Got Scraps? Clever I know …

Uhm, yes … yes I do.

Way too many scraps. So many in fact that they overwhelm me. Almost a year ago my dear SIL helped me riffle through 2 HUGE garage sacks of scraps. Some got donated and A LOT got given away. Sadly some got thrown away too.

You see … while I love the idea of making a scrappy quilt ‘a la my lovely friend Jodi (the incredibly creative gal behind Pleasant Home). I know, it just ain’t going to happen around here. I do not have the patience, time or energy to do what Jodi does. BUT, I love that she and so many others do so I can drool over their creations ;).
So … what DO I do with my scraps if I’m not going to turn them into awesome quilts? Well I have one single box for scraps. And let me tell you, looks deceive …

See those 2 pink boxes on the bottom shelf?


Going closer (and yes, I’m practically crawling on the floor for these photos. Awesome.) …

Here she is, my box-o-scraps, all pink and cute and full of fun bits …

My ‘rule’ for keeping a scrap is that it needs to be 5×5 (or larger) OR at least a 2.5″ x fabric width. Picky, I know … welcome to my world (No wonder my son may be the worlds pickiest eater). So why 5×5? Well I have to tell you, I am completely smitten with ‘charm squares/packs’ thanks to Jodi. Since the day I read her Pinwheel Baby Quilt Pattern (hello, it’s a freebie in the Moda Bake Shop!!), I was in love.

And I proceeded to make said baby quilt …

And then I started making almost every table runner that Jodi would post about …

{Pinwheel Table Runner}

{Whirly Gig Table Runner(s) with Prairie Points}

Because I can get a table runner done quick. And I like instant gratification.

That’s right, I use my scraps to make small(ish) projects including my favorite scrappy project … a table runner!

So blah, blah, blah … let’s get to the giveaway, right? Sorry, I felt like I had to explain why my giveaway was a little ‘unconvential’ amongst all these awesome boxes and envelopes stuffed full of scraps.

For my giveaway, I dug through my box-o-scraps to find a handful of coordinating prints that I thought would work well together in a table runner. There are 16 charms (aka 5″x5″ pre-cut squares) included in the giveaway along with all the other fabric (white Kona cotton & orange check binding) you need to make this table runner …

However, even if you don’t win my scrappy table runner kit, you can still download the tutorial to make your very own by clicking on the tutorial tab above. With Jodi’s permission I wrote up a tutorial using her instructions for the front and mine for the back.

To enter the Scrappy Table Runner Kit giveaway, leave me a comment telling me if you’d keep the table runner or give it away (no judging … promise). I’ll pick a winner on Wednesday, November 3rd.

For extra entries (please leave additional comment for each)::

Happy Creating!

{{P.S. Click the link at the top of my side bar for all of the tutorials, giveaways and posts surrounding Jodi’s SEW SCRAPS ALONG series. Thank you Jodi for letting me play along!}}


  1. I’d be tickled to win, but I’m thrilled for the inspiration. Christmas is coming, and I love the idea of table runners.

  2. I’d love to win! I would keep it and then make one out of my own fabric!

  3. I follow you!

  4. I follow Jodi!

  5. I follow you on Twitter, as of now! :)

  6. I’d love to win this table runner kit! I’d be awful tempted to keep it for myself, since my kitchen is orange, and turquoise is my favourite colour! Or I could use it as my contribution to the Christmas gift game that my extended family plays when we get together for Christmas. Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. I’m a Knitty Bitties follower!

  8. I would keep it for myself!! So selfish of me BUT I haven’t made a table runner yet and my new dining room table is mad at me for it! I love this giveaway! Any time you want to send any of your scraps that are smaller than 5″, let me know, I’ll be glad to take them off your hands!

  9. oooh, fun colors! I would prolly make this and give it to my Mom as a Christmas present–she appreciates handmade more that anyone else!

  10. I’m a follower on here :)

  11. I follow you on twitter :)

  12. I tried following her on twitter but I don’t think she has an account. That or the link is wrong :(

  13. I’m a follower of Pleasant Home through GFC :)

  14. I LOVE your table runners! I’d love to make one for my table!

  15. I already follow you. :)

  16. Cool — thanks for the neat giveaway! I would give it away for a Christmas gift — I need to get going on making gifts!

