My soul has been stirred …

… from one little chapter in one little book that landed on my front porch yesterday.

So, a few weeks ago I saw a blog post (from my sweet friend Julie of Joy’s Hope) referencing ‘this book’ and then I saw it mentioned again and maybe again (apparently I needed pounded over the head). I popped over to and gave it a look … and I was grabbed. Just from the synopsis I knew this book was for me. That God was going to move me. And so I ordered it.

I opened it last night and read the book jacket and realized I ‘knew of’ the author from her blog/site, A Holy Experience. I felt an instant connection, but had no idea the treasure that awaited me. Ann’s writing is beautiful and poignant and raw.

So I lay in bed and read, well really devoured, the first chapter. The tears welled up, inside I was saying, ‘yes, that’s me, yes, oh I know that feeling, um-hum’ and on and on. I underlined, I silently prayed, the tears fell. All in one chapter. I stopped myself because I don’t want to miss anything. I don’t want to rush it.

Perhaps one of the most exciting things happening with this book right now though is that it has been chosen as the first book for the online book club, Bloom (In) Courage.

And there is still time for YOU to join in. The book club doesn’t start until February 6th. Although it’s online, so you can catch up at any time I believe … but trust me, you will not be able to put the book down once you get it.

I didn’t intend to share this with you … I’m sure had I thought about it I would have thought that this really wasn’t the place to share this, after all this is a blog about sewing … but after I read those first words I knew I had to share this. This is too rich to keep to myself …

But, that’s all I’m going to share (at least for now) as this is stirring something so very personal and so very intimate between me and my God that I can not put into words. But I wanted each of you to know, wherever you’re at in life and whatever you do or do not believe, you should read this book.

Please let me know if you buy it and if you sign up for the book club. I’d loved to know who I’m sharing this journey with!

Happy Creating!!


  1. You SWEET SWEET Girl!
    I love this!
    I will add it to my CART at Amazon!
    You are precious!
    Wishing you the perfect day!

  2. Ooh, thank you for sharing! I’ve been on the prowl for a good soul-stirring book, this just might be for me.

  3. How did I miss that this book was out?!? I’ve been waiting! Thanks for sharing. Off I go to Amazon…

  4. a dear lady from my past just posted about this book on her Blog. I am interested to check it out.

  5. I got mine yesterday too! Can’t wait!!!! Glad you shared, lots need to read this book!

  6. So weird I’m still here in Nashville and reading a few blogs, and you happen to talk about incourage. They had a meet up tonight in a room, and for the first time since the conference started, this is where I felt very welcomed with no pressure. Such sweet, sweet ladies. Would love to read the book too so I’ll check it out! And PS-they all LOVED your wallet and everything else you make. They said they saw my blissdom post and went to check out your site. It was Dee from Red Letter Words and Traci from Beneath My Heart. :)

  7. I’m off to Amazon. Thank you for sharing! Love you.

  8. Ohhhhh… this looks good! Thanks for sharing!

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