Cameras & Coffee?

How about scrapbooking and coffee?

Kind of like peanut butter & jelly … macaroni & cheese … hot dogs & mustard.

Am I right?

Not convinced? Well Tammy thought that scrapbooking and coffee would be a perfect pair and she created The Scrap Room, the only online “Coffee House” that specializes in monthly Scrapbooking Layout Kits!”

And Tammy and I have been working together to create a custom “Happy Little Camera Strap Slipcover” colorway AND “Happy Little Coffee Coat” in coordinating fabrics. Because really taking pictures + scrapbooking + coffee drinking do go hand in hand, right?

You need pictures to scrapbook. You need coffee to stay up and get those scrapbook pages done. Or maybe you need coffee to wake up after a late night of scrapbooking.

Starting today, I have a limited number (think 20) of “The Scrap Room” sets available in the shop.

You get my best Etsy seller, the camera strap slipcover and my best ’boutique/bazaar’ seller, the coffee coat together at a discounted price of $22.

And for a chance to win a set, pop on over to The Scrap Room blog for your chance.

Happy Creating!


  1. Hello! I’m happy you found my blog “Heavenly Day”

    Because you have now led me to your amazing talented – shop! :)

    <3 ERICA

  2. Know what else goes together? Unicorns and glitter!

  3. i just happened to be scrolling through the house of smith’s blog looking for a tutorial and wham! there you were. comgratulations! i check your other blog every other week or so but apparently this is where i need to be coming :o)

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