Mr. Miyagi would be proud …

… of Rae’s new Bonsai Bag pattern.

Seriously, am I the only one whose mind goes straight to The Karate Kid (and I’m not talking the new one … come on, I’m talking Ralph Macchio people) when you hear the word Bonsai? I’m mildly disturbed by just how many memories I have of that movie. How I can’t hear “Cruel Summer” without picturing the love triangle with Elisabeth Shue on the soccer field. How I think of Mr. Miyagi trimming the Bonsai trees …

Oh geez … have I lost you all. I’m sorry … my head is a scary place ;).

Anyway, when Rae asked me (er, maybe it was all my pestering) to take a look at her new pattern, I couldn’t help but make up a new bag right quick.

I loved how Rae used corduroy on several of her samples (I’ve also fallen in love with using corduroy with her Buttercup bag pattern too) so I went with a navy blue fine whale which I paired with a patchwork of oranges and greens. I love the way it turned out!!

What do you think?

Want to make one of your own? Well guess what? Rae is giving a Bonsai bag pattern to ONE of YOU! How is that for a happy Monday?!?

I made this bag in a little under 4 hours. Not bad for a new pattern … I would guess that next time I could do it in under 3 hours. I did make a few minor changes to the pattern which I’m sharing here because I always think it’s helpful to see how two people can take the same pattern and still make it their own.

**Andrea’s Notes/Changes to the Bonsai Bag pattern. Which does not mean that Rae’s pattern is not correct … I’m just sharing a few things I did differently. K? K.**

  • I made my straps 2 1/2″ wide rather than 3″ wide. I used D rings in place of the circles Rae used.
  • Instead of sewing my tabs as detailed in the pattern, I simply lined them up with the raw edges and sewed them into the top seam of the purse, reinforcing them with several back stitches.
  • When I sewed my lining, I left a 3″ opening in the bottom of the lining for turning later. I prefer to sew all the way around the top of the bag and use the lining for turning.
  • I made a pocket that ran the entire width of the purse lining. I do this for two reasons. One, I’m lazy and this makes a quick pocket. Two, people seem to love the pockets ;). The more the merrier. I divided this one into 3 sections with an additional spot for a pen.
  • Because my accent piece was primarily white, I choose to only top stitch along the top of the accent piece to finish my bag.

Don’t want to make one of your own? Well guess what? My version of the Bonsai bag is up for grabs too. Don’t wait too long … this is one of a kind and possibly the last bag I make in 2010 (whaaaaaaaa).


  • Dimensions:: 15″w x 11″t / 14″ opening at top / 20″ handles with 11″ drop
  • Magnetic Closure
  • Lined with fleece interfacing
  • Interior Slip Pockets (3+pen pocket)
  • $38 + $8 S&H

**SOLD**To enter the pattern giveaway, leave me a comment telling me what color palette you’d make your Bonsai Bag. I’ll pick a winner on Sunday, October 24th.

For extra entries (please leave additional comment for each)::

Happy Monday!!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out my Handmade Holidays Promotion #1 going on right now!!


  1. LOVE it! I follow Knitty Bitties!

  2. just subscribed to Made by Rae via email!

  3. I follow Knitty Bitties! Colors: Brown, Sage green, and lilac lavender.

  4. I would proabbly go brown, or lime green and orange! I love this bag pattern! My Boyfriends sister also got to test the bag and i was so angry with her! haha Not really

  5. i follow Made by Rae :)

  6. and of course i follow knitty bitties too!

  7. I’d make it in black and white ~ such a great looking bag! Thanks for the chance!

  8. I follow Made by Rae :)

  9. I follow Knitty Bitties :)

  10. Blues definitely blues

  11. I follow made by rae

  12. I follow Rae on twitter

  13. I follow knitty bitties

  14. I follow knitty bitties on twitter

  15. Wow! Seriously Cute! Love the colors you picked out! I think I would use the colors of Meadowsweet 2 by Sandi Henderson for my bag! LOVE THOSE COLORS!

  16. I am a follower of your wonderful blog!

  17. I think I would use the blues from Anna Maria Horner collection with khaki (small whale) corduroy. :)

  18. I follow knitty bitties!

  19. I follow Rae!

  20. Lovely! I think I’d make in red and white for Summer.
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  21. I follow Knitty Bitties
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  22. I subscribed to Made by Rae via e-mail.
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  23. I would have to do it with some my Heather Ross and a real light pink corduroy. CUTE!!! Think I’d have to use to pom poms too;)

  24. I follow you in Google Reader!

  25. I was looking for Made by Rae to follow! Now I do;) Thanks!!!

  26. I’d use dirty rose and browns. Definitely corduroy!

  27. I follow made by rae!

  28. Just found Knitty Bitties and now I follow you, too!

  29. I follow your blog and love your work!

  30. I follow Rae’s blog since quite some time…

  31. I follow Rae’s blog!

  32. I am currently in a love fest for turquoise and brown and it looks so great for fall, so I think that’s what I would make it out of. I love the look of this pattern. Thank you both for the chance to win!

