Happy Mail Week!

Well I *heart* happy mail … who doesn’t right?

But this week, inspired by this post (and knowing I was getting a lot of happy mail) I decided to document my happy mail.

  • New ‘how-to’ cards for my camera strap slipcovers & a giant safety pin. How stinkin’ cute … can’t wait to send these out. I’ve been meaning to do this for a LONG time.

  • Fabric from here to finish my last colorway … 
  •  My beloved box of Tazo Iced Tea arrived. Have you ever had the black tea at Starbucks? THIS is the tea. And this is packaged for Starbucks, but available for you to happily brew at home. Seriously, 24 bags … each one makes a gallon. I am now on a quarterly automatic shipment plan. Enough said. 


  • New ‘tags’ for all my 2011 items. Really these were supposed to be the same tags I’ve been using since May. I just needed more. I patiently waited for a month for them to arrive. When I opened them it was more like sad mail … not happy mail. The colors are so off … instead of chocolate brown I have a orangey-reddish-brown background. So bummed. Have to wait for reprint. In the me and will have to use these or just not include a tag?!? 
  • And I finished the week on a happy mail note when I received these lovelies. Which caused me to run out and purchase some skinny jeans (GASP!) which I think I love too. 

So … I want to know, what happy mail did you receive this week?

Happy Creating!


  1. Seriously happy, happy mail! And much needed 😉 Can’t wait to see you in your new skinnies and boots, and maybe order myself one of those new colorways so I can enjoy that cute new packaging!

  2. You got the jeans!?!? Where from? Fun.

    I got new blades for my Cricut in the mail today. That was happy. And I got a new cute book called I Love Patchwork in the mail this week too. A BIG yae for happy mail! xoxo

  3. I received the fabric for my first ever bee block. Had to run to my machine and put it together right away. =) Will be sending it out on Monday so the recipient will have a happy mail week next week.

  4. please, please tell me where you got those rockin boots. I’m so picky about boots (not too high of a heel, not a pointy toe, no buckles) those are so perfect!

  5. Dang – that’s an awesome mail week! I’m glad it brought some happy to your days =)

    What did we get in the mail this week…Jim got some electronics (yawn), and I got a golf umbrella because I bought my FIL a Golf Digest subscription. The TIME magazine came (to make me look smarter than I actually feel) and that’s about it. I have mail envy. And a stupid umbrella.

    Happy Sunday!!!

  6. Love your new tags! Way fun. And the boots are adorable.

  7. Of course those boots are on sale now. Those are the ones I wanted, but when I was looking, I couldn’t afford the full price tag. Now I’d buy them, except I already bought a pair of brown ones, for a super steal and black ones for the same price as those. Wonder if I could justify these too…..

    As for happy mail, this week I didn’t get much, except my new steam mop arrived!

  8. never mind…guess that answers my dilemma, sold out in my size in all browns. bug.

  9. amanda says:

    Wow that’s a serious week of happy mail!
    I love your new boots, can’t wait to see you rockin’ them!! (I bought the black slouch boots from Kohls, J finally found my size and I love them).

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