A little lovely …

… to greet me morning, noon and night.
As I open the door to … my office, the sweat shop, my ‘mama den,’ my creative escape … whatever you want to call this room of mine that makes me oh so happy.

While on our vacation, Jessie (my bestie) and I knew we wanted to craft something from start to finish. Because anyone can start a craft … it’s finishing it that really counts, right? Que one of the eight thousand nine hundred and twenty four bookmarks in my ‘Craft’ folder. Yep, this would be our craft. With a little trial and error (er, maybe it was not starting with the right wreath form and thinking we could ‘wing it’ … note to selves: we can not wing it) we managed to whip out these adorable wreaths in one evening.

We started with the basic foam wreath (rather than the straw one shown in the tutorial) form (a’la The Dollar Tree) and wrapped and wrapped and wrapped with yarn while watching “Letter to Juliet.” We then spent a half hour being fussy with our flowers, adding leaves and getting the bird to sit just so.

And while our husbands are not sold on our crafts … we think they are quite lovely and simply delightful.

Happy Creating! GO link up … or go visit all the other lovelies here.

P.S. Cyber Monday sale will run until this mama drags herself out of bed and to the computer tomorrow (Tuesday, November 30th) morning. Lucky you!

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  1. love this! that little birdy makes it!

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