  17. ANd I follow knitty bitties!

  18. I’d keep it of course!

  19. I follow you

  20. I follow Jodi

  21. I follow you on twitter (the link for Jodi on twitter isn’t working)

  22. If I made a table runner I’d probably keep it, unless it turned out beautifully and I could gift it to someone who would love it.

  23. I follow Knitty Bitties!

  24. I follow you on Twitter!

  25. I follow Jodi on Twitter too.

  26. I follow your blog, Knitty Bitties!

  27. And, if I won the fabric … I would make the runner for myself. :) Recently, I bought a console table for behind my couch and would love to make a runner in those colors to protect the top.

  28. I just keep it to my self, if I give it away, it will be to my MOM; Great idea of the table runners.

  29. Follower of this great blog!

  30. Beautiful table runner! I’d keep it for sure!!!!

  31. I would keep it for sure. Love it.

  32. I follow you!

  33. Lovely set of fabrics. I’d have to gift the finished runner to my sister. Those are her colors. Dog gone it : )

  34. I follow you.

  35. I follow Jodi.

  36. I would totally keep it! Are you kidding?;) These colors go awesome in my house!! And I’ve never had a table runner;)

  37. I follow Knitties Bitties!

  38. I follow Pleasant Home!

  39. I’d keep it for my coffee table ~ thanks for the chance!

  40. I follow :)

  41. I think I would keep it for our house table. We always have huge family gatherings around the holidays.

    lindsay.forgette at gmail dot com

  42. I follow you

  43. um…keep it of course!! i guess i’m selfish like that!

  44. i follow you!

  45. I have just found your blog and I love it. I have been going through your older posts and absolutely loved the post about your big secret – you were a scrapper! I started off as a sewer, then moved to scrapbooking – paper than digital- and now back to quilting. I still scrapbook but not as much anymore. Don’t worry your secret is safe with me!

  46. I follow Jodi!

  47. I follow you!

  48. I really love the table runner. I would probably keep it. Thanks for the chance to win.

  49. oh please do count me in…this is one runner I might just have to keep!

  50. I am most definitely a Pleasant Home follower, it’s how I found you!

  51. I am now following you too…I just love what you can do with those scraps!!!

  52. I would keep it as I have given everything away and don’t have anything for me :)

  53. I would totally keep it for myself. What pretty fabric!

  54. I follow you!

  55. I would love to win this. I am making table runners alot lately guess because they are quick and easy.

  56. I follow Jodi too.

  57. Oh… this would go for my daughter who loves orange. Thank you for the giveaway.

  58. Very nice giveaway idea! I’d likely keep the runner for myself, unless I’m unable to finish another project in time for Christmas. In that case, I’d (possibly begrudgingly!) gift it to my step MIL. She’d love it.

  59. I’m a KB follower: #401!

  60. I follow Pleasant Home, too.

  61. I would love to say that I would give it away, but more than likely after I am done, I would keep it. But hopefully I would give it away for a Christmas present.

    nicolemilkie @

  62. I follow you on your blog. yay.


  63. Love your work! I would keep the table runner if I won and make another for a gift for my Mom.


  64. I’m a follower.


  65. I follow Jodi at Pleasant Home and am “enrolled” in her scrappiness!


  66. Such a hard question….keep it or give it away…… IF it came out better than I expected….(new to quilting)…probably would give it away. IF the colors are just tooo fabulous….my tendency would be to keep it. LOL.

  67. Oh thanks for a chance! I’d keep this one and make another!

  68. Well, I would love to win. Why? I would love to give it to my Mom to sew…yes, I don’t sew, but she LOVES too and she loves when I find little projects for her :)

  69. …and, I follow Knitty Bitties!

  70. I would probably keep it as an “emergency” present for a wedding. I have quite a few friends that will be getting married soon, and I like to give something I made.

  71. I follow Pleasant Home :)

  72. I’m a follower of Knitty Bitties! :)

  73. I would keep it – I would put it on my meeting table at work so I would see it more OFTEN then I would at home.

  74. I follow Jodi

  75. I signed up to follow you – love the BOO sign!!!

  76. Hmmm…tough question. I’d be so tempted to keep the table runner, but it would make a lovely gift too. I guess I’d have to decide IF I won…

  77. I follow Pleasant Home (it was Jodi who told me to come over here for a visit).

  78. And now I follow you too! :)

  79. Pick me please! I’d keep the table runner for myself as the scraps colors match my dishes!!

  80. I would love to win your scraps to make a table runner. Christmas is coming fast and it would make a nice gift. Thanks for the opportunity.