  33. I’m a follower of Knitty Bitties now too!

  34. I would make a bag with brown cord & the focus piece in oranges & red. Very fall-ish!

  35. I follow Rae!

  36. I would make it in Pink and Orange!
    Or blue and brown, or tan and baby pink!

  37. I would make it in dark green, with the center panel being something in lilac and flowers!!

  38. I’ve also followed Rae’s posts using my google reader!

  39. And I’ve followed you!! Love this site, glad I found it!

  40. I am thinking leopard print and brown!


  41. I Follow Made by Rae -GFC


  42. beautiful! i would work with navy, hot pink and lime green!
    thanks for the opportunity seamsgoodtome(AT)gmail(DOT)com

  43. Love this bag! Right now I’m in love with yellow and gray (isn’t everyone?), so that would be my palette.

  44. Follow Rae on Twitter (emilliepeters)

  45. Follow Knitty Bitties -GFC

  46. Follow Knitty Bitties on Twitter (emilliepeters)

  47. I am following you!

  48. I already follow Rae…that’s how I found YOU!

  49. Made by Rae follower. I would probably use a black cord with black and white floral or geometric design…very simple, but I would use everyday.

  50. I think that I’d make the bag in some lovely purples that I have on hand.


  51. Oh, I have to make 4 of these…one for each of my daughters and one for me!
    The first one will be in pink, white and brown, the next in sages and purples, not sure about the next two!

  52. I also follow Made by Rae


  53. Knitty Bitties follower…I’m glad I found your blog throught Rae!

  54. i think i would do a beige for the main fabric and a white/red/aqua combo for the pieced portion.

  55. I would make mine in black, white and red. Yummers.

  56. I follow Made By Rae. Just sayin’….for my extra entry :)

  57. I now follow you as well…because anyone who also thinks of Karate Kid when they hear Cruel Summer is worth taggin’ along with :)

  58. Would love to win this pattern! I would use browns/golds/oranges for a great Fall bag :) thanks for the chance.

  59. I follow Made by Rae :)

  60. Now follow Knitty Bitties :)

  61. I follow Rae and love her patterns

  62. I now follow knitty bitties thanks for the give away

  63. I’m thinking brown & purple. And definitely stealing the corduroy idea!

  64. I follow Made by Rae…love it!

  65. Love this pattern! I’ve been wearing a lot of reds so I’d probably go with a red/black kind of theme. I follow both you and Rae on Google Reader!

  66. And now…I follow you!

  67. I want to make this bag for my sister for Christmas! I’d make it in a warm coffee brown with a crimson focus piece.

  68. I would love to make an orange and brown bonsai bag!

  69. I follow Made by Rae.

  70. Love this bag! I’m a follower of Made By Rae

  71. I would use my favourite colour palette – blues, turquoises and greens. Maybe go a little darker in the colourway for the winter.

  72. I follow Made by Rae!

  73. And I’m already a Knitty Bitties follower too!

  74. WOW awesom give away…I would do my first in brown corduroy with orange, yellows and tan accents…a great fall ball!

  75. I am already a faithful follower of Made by Rae.

  76. I just signed up to follow you on Twitter:)

  77. I have just signed up to follow Made by Rae on Twitter:)

  78. Now I am a faithful follower of Knitty Bitties!

  79. I would use brown and green.

  80. Follow Made by Rae

  81. Follow Raw on twitter.

  82. follower

    mtiesinga at comcast dot net

  83. yellows, orange, well any color!

    mtiesinga at comcast dot net

  84. Followin gKnitty Bitties on twitter.

  85. Love this bag – I waited forever for the pattern to come out! :) I follow Made By Rae.

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  87. Subscribed to Knitty Bitty in Google Reader!

  88. Follow knitty bitty on twitter! : )

  89. follow Made by Rae

    mtiesinga at comcast dot net

  90. I follow Made by Rae in my google feed reader. :)

  91. I think I would use denim and a red color palette to make mine. I have a nice light-weight denim that would be perfect! :-)

  92. I love this pattern! I subscribed to Made by Rae on my reader about a month ago and just love her posts! Looking forward to following Knitty Bitties now too!

  93. I think I would have some cordouroy as well. I would love some red and brown. Something to go with this gorgeous season! Thanks. I was headed to her site to buy this pattern. Maybe I’ll get lucky!

