"My Desk Monday"

Did you remember? To take a photo of what’s on your desk to share with us? I’d love for you to join me …

I feel like I have three desk areas around our house.

My main desk (which I showed you last week) is where our main computer is housed along with all of the paperwork, bills, etc. that keep the house and little shop running. I call this ‘Central Command’ thanks to the GIANT monitor 23″ monitor. It sits at the top of stairs in a sweet little nook right outside my sewing room.

My sewing desk is my second desk which is where all of the action happens for the shop. Cutting, sewing and packaging.

And my last desk area is in our kitchen …

… this is where I check/answer e-mail in the morning, read a few blogs as time permits and search for recipes.

The mug rug, a sweet giveaway win from this blog, almost always has a glass of water and a cup of iced tea.

Today, I also had my iPod out from my run … and a tape measure waiting to send some measurements to a blogger friend (sorry Rae … tomorrow?!?! ;D).

In the background you can see my ‘America’s Test Kitchen‘ cookbook, Woodwick Candle (Mojito scent) and a rubbermaid full of milk money for the little mister’s lunch :D.

So … what’s on your desk this week?!?

Happy Creating!

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  1. my desks are all super messy this week. My bedroom desk…bills and mail to do’s, instax camera and pile o’ baby stuff awaiting a home (I need to find a basket or box for now). Office desk (that I never use anymore unless I’m printing or scanning something)…pile of used printer paper that I recycle and use backsides to print recipes, coupons etc, pile of checks I’ve scanned and need to record and shred, file folder with random stuff to be filed, several screws and lots of dust from the install new windows project Shawn and the BIL have been tackling this week. Craft room desk…sewing machine, pile of christmas odds and ends, pile of recently scrapped pages to be put in albums, pile of pictures to be sorted and/or scrapped. Are you sensing a theme…piles, piles and more piles. At least they are organized piles. Next up…put them away! Aren’t you glad you asked this question?

  2. I’m playing along, and I’ll post the pic sooner next week! Thanks for the prompt! {{huggs}}


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