  81. I follow Pleasant Home.

  82. I am a follower of your blog.

  83. Thanks for the chance. I would definitely keep it, unless my daughter said she really liked it then I would give it to her.

  84. I have followed Jodi’s blog for almost a year now.

  85. Vicki says:

    I would so love to win! I would keep it for myself and make another one too!

  86. Oh I would so keep it for myself!

  87. I follow you. :)

  88. I follow Jodi.

  89. Are you kidding me? That table runner would be for ME to keep!!! I did make one from Jodi’s Etsy shop for my sister last year, so I think I deserve one of my own. LOVE your scraps and the back of the runner!

  90. And now, thanks to Jodi, I’m following you!

  91. Vicki says:

    I follow Pleasant Home.

  92. And now I follow Jodi, too.

  93. Vicki says:

    I follow Knitty Bitties

  94. This table runner looks like something that would look very nice on the table in my nook, it would look great with my new cupboards.

  95. I just donated a disappearing 9-patch table runner to a silent auction so I think I’d make one to keep for myself this time. Thanks for the great give away!

  96. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to make this table runner with your scraps! I have an front entrance table that the table runner would look perfect on! Please, PLEASE pick me!

  97. Anonymous says:

    I would absolutely keep it and then make one for a friend using your tutorial. Liz

  98. I’d totally keep it!!

  99. I follow you!

  100. I follow Pleasant Home Blog and I LOVE IT!

  101. oh my goodness! That would be a wonderful treat to win those sweet little charms! I think I would want to keep it for myself. But you never know, I like to give fallish gifts just because I love fall. I have 3 daughters one with a fall birthday. They would love it too. Thanks for making sewing fun with all your inspiration.

  102. I would make the table runner and give it away, to one of my daughter-in-laws for Christmas. I have been looking for patterns to make runners for them and you solved my problem. Hope I win it, if not, I’ll make two of them from my stash.

  103. I would probably give it away as I owe a couple of gifts… but I think I’ll take a good look at the tutorial! Should not need to win something to get my act together!! lol

  104. Oh my gosh would I love to win this! As for the keep or give thing – I would have to keep the first one I make but will gladly give away the next one.

  105. I am a follower of Knitty Bitties!

  106. I am a follower of Pleasant Home!

  107. Another great blog to follow! Thanks, Jodi! Love Knitty Bitties! I would love to win your scraps! That table runner would look wonderful on my dresser!

  108. I follow Pleasant Home!

  109. I am a follower of Pleasant Home – I LOVE Jodi’s blog!

  110. I am now a follower of Knitty Bitties!

  111. I am now a follower of Knitty Bitties! Yea!!

  112. Thank you for this fun giveaway. I would love to win. I would share the table runner with my mother! Our counter top has orange in it and the metal pulls are bronze – so this would look great!

  113. Hi! I would give it away. I love to give quilted items to people who do not quilt!

  114. I love the table runners you’ve posted about. I’d probably keep it . . . too gorgeous. Thanks for the chance!

  115. I follow Jodi at Pleasant Home.

  116. I’d keep it because I love orange so much!

  117. I follow Jodi at Pleasant Home.

  118. I follow your blog, as of now…I’m going to head over to sign up!

  119. I follow Knitty Bitties.

  120. I would LOVE to win and would definitely keep the pattern because my plan for holiday gifts for everyone on our list is to make them table runners. This would be perfect.

  121. I follow Pleasant Home.

  122. I’d definitely keep your table runner. I’ve only made one table runner – I participated in an International Quilt Swap last year and that’s what I made for my partner. I wanted to make another one for me, but just never found the time. I’ve love to display yours with pride.

