Side tracked …

… by germs.

My little guy came down with a terrible ‘something’ (the dr. kindly said it could be the beginning of bronchitis, pneumonia or croup … all wonderful, right?) on Sunday.

He’s been home from school for 3 days. Tomorrow will be 4. I’m hoping he’ll be able to go back for Friday.

Lots of Sonic. Lots of medicine. A list for mama to keep track ;).

Not as much sewing as I’d hoped/wanted.

More snuggle time, comforting and reading than I’d expected, but there isn’t any place I’d rather be.

What a gift to stay home and be able to put things on pause for moments/days like these.

Happy Creating! Tell me what your up to since I’m officially behind ;).

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  1. Aw man poor guy. :( Hope he feels better soon. That is so great you are able to stay home and take care of him. What a blessing for sure!

    I’m about to start wrapping presents. :)

  2. That is so true…what a gift to be able to stay home and put pause on everything else…my daughter Leonie has been home sick for 3 days now as well and I haven’t really been able to do what I had planned…but when they need you it is so worth it!
    Hope he feels better soon!!

  3. Sorry about the sick little one. The photo of the Sonic drinks caught my eye and I had to read more. I’m just slightly addicted to Sonic Happy Hour. I’ve had to cut myself off because I would go every day if I could. I’m a teacher so the only thing I’m up to right now is grading papers so I can clear off my desk before Christmas break. So ready!!! Hope your little guy feels better soon.

  4. So sad. Hope he gets better soon! Btw, where’s your Little Happy List Taker? 😛

  5. Poor kid….poor mommy! Feel better!!


  6. Oh NO!!! Hope the little guy feels better asap!!

    I’m working on putting things in place that will get me to the point where I’m working from home too. Hope it all goes well.

    sending warm wishes for a speedy recovery your way!

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