  94. I already follow you, and love your site!

  95. I follow Made by Rae as well. Thanks again!

  96. Your bag is beautiful. I gave a beautiful cut of dark grey that would make a nice Bonsai bag for winter. Jayhawkmama at gmail dot com

  97. Hmmm… Well, I must be honest, I would go to the store with the plan to use your color palette, but would possibly change once there and unable to find all the combos I wanted. The bag does look great. Excellent job!

  98. I’m already following Rae.

  99. Lovely giveaway. I’d make s dark green and purple version, I think. Or Grey with a hexagon scrap center piece.

  100. And I follow Rae already.

  101. love love love this bag !! I would make it RED !!!

  102. …and I follow Made by Rae

  103. I would love a pattern. Rae is one of my faves. So glad to have stumbled onto your blog through hers.

  104. Am a new knitty bitties follower. Thanks!

  105. I also follow Rae, too.

  106. I would probably do a black bag with the accent colors of red and white.

  107. I follow Rae’s blog

  108. I follow Knitty Bitties

  109. LOVE your version of the bag! Fabulous! I’d love to make one in brown cord with fall colors for the center detail.

  110. I follow Made by Rae

  111. I follow your blog now too!

  112. I just added you to my list of blogs to follow, and I follow Rae’s blog as well. My color palette for fall: Chocolate brown, apple green, rust, and gold. And I’m thinking the body would be green.

  113. Anonymous says:

    Your comment about cordoroy seals it: I’d make it with a nice pair of red cordoroy pants I’ve been hording for the perfect project. With some of my crazier fat quarters, I’m thinking.

    kathleenpoling (@) yahoo (dot) com

  114. i’d probably make it with blues, greens, and whites – my faves! :)


  115. i subscribe to ‘made by rae.’ :)


  116. I follow Made by Rae and have made several of her patterns. Always on the look out for a cute new purse. I would make it in chocolate cord, orange and red. Perfect autumn bag.

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  118. I now follow Knitty Bitties!

  119. I already follow Made by Rae. :)

  120. wow! what an awesome bag!!!! i would love to make one in pink-light pink-turquese ^^
    thanks for the chance <3
    aaand… i follow your amazing blog!

  121. I know exactly where you are coming from… remember “wax on, wax off!”

    And I love this purse! Colours: chocolate brown, sage green, and tangerine!

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  122. i follow rae! :)

  123. i would love this bag in reds and golds. :)

  124. I am thinking I need a new bag in browns.

  125. Okay. I have this amazing fabric by Amy Buttler. It is grey and yellow, and would look darling on this bag… with a darker grey on the outside… MMMMMM.

  126. I love red, turquoise and yellow.

  127. Hmmm . . . Too many options. I would like to start with black, white, and hot pink!

  128. a bright orange fall print i think

  129. So pretty, thanks for the extra tips!! I would make it in a Brown cord and some bright complimentary cotton fabrics.

  130. I follow Made By Rae

  131. I now follow Knitty Bitties!

  132. For the front panel i should make an embroidery panel with felt wool in teh Sue spargo style. I already made more bags in this style and I sold them immediately, people loved them. I think I go for teal , because I still have a large peace of teal babyrib in stash.

  133. I follow you!

  134. I would do something fall-ish: browns, greens, reds, golds, maybe purples. :)

  135. I also follow made by rae.

  136. I just bought some brown and red corduroy, perfect for a fall bag!

  137. I follow Made by Rae!

  138. I would do red, orange, and a limey green.

  139. follow made my rae- lsmiles247(at)hotmail(.)com

  140. Oh, would love this pattern, especially with Christmas coming up!

  141. I follow Rae’s blog!
    Thanks for the chance!

  142. Great!
    I would do in pink, orange and red!

  143. I follow Made by Rae in Twitter

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  145. I have been waiting for this pattern! I would make it with some fab vintage sheets I thrifted last week, combined with some white cord

  146. *now following you on twitter!

  147. Love this bag! I’m so into dark purples, greens, and chocolate brown. Doesn’t that sound lovely?!

  148. I’m a RAE follower!!

  149. i want to make with light green and neutral.
    songyueyu at gmail

  150. i follow made by rae

  151. i follow rae on twitter

  152. i follow knitty bitties

  153. i follow knitty bitties on twitter

  154. Made by Rae follower.

  155. Hooray! This is gorgeous. I love your cute bold blue and orange combo. I would try this in red corduroy (cuz I have some!) and teal/orange/red for an autumn theme. Hmm. Yes. That could work!

    BTW, thanks for the giveaway!
    ammieloris at hotmail dot com

  156. I just bought some lovely fat quarters of mushroom-print fabric in browns, reds, blues, greens…I think I would go brown corduroy with mushroom accents.