  123. I follower Jodi

  124. I follow you

  125. I would love to win. I think I would keep the table runner for myself. I have never made one!

  126. I follow Knitty Bitties!

  127. Of course I would keep this fabulous kit!

  128. I am a new follower!

  129. I subscribed to Pleasant Homes site!

  130. I would try to keep it but it would end up living at my Mom’s house! she loves all the table runners I make and says, “well, just let me use it for the family get together and then you can take it back home” — but somehow it never makes it back home! :)

  131. I love, love, love table runners and I would be honored to have yours grace my table for a while, and when some wonderful friend makes a big fuss over it, I might pass it along to her, or maybe not…Anyway, thanks for the inspiration and the chance to win!

  132. Of course, I already follow you!

  133. I would love to make a pinwheel table runner and keep it for myself! I love the colors you used!

  134. I follow you!

  135. I follow Jodi!

  136. I’m following Jodi’s blog too. And sewing like mad on table runners for the holidays!

  137. That’s a tough one. I LOVE pinwheels but Christmas is almost here and I know several people who would love a table runner. Please enter my name in your generous giveaway. Thank you

  138. Gorgeous~ I would love to be able to say that I’d give it away, but alas I am selfish. However I might make another one to give away… if I didn’t fall in love with that one too!

  139. Following you on twitter now too~ @2sweetthings

  140. I think I’ll keep it because i need a table runner!
    Thanks for the chance :)

  141. I follow pleasant home!

  142. i follow you!

  143. I follow on twitter @thepeachrainbow

  144. Hello! Oh, I love charm squares, too! And that table runner is just too great. Pick me, pick me!

  145. I would love to win, make the table runner and give it to my sister – she would love those colors! Thanks!

  146. I follow Jodi’s blog

  147. And I follow Pleasant Home – love Jodi’s blog :)

  148. I follow knitty bitties blog too!


  149. I just found Jodi’s blog and I am so glad. She has introduced me to so many awesome blogs. Thank you!!

  150. And I’m following you, too!

  151. I now follow you on Twitter!

  152. The tweet just was tweeted! Thx for the giveaway :)


  154. I would definitely keep it!

  155. Ok. I’ll play along. If I win – you get to help me make my table runner. :)

  156. Oh & I’d keep it for myself – because I’m selfish like that. But then I’d make another one & give it to you. 😀

  157. I’d love to win. I think I would make the table runner and give it to my sister-in-law for a Christmas present.

  158. I follow Jodi!

  159. I love making table runners and give most of them away but I would HAVE to keep this one! It would have very “SPECIAL” meaning for me. Thanks for the chance to win.

  160. I am a follower of Pleasant Home.

  161. I would keep the table runner. We are redoing the kitchen and those are the perfect colors. Thanks for the chance to win!

  162. Ummm…I would totally keep this for myself!!

  163. I follow your blog

  164. I follow you on twitter!

  165. I follow Jodi’s blog!

  166. I’d keep it! I love the colors!

  167. Following you!

  168. Following Jodi!

  169. Following you on Twitter!

  170. Lovely co-ordinated scraps in your Giveaway. I love Pinwheels so would enjoy making a table runner which I would give away to one of my Patchwork friends as a birthday gift.

  171. I follow Pleasant Home’s Blog. Some great ideas for using scraps.

  172. I think I’m going to be a meanie & keep it for myself. In saying that if daughter likes it she will probably get it.
    Table runners are great quick projecys. Thank you for the chance to win some of your scraps.

  173. Well I would keep it… I love table runners…. I cannot get enough…
    I follow your blog!

  174. I love pinwheels! I would love to win the makings for the pinwheel table runner. I would probably make this one to give to my sister-in-law. Thanks for the chance to win.

  175. I would love to win, and i would most likley keep it for myself! and share it with my parents because i stil live at home!

  176. I follow your blog!

  177. I follow pleasent home too!!!

  178. Thanks for the giveaway…I’d probably make multiples and give AND keep some! Your’s are fabulous, by the way!

  179. i would definitely keep the table runner for me! i’ve been wanting a table runner and just haven’t tried it yet. i think now is the time!! thanks for sharing!

