Custom Order Catch Up (and a DISCOUNT code) …

I *heart* custom orders.
Especially when that custom order challenges me to try something new.

Ehem, okay … honestly, custom orders that challenge me to do something new scare me. And I want to say, thank you, but uhm, no thank you. My brain is not ready to really think today.

But then I give myself a little pep talk and decide that trying new things is good, right? A challange helps me grow, right? And then I think … being a grown up is hard. I want to be 6 again ;).

So, sweet Jessica (seriously, my bestie is a Jessica … and why, oh why are they blessed with beautifully curly hair?!? I want my name to be Jessica and I want the curls that come with the name) of Allora Handmade asked me to make her a camera bag.

Say what? Uhm, yes … a camera bag. Like one lined with foam.

And I did it!! Hurray … and while not 100% perfect, it did turn out darn close. I learned a lot, my brain got its workout and Jessica assures me it is working great for her (although I reckon she’s too sweet to tell me otherwise). 

I took my ‘Everyday Classic’ tote and created it in a gray corduroy and then modified it to have foam in the sides, bottom, and two padded interior sections.

Another custom order came from a local customer (who also keeps me stocked with Scentsy) who requested a fabric ‘count down’ chain for the weeks when her husband is away for work. She was tired of the kids making paper chains each time and was looking for something a bit cuter and a more ‘green’ option ;). 

Isn’t that a sweet idea? Love it.

Those are a few of the things I’ve been working on …

I also just finished a BIG batch of “Oh Snap! Mini Wallets” … they’re in the shop and just waiting to go home with you. 

Oh and these ‘Stamped with Love’ coffee coats, they’re only available for a few more weeks. Want one for Valentine’s day? You still have time (order by Wednesday, February 9th). Order it up and I’ll send it out super quick … promise.

Let’s sweeten the deal for this weekend … use code LoveKB14 for 14% off your purchase.

Happy Creating!


  1. ooooh! are you going to sell camera bags?? i’ve been searching for a cute one and have come up empty handed. :)

    let me know!


  2. Are you READY for this!
    I don’t give out compliments like this very often.
    Are you READY for this!
    Listen up!
    That CAMERA BAG!
    That CAMERA BAG!
    That CAMERA BAG!
    Is by far…the CUTEST…most functional….most FABULOUS….hippest….funkiest { i love funky}…think I have EVER~EVER SEEN!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE with all my HEART I love that bag!
    Yeah for you!
    It is FABULOUS!
    Just like YOU!
    I want one!
    How much!

  3. Luv the coffee coats! So cute and creative! Great idea!!!

  4. Umm. One word. Love.
    Love the camera bag.
    HEART. : )

  5. So while everyone else is going gah-gah over the camera bag (which is awesome!) I’m going go gush over the countdown chain! I was just thinking that we need to make one for C’s birthday and then we’ll need one for track break, going to Oregon, etc…I love this idea of a “reusable” one! Brilliant!

  6. you are amazing.
    the end. :)

  7. Love the count down chain! You really are the best. And I’m SO happy that I’m YOUR Jessica. :)

    PS – my hair is getting really long again – like ringlet stage. Love it. Come visit & I’ll show you…. 😀

  8. I’m w/kelly I’m really liking the countdown rings!

  9. I *heart* the camera bag…just might have to have one 😉

  10. Thank you (again) for the countdown chain! The kids LOVE it. :)

  11. I love that camera bag! I would definitely buy one!

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