Only a few more days …

… before I’m back in the sweat shop and “Miss J” is back from the spa.

This 17 day break from sewing has been quite wonderful … and a little weird as well.

But the good news is, I’ll be back to blogging with …

  • A fun craft me and the bestie put together while watching “Letters to Juliet”
  • New furniture & goodies for the sweat shop … hurray!!
  • Fabric for a new slipcover colorway (think ‘red & aqua’ for the holidays)
  • Filling the shop with all the items that didn’t sell at my boutiques (several mini wallets & list takers) … be sure to keep your eyes out for them, this will be the LAST update for 2011. 

Can’t wait to be back and catch up with you all! Wish me safe travels and we head over some snowy mountains.

Happy Creating!


  1. Yay! Happy to hear you’ve had such a great break, but I am missing knitty bitties! :)

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