Sew …

What I have been up to that has kept me away from this little blog (and much of the internet) …

  • Christmas dinner for my sweets’ work (which really = date night)
  • Sewing orders, packaging orders and shipping orders … more orders than I anticipated means less time for ‘me sewing’ … which = slight panic
  • Celebrating my 13th wedding anniversary
  • Helping out my sister who is sans husband for a few more weeks (he’s one of those wonderful people who has been serving his country the last 12 months in Afghanistan)
  • A tiny bit of holiday baking
  • Playdates
  • Haircut and pedicure (this felt like a huge gift to me)
  • Movie watching & game playing
  • Snuggling and napping

Really, I’m feeling terribly guilty for leaving this place so lonely and sad at this wonderful time of year. I hope you just means I’m sewing away and trying to savor this sweet time with my family.

I have completed several Christmas sewing projects and was so excited to share … until I realized several of the recipients (if not all) read this blog. Bummer!! Pictures will have to wait until next week.

In upcoming news … I did just order a fun set of fabric for a new camera strap slipcover colorway. Have you all heard that Pantone named this pink (Honeysuckle) the color of 2011? It *might* be 1 of the 2 colors of my newest colorway ;).

Be back soon … Happy Creating!


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  2. Holy busyness, BFF!!! Hope you’re having the most amazing holiday season. I can’t wait for the new year when I have money to spend on me again so I can get me some more knitty bitties!! Happy anniversary & Merry Christmas!

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