Is Christmas really over?

** POOF!!**

Just like that … all the months of preparation, shopping, planning, baking, dinner engagements, present wrapping, decorating …

It’s all over so quick. So to keep the spirit alive a little longer (after all we still have three trees up at our house … don’t judge … all Christmas decorations have been put away for almost a week. The trees … eh, they are such a pain ;D) I’m sharing another one of my handmade holiday gifts.

Except this was for my niece-in-law’s birthday, which was right after Thanksgiving.


Yep, my handmade gifts come with a ‘3 month’ birthday extension ;). I was only about 6 weeks late on this one.


I followed the basic tutorial by Randi (of the wonderful Fresh Squeezed Fabrics) on her blog, ‘i have to say.’


It was really hard for me to use that much of my Lotus Moon Dots (I am SO stingy with this fabric) … so I ‘stretched’ it a bit by cutting (6) 15×15 squares of the full moon dot in lime and then piecing 2 remaining scraps with 2 scraps of full moon dot in cherry to make an additional (2) 15×15 squares. So that is (8) squares of full moon dot and then (8) squares of a fuzzy white diamond embossed fabric from JoAnns (in their minky/so soft area) also 15×15. I sewed them ‘checkerboard’ style (I just made that style up … whoo-hoo look at me. Now someone please tell me the correct term) until I had one large piece 4 squares  x 4 squares.


I made my outer circle 29″ and my inner circle 3″ (which really meant 6″).

I finished the back with a drop cloth from Lowe’s (hurray for $5 canvas!!) and bound it with a super fun tiny red/white stripe from American Jane (I think). In lieu of ties I sewed hair bands and covered 3 large buttons in a red/white polka dot.

Waaahhhh-lllllaaaa … the cutest tree skirt evah. Seriously, so hard to part with this one.

Happy Creating!


  1. POOF! is right. ;o)

  2. beautiful!

  3. yes, so sad. it did go by way too fast!

  4. It is adorable! And I’m proud of you for using some of your ‘best stuff’ for her. :)

    See you SOON! :)

  5. That is so gorgeous! Great job… I’d keep my Christmas stuff up longer just to see that masterpiece!

  6. This post made me laugh about 4 times out loud! I do the handmade birthday extensions, too. Those little buttons are awesome! Sweet touch, and such a great idea!

  7. Jessica T. says:

    I LOVE it!! It matches perfect with my Christmas “theme”…TOTALLY worth the wait! Love ya!

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