Sunday Sneaks …

Sorry for the quiet blog. I’ve been busy celebrating my now 7 (GAH!!!) year old. I’m happy to say we had a wonderful day yesterday with two Lego parties (more photos on that to come), one for his friends and one for family. Today (his actual birthday) was spent celebrating one of his friends and having a special dinner out to eat. Tomorrow we celebrate my sister …

So, not a lot of sewing got done, but here’s a few peeks at what I worked on this past week …

{Custom “Everyday Fresh” Tote mailed off to it’s new home, ready to be stocked up with all the necessities of a wee one.}

{New “Blue Gray Skies” Camera Strap Slipcover Colorway … I *heart* gray+aqua.}

{More “Winter Gray Skies” eReader/Kindle covers.}

Lots of posts coming this week. I’m excited to share lots of good stuff with you guys. Thanks for your patience while I partied it up in the land of sugar cookie dough, royal icing, buttermilk devil’s food cake cupcakes, chocolate cream cheese frosting, doughnuts and ice cream. For real? Yeah, I feel like I need a sugar fast after typing all of that out. I promise there was some protein, fruits and vegetables snuck in between all the sugar.

Happy Creating!!


  1. Crap, I love that Kindle cover too. Now I’m going to have to buy a “Spring” cover to replace my “Winter” cover from you! :-)

  2. can’t wait to see pics from the party! cute new stuff. i’m loving the gray and aqua as well. :)

  3. I LOVE the tote!

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