"Hearts on a String" Table Runner

Want to know how you can make this …


And have it on your table in plenty of time for Valentine’s day?

Pop over to one of my favorite blogs, Joy’s Hope, where I’m guest blogging today with a tutorial.

Seriously, a whole lot of happy on that table.

Let’s spread the love ;).

Happy Creating!


  1. That table runner is beautiful…you are simply amazing!

  2. Sandy says:

    I LOVE this! Maybe I will get out of my sewing rut afterall. Probably not… but I can pretend 😉

  3. hi there! my name is laura and i’m a handmade business owner. a newbie. :) i found you via allora handmade and wanted you to know that I really enjoyed reading your post. I want to be more intentional because I want to be successful in this little adventure. Thank you for inspiring me and writing a lovely guest post. :)


    Nice to meet you. I’ll be around! FOR SURE.

  4. Oh so proud to call you ‘mine’!! LOVE this table runner. And just saw your link & actually read your tutorial on Joy’s Hope – awesome. You make it sound so easy…


  5. OOOO I love this table runner it seriously makes me happy!

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