  180. I follow Jodi already!

  181. I’m following you now on Google reader!

  182. i’d probably give it away – christmas is less than 2 months away!!! panic!!!

    bess :)

  183. i follow you. :)


  184. i follow pleasant home. :)


  185. yep I’d be keeping this one. or maybe sharing it with my mom–big maybe. but it would suit her dining room soooooo well…..
    hmmmmmm….I could make her a different one…hmmmm….
    either way it would be made and loved :)

  186. I’m a follower of Jodi’s :)

  187. I’m a follower of yours :)

  188. forgot my e-mail…

  189. I’d love to win your table runner. It’s so cute I love it.

  190. I do follow!

  191. I’d love to win some beautiful scraps..Just starting out and my stash is VERY SMALL.

  192. I would love to win your scraps to make the scrappy table runner. I would selfishly keep the table runner for myself. Then make another one or two! Thanks!

  193. I follow Jodi at Pleasant Home and are trying to keep up with the Sew Scrap Along.

  194. Great fabrics. They would make an awesome table runner. I’m on my way over to take a look at the tutorial. Thanks.

  195. how fun, those scraps look great!

  196. i follow pleasant home too

  197. I follow Pleasant Home.

  198. I also am a new follower to Knitty Bitties after finding your blog via Pleasant Home.

  199. I would love to win….that table runner would be perfect on my mama’s table.

  200. I follow Pleasant Home

  201. I follow knitty bitties

  202. I would absolutely keep the table runner!
    A. the fabric is adorable
    B. the table runner is beautiful

    Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  203. i would keep it!!

  204. Oh wow, I’d love to win. And although I might change my mind and decide to keep it, I think originally, at least, I’d make it for my sister since she and her husband just bought their first house last month!

  205. I would probably keep the table runner!

  206. I follow Pleasant Home’s blog

  207. I follow your blog!

  208. If I win these adorable scraps – I’d give this to my mother-in-law. She LOVES fall decorations and these orange bits would look great with her stuff!

  209. I’d love to make a table runner with your scraps. And I’d have to keep it so I could admire it!

  210. follow pleasant home!

  211. follow knitty bitties!

  212. I’m thrilled to follow Knitty Bitties blog!

  213. …and Knitty Bitties twitter…

  214. …and I already had Pleasant Home on my RSS feed so I’m happy to follow that blog too! :)

  215. Ooh, oooh, ooooh–I love table runners. I’d keep it, because I change my tablescape all the time for my family and my music students and my guests to enjoy.

  216. Oh, and I follow you on My Yahoo.


  217. Aaaaand I follow Pleasant Home, as well. Might be a tad addicted to reading blogs…naaahhh.


  218. I would love to win the table runner scraps. I would make it and give it to my mom for Christmas. The colors would be perfect for her dining room.

  219. I follow Knitty Bitties, and I love scraps too!

  220. What a wonderful giveaway!! I would probably have to keep it, because I would consider your scraps as a gift from a fellow quilter!

  221. Almost forgot. I follow Pleasant Home and as of today I will be following you. Glad I found your blog!

  222. I’d definitely keep it, I don’t have any table runners yet.

  223. I think I’d have to keep it because I just love the colors!

  224. I think I’d have to keep the tablerunner for me. I don’t have much of anything I made so far!

  225. I am now a follower of your blog!

  226. I follow Pleasant Home!

  227. I’d love to win and would most likely keep the table runner. It would match my dinning room perfectly! :)

  228. I would love to win and it would be mine!!


  229. I’m addicted to table runners. I would love your kit. Thanks.

  230. I follow Pleasant Home.


  231. I’m a new follower of Knitty Bitties blog.


  232. I would love your scraps to make the table runner.

  233. I follow Pleasant Home.

  234. I started following you.

  235. WmMpSm63I would keep it for myself. There is always room for a table runner.

  236. I follow Jodi!

  237. Thanks for all the great inspiration and ideas – I would love to win!

  238. I am not sure. I might use it on a table in our guest bedroom because it would match but it might become a gift. Thanks for the chance to win both the scraps and pattern.

  239. I follow Pleasant home.

  240. I now follow Knitty Bitties!

  241. I just started following you and am going to check out your site a little more before going back to my sewing.

  242. I follow pleasant home!! Thanks for the great giveaway!!


  243. Following your beautiful blog!!


  244. love table runners … love scraps … equals … fun times … would love to win!

  245. I love the colors! I would keep the table runner. I like making table runners to try out new blocks and to practice my machine quilting on. Thanks for the giveaway.

