Why I choose Etsy …

So today I thought I would share a few of my thoughts about why I still choose to sell my items on Etsy vs. the new and enticing Big Cartel option that many handmade shops have moved to.

** But before I start, let me be oh so clear to say that these are MY thoughts … I am not putting anyone down for hosting their shop at Big Cartel nor am I giving advice on what YOU should do. This is just how I feel about the two and why for now, I’m choosing to keep on keepin’ on with Etsy. **

  • Reason #1 – Etsy’s search feature. Now, this for some is a make it or break it feature. I have heard (and by heard I mean read because honestly, most people I come into live contact with have never even heard of Etsy) that some don’t like this because it can drive someone away from their shop and they can land in another. That is true. I happen to like the idea of my products being able to stand out in a crowd and bring a new customer to my shop. I get quite a few customers from the search feature.
  • Reason #2 – I like the feedback tool. Again, some may not … but honestly, in a dime a dozen handmade world, I want to know what real people are saying about a shop. The quality of the items, the customer service, etc. I also feel like it’s a great testimony for me and keeps me accountable and working my best for my customers. Well what about that one customer? You know … the one you just couldn’t please no matter how hard you tried? {Thankfully I have not had this experience, but I’m not naive enough to think it won’t happen.} And what if they leave you bad feedback? Well … I don’t think one bad seed is going to ruin a hundred good ones. Big Cartel does not have an option for feedback.
  • Reason #3 – I like that the customer can still access the item link after they’ve purchased (the link is included in their ‘Purchases’ list as well as the invoice as well as when they leave feedback. I can not go in and change any part of the listing after it is purchased. So IF the listing says it ships in 1 weeks (I always try to list my shipping time frame in each listing) and I take 2, the customer has a valid reason to question me … and I can’t all of a sudden change my rules on them.
  • Reason #4 – Which kind of relates to #1 … I can not be on the computer all day. If I am, then I’m not sewing. I do not have a fancy phone with a data plan that allows me to tweet/e-mail and Facebook all day. What I do have is about 5 hours each day to dedicate to my shop and doing my best to first, create items for it and second, promote it. Etsy helps me promote my shop with treasuries, searches and feature pages. With Big Cartel I would have to put a lot more time and energy into making sure people could find me.
  • Reason #5 – I’m comfortable with Etsy. And while I’m trying not to allow this to influence the better good of my shop, I do feel a loyalty to them. I know their fees are higher, but I hope that they will continue to make improvement for their sellers and buyers and perhaps look at the pricing structure and how they could be more competitive with that as well.

So there you have it. My thoughts … although I realize you didn’t ask, I hope it might be helpful. And I know there are just as many pluses to Big Cartel and I continue to weigh it as a future option. Maybe Etsy will take heed and make some positive changes for the people that remain with them.

And because I couldn’t leave you with a boring … texty … business heavy post, LOL … how about a teaser picture?

Want to know more? See more? Learn all my deep dark secrets? … Ha!
Make sure you stop by 30 Handmade Days tomorrow for a little Q&A with yours truely and a little tour around my sweet sewing space.

Happy Wednesday!!


    1. Thank you for your thoughts on this. I’m stockpiling my knit items to start a shop next month, and just assumed I’d use Etsy. But I’ve been hearing about other options… so I’m happy to ready your reasons.

    2. Here’s another reason: I am a crafter and blogger who reads a lot of craft blogs,and I haven’t even heard of the other site?!?

    3. I’m an Etsy girl, too! I buy lots and sell a little. It’s just FUN, plan & simple!

    4. I love Etsy too! Thank for sharing such great reasons!

    5. I have shops on both etsy and big cartel, but started on etsy. I have a HUGE business on etsy, but not so much on big cartel. I share your feelings on all of your points, especially the search feature….so much easier on etsy. thanks for your input!

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