Yea for Monday!

Who is with me?
I LOVE Mondays … really, I do. I know, I know, something is wrong with me.

BUT, I haven’t always loved Mondays, but ever since I became a full time mama, there is something about a fresh start, a week of possibility, the return of routine. Of course, not having to get up at 5:30AM and commute 30 minutes to work anymore sure doesn’t hurt either!

So even if Mondays aren’t your favorite and you do have to get up early and/or commute to work … I think I can brighten your day just a bit.

Well me & Shelley that is. Do you know Shelley? From “House of Smith’s” Shelley? One look at her smile and you’re hooked!

And then you start peeking around her house … and well, who knew you could fall in love and want to live in your pantry or laundry room? Uhm, if mine looked like Shelley’s that is exactly where you’d find me.

{Photo credit – House of Smith’s}

Okay, really … the thing about Shelley and her blog is that her projects are do-able … for everyone really! You know why I fell extra hard for her laundry room? Because it doesn’t have the fancy-schmancy front loading washer and dryer on pedestals … nope, it’s got a set just like I have. And it’s not a huge space with tons of money dropped into it to make it beautiful … nope, it’s just knowing what and how to work with what you’ve got. Shelley helps your realize that :). And she can help you out with some sweet vinyl accents too!

I can only dream about what she would do if she could get her hands on my sewing room. ((Hey Shelley, want to make a trade? I’ll make you a lifetime of snickerdoodles if you come design my sewing room. Deal? Deal. Awesome.))

Today I’m as close to Shelley re-decorating my sewing room as I’ll ever get … because today I’m hosting a giveaway on her blogwowza!

((And if you’re visiting from House of Smith’s … Welcome to my nest! Let’s pretend I could serve you up some fresh cookies and a glass of iced tea and chat the day away!))

Want a little more happy for your Monday …

How about a new “Happy Little” Camera Strap Slipcover series? The “Sunny Gray Skies” colorway sold out fast … so I knew I wasn’t the only one who had fallen for gray+yellow. So this time, I kept the gray+yellow and added a splash of aqua/teal. This may be my favorite colorway yet … “Winter Gray Skies.”

This colorway features *almost* all of my favorite designers:: Amy Butler, Anna Marie Horner, Denise Schmidt, Joel Dewberry & Sandy Henderson.

These are in the shop as of today! Just a reminder, there are only 14-16 in a colorway, so once these are gone they are gone. “Sunny Gray Skies” sold out in less than a month.

Happy Monday! Happy Creating!


  1. I LOVE Mondays! I am just like you. I am a SAHM and Mondays are so nice. Like you said, a frsh start to a new week.

    Alright that woman’s laundry room and pantry are beautiful. I didn’t think I could use that word to describe rooms like that but they are. They make me want to spruce up mine somehow. :)

    Hope you have a great week! I am still loving your camera straps with all the cool new fabric. I also still love mine! :)

  2. i love the fabric combination! so happy!!

  3. I LoVe Monday’s too. And another fabulous camera strap! I LOVE LOVE LOVE mine. ;o)

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