My boys and I had a fun outing this morning with my mom, sister and nieces. I love time with family!

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  71. Lovely lovely — and so cool to see the finished pieces in the booth. The Mon Sheri fabric in particular is sooo pretty! Nice work, and thanks for the opportunity!

  72. And I follow your blog!

  73. I love the music box jumpers. I need to find a little girl who’s about that size and make some up!

  74. I also follow your blog.

  75. I’m a follower and love your blog!!

  76. Today my happy thoughts were due to things picking up at work and feeling a bit of security creeping back about future employment.

  77. My little bit of happy: FINALLY finishing three Halloween costumes, and getting in some quality cuddle time with my two little girls!


  78. I am a new blog follower

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  80. I tweeted the giveaway

  81. I love this blog. I have just started to sew and your posts are so fun to read. I checked out your shop and you have so many great things to choose from. I love all your fabric combinations. You are very talented. If my mom was the least bit computer savy she would love this too. TFS!

  82. love your blog! I also love LOVE Oliver + S…the outfits you made are adorable! I can’t wait to maike the jump rope dress for my daughter.


  83. I am a follower as well!


  84. I am a huge fan and a follower of your blog! : )

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  86. And I just tweeted about the giveaway!!! : )


    Thanks for the chance to win! Who doesn’t LOVE to get free fabric???

  87. Wow – that elephant fabric is just adorable!

  88. Oooh YAY! Those little garments are just SO adorable.

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