This week in the shop …

I worked on custom orders …

{Custom Order – Gathered & Ruffled Clutch}

{Custom Order – Kindle Cover}

((Not only did I work on custom orders, but I finished custom orders. I’m no longer accepting orders for 2010, but I’ve already got a 2011 schedule going … so don’t hesitate to contact me to reserve your spot.))

I started working on inventory for a local holiday boutique AND for an open house I’m holding at my bestie’s while we’re on vacation. I cut 18 list takers and 17 picture keepers (aka crayon wallets) …

I received fabric to turn into another Jump Rope Dress and fabric flowers which will make their way to Quilt Market.

I did a ‘trial run’ on a fabulous pattern by one of my favorite sewing bloggers. Can’t wait to share it with you …

Random Fact:: Since taking over one of the rooms in our house and declaring it my sewing room (18+ months ago … I think) I have not had a clock in the room. I never know what time it is. I set the oven timer (downstairs … I’m upstairs) to remind me when to stop sewing. I tell my sweets to come and get me at ‘such-and-such’ a time (which he JUST loves to do). Seriously folks, this was just becoming a way of life. Until today … at Target … when I found the cutest aqua blue clock … for $1.99!! It’s out of its package, it has batteries and it ticking away on the wall. And I now know that I’ve spent about 4 hours today sewing ;).
And that my friends, is what kept my fingers too busy to blog.

I’ll be back tomorrow with one more reminder about my Handmade Holidays promotion(s) which kicks off THIS MONDAY, OCTOBER 18th.

Happy Creating!


  1. Wow, you are keeping very busy! I love the top cute!
    And congrats on the amazing price find on a clock. I’m sure Mr. Knitty Bitties will appreciate not having to come and get you when your time is up! 😉

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