"My Desk Monday"

Monday again?

Today didn’t feel like Monday as we were all home together (yea!) … but I did remember to snap a quick picture of my sewing ‘desk’.

Finishing up camera strap slipcovers, packaging up orders and sewing up a new colorway (Red & Aqua). Add to that a morning playdate/mama date, Starbucks, a run for me while my son biked along AND a steak dinner made by my sweets. I’ll finish the night off with a mug of hot chocolate and a freshly baked blueberry scone.

That’s a pretty good Monday if you ask me.

Now what’s on your desk this week?

Happy Creating!
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  1. I’d just finished a quilt that hubby hung over my sewing desk, which was miraculously CLEAN!!


  2. I wish I could even do anything with what’s on your desk!! I can’t do anything with that, but I did have a psychosocial on my desk today:)

  3. Desk? Whats that? ha ha! We have desk but NO one uses it. It serves the purpose of a dresser/display for my 1950’s manual typewriter which is in need of repair. (maybe as a gift for my birthday!)

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