  246. I already follow Pleasant Home, that is how I found you.

  247. I really love the fabrics you combined for this! I’d love to make the tablerunner as a Christmas gift…thanks for the chance!

  248. I follow Pleasant Home’s blog.

  249. I follow your blog now!

  250. I would love to win this kit!

  251. I ama a follower of you!

  252. I follow Pleasant home!

  253. Truthfully, I will keep it if I love it. If I don’t love my results I will give it away.

  254. This comment has been removed by the author.

  255. Loved your blog and your scraps. I think I would keep the table runner. Thanks for the giveaway.

  256. I found you just today thanks to Jodi, whom I follow.

  257. What a great give away! Thanks.

  258. What a great give away! Thanks.

  259. awwhh so cute! i would love to give them a new home!

  260. I would love a chance to win your charm pack. Love scrappy.

  261. I would keep the table runner. I’ve never made one so would love the chance to win.

  262. I follow Pleasant Home. Thanks for the chance to win.

  263. Please put me in drawing for scraps. Not sure if I’d give away or keep. Our guild does several charities every year so it might be a give away.

  264. CarolC says:

    Just found you and would love to win your scraps. You are definately going into my favorites. I love table runners!

  265. The tablerunner was so cute I would keep it for myself :o) Love to win!

  266. I follow Jodi at Pleasant Home

  267. I also follow you

  268. bmurray137 says:

    I’d enjoy making the table runner, but I’d love giving it to my mother in law. She adores things that I make for her.

  269. I’d probably keep it! i have a hard time parting with my finished projects!

  270. i follow you!

  271. i follow pleasant home!

  272. i follow you on twitter!

  273. Oh wow! Please sign me up!

  274. I love the tablerunners. If I win, first I’d make it then I’d keep it becuz I don’t have many Halloween decorations, and then I’d make a Christmas runner for my sister using my Christmas scraps.

  275. I follow Jodi!

  276. Thanks for the opportunity to win! I’d definitely keep it and make more to give away!
    Gail (

  277. I follow Jodi!

    Gail (

  278. I follow you!

    Gail (

  279. Don’t enter me in the giveaway but let me come rifle through your scraps! I’m sick of mine! I was just thinking about that this morning because I need to make Graham his ‘3’ shirt for next weekend and I don’t want to use what I have. So you may find me sitting on the floor of your sewing room this week. :)

  280. I love your scraps for a table runner. I haven’t made one of those yet!

  281. I follow Jodi…

  282. Now, I follow you…

  283. Thanks for a chance to win some of your fabric scraps. I would make the table runner and keep it. I have a perfect spot for it.

  284. I follow pleasant home too.


  285. i’d totally keep it. i’m selfish like that.

    i like how you have ‘rules’ to keeping scraps. i might have to implement some of those myself. my bins are overflowing.

  286. I would keep the tablerunner, and probably make more! Thanks for the giveaway.

  287. I follow Pleasant Home.

  288. I follow Knitty Bitty.

  289. I would definately keep this, the colours and pattern are so sweet! And I don’t have a table runner yet.
    Thanks for the giveaway and I’m going to follow you xx

  290. oh I would love to win and I wold keep it for myself because it is beautiful hugs Beth

  291. I would definitely keep the table runner!

  292. I am a follower of yours. Thanks.

  293. I am a follower of Pleasant Home. Thanks.

  294. Gotta admit I’d keep it. Super cute!

  295. I follow Knitty Bitties via RSS :) Such cute goodness!

  296. This comment has been removed by the author.

  297. I love this table runner, but I would proabably give it away, because I have way more table runners than I have tables in my house! Thanks for the great giveaway.
    spackattak7 at hotmail dot com

  298. i would definitely keep it ;o)

  299. I’m a follower!

  300. i follow pleasant home too!

  301. since I don’t have a table for a runner I would give it away to my very good friend who would adore it.

  302. i follow knitty bitties

  303. I follow pleasant home

  304. I’d love to win! I’m always making things and giving them away. So this time I would keep the table runner!

  305. I’d love to keep the table runner :)

  306. I’m a new follower of your blog (Knitty Bitties)!

  307. I follow Pleasant Home.

  308. I love your table runner and would definitely keep it. I would love to win your scraps. Thanks

  309. I would love to win, it is gorgeous. I would keep it thanks for the chance.

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