  157. I’d go for a goldenrod, plum, and burnt orange pallette.

  158. I’m a new knotty bitties follower, and I’m really excited about that.

  159. I follow your blog now. It’s so cute!

  160. I follow Made by Rae, too. (That’s how I found you!)

  161. Oh jeez, I have so many yummy fabric possibilities for this! I like the corduroy idea though, I think I would pull out some brown wide wale I’ve got and accent it with orange and lime green.

  162. Long time follower of yours — thanks for all the good stuff!

  163. I follow Made By Rae!

  164. I am now following Knitty Bitties. I love Rae’s blog and love yours as well!

  165. Very nice, I love the fabric combination!

  166. I follow Rae’s blog. :)

  167. I’d make it in bright pink and gray. I enjoy your blog.

  168. I’m in love with grey, aqua and eggplant purple right now, so I think I would make a bonsai bag with those three colors.

  169. I also follow made by Rae

  170. I also follow Knitty Bitties

  171. Hmm…I’m feeling fallish and I’m really into purple lately. Like deep plum/wine purple…maybe paired with mustard yellow and gray. Of course, I am also way into yellow/gray/orange lately, too. I’ll make both!

  172. I’m pretty in love with the white bag Rae made – I think I’d have to go with a white bag and a brightly colored inset panel.

  173. I would make my Bonsai bag in black and grey.

  174. I follow made by rae!

  175. Blue…I love the color blue. :-)

  176. I would do black and red. Or maybe blues.

  177. I follow Made by Rae.

  178. I follow Rae on twitter.

  179. Being a thrifty sort of person (and not a patchworker, so I don’t have endless samples!) I would probably raid my fabric stash. I currently have some hot pink cord and toning gorgeous japanese bird fabric, both from, waiting to make one of Rae’s licketysplit bags (I have made about 10 as presents, but this one will be ALL MINE) – maybe I could juggle the patterns to make a bonsai bag as well?

  180. Annelize Webb says:

    This bag looks fantastic!! I think I would have to pick light blue, green and white…or orange, green and white.

  181. I would go with black and red. thanks for the giveaway.

  182. I am ‘Made by Rae’ follower.

  183. I am knitty bitties new follower.

  184. Samanta says:

    totally suscribed! and I’d make it in turquoise, pink, lavender, green… or one of each color! I LOVE it

  185. For starters I’d have to make a purple one…and a pink one…and oh any other colour combo I could ‘magic’ up out of my ‘stash’. Hugs Naomi

  186. I follow madebyrae’s blog. Hugs Naomi

  187. I now follow your blog too. Hugs Naomi

  188. I also follow Rae in Twitter. Hugs Naomi

  189. And last but not least…I follow you in Twitter now! Hugs Naomi

  190. I follow Made by Rae

  191. I follow Knitty Bitties!

  192. I love any bright and bold colors. The one in the pic is pretty cute!

  193. I’m following your blog. Thanks for a neat giveaway.

  194. I’m following Made by Rae. She always has such neat things.

  195. Following Knitty Bitties on Twitter. I’m embmimi

  196. Following Made by Rae on Twitter. I’m embmimi

  197. Ooh, I think I’d like it in a heather gray and grass green. Or maybe Chocolate and Lime. Cute Bag!

  198. I think I’d do an apple green and gray or a pale aqua and gray. Either way, I love the bag!

  199. Nichole says:

    Oh…I think I’d go with burnt sienna, gold and a not quite orangey red. Harvest colors ! ( So much better for accessories than for kitchen appliances)

  200. i follow knitty bitties. :)

  201. Such a cute purse! I would make a purse in brown and turquoise. Cute!

  202. Probably green and blue fabric I have on hand…but maybe throw in some kicky orange if I can make it to the fabric store.

  203. Love you take and modifications on the pattern!

  204. I subscribe to Rae!

  205. i would make this bag up in shades of purple… dark purple corduroy for the main, and a purple patchwork for the panel. OR in brown and pink, which is a combination i love… :)


  206. i follow made by rae!


  207. …i also follow knitty bitties! :)

    sadly, i do not use twitter.. lol


  208. I have this mustard yellow linen that I have been saving for something special. I have the perfect accent piece, too! Thanks for the opportunity!

  209. Beckysue says:

    I have some brown baby wale cord just waiting for this bag…. I’m thinking something pink/brown in the middle!

  210. Beckysue says:

    I follow Made by Rae on fb!

  211. I think I would do a green and pink…I don’t have any spring-y type purses.

  212. Turquoise, orange, and brown

  213. I follow Made By Rae on Twitter

  214. I follow Knitty Bitties on Twitter

  215. Purple with green. I am a sucker for those colors!! But your dark blue bag is adorable!!

  216. I just subscribed to Made By Rae by email.

  217. I hope I’m not too late to enter! I’ve really wanted to try my hand at sewing a bag and this one is so cute! I just recently bought some gorgeous raspberry floral fabric that would be great for this pattern.

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