Spice up the Kitchen Swap …

… so early this year, or maybe it was late last year, I got the most delightful invite to be a part of a swap, Spice up the Kitchen, on Flickr. Gosh, I was honored. I’ve only done a few swaps and to be honest I’ve not always had the best luck in uhm, er, how do I say this … my partner and what I’ve received. But this swap was being put on by two fabulous gals and I just knew it would be a great swap.

Now I have yet to begin on my swap goodies (don’t worry partner) and they are due to ship next Monday. But never fear, it’s been on my calendar for this week since the beginning. But that’s just me … you tell me it has to ship by ‘x’ date then I’ll probably ship it on ‘x’ date, no sooner, no later ;). But my partner, well she’s clearly more on top of things than I …

Because last week this showed up on my front porch …

And at first I was confused because I recognized the sender, Fresh Squeezed Fabrics. I racked my brain trying to remember if I ordered fabric and forgot (highly possible) … and then, ahhhhh, I realized that I hit the jack pot and Randi {owner of Fresh Squeezed Fabrics} of “i have to say” was MY partner.

Look at the spoils …

{Adorable dishclothes}

{Amazing Table Runner … Love, love, love the shape & un-bleached cotton}

{Four FQ’s}

Seriously, made my day {thank you, thank you Randi!!}. And makes me even more excited to get to work on items for my partner and package them up and send them off … by Monday. Don’t worry, I’ll make it with plenty of hours to spare ;).

Happy Creating!


  1. so so glad you like the goodies! they were lots of fun to make–especially since i knew who they were going too! :)

  2. SUPER-DUPER cute! I love the table runner, too. We just took out the leaf in our table so Sam can sit at the table with us (what a big boy!), that shape would be perfect… maybe you could get/create that pattern for me?

  3. so very sweet!
    And how awesome that you already sorta knew your partner, makes it a great surprise!

  4. What a wonderful surprise at your door! I have yet to get in on a swap, but seeing posts like this get my creative juices flowing!

  5. horray! that is a super cute package, Randi is so talented. I am so glad that you decided to join in! :]

  6. They’re adorable!

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