Phew …

I *think* the shop has officially been updated with the remainder of items for 2010. Even though I said I wouldn’t be making any new camera strap slipcovers sets … I couldn’t help myself. With a little encouragement from some convincing customers … and the fact that I had all the material on hand … I came up with “Winter Gray Skies TAKE TWO” colorway.

However … there are only EIGHT in this set. It’s a half set from what I normally make … 
Three have already sold since I started this post …

Which means there are really only FIVE left!! Go grab one while you can
Slipcovers will ship within a week of payment, but my little elves (hahahaha, I wish I had elves … really I’m the head (and one and only) elf) say if you order soon they’ll ship by Monday, December 13th.
Happy Creating!


  1. Um…even if you had elves, they would have to pass a test to work for you – which they wouldn’t – so you’ll always get to be the head lady. :) Unless, of course, you let me test for you in a few months….


  2. These are lovely!

  3. They’re gorgoeus!!

  4. You’re getting a little ahead of yourself…didn’t you mean remainder of items for 2010! Love this colorway. I’m sure they won’t last long.

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