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A few updates around the blog …

 {Credit – Wouldn’t this be a dreamy desk to work at?}

I FINALLY put up my button/code on the sidebar. Feel free to post it to your blog and if you want let me know … it will be sure to make me smile and I hope it makes you happy hanging with you on your blog!

I figured out (totally not hard once I made myself figure it out) how to add the option to have my posts e-mailed to you. Just click on the “Subscribe to Knitty Bitties” and the e-mail option will be available. How fun … it’s happy mail for your inbox.

If you’re looking for a past tutorial, did you know that you can find them under the “Tutorials” link up top? Duh, I know … but hey, sometimes things just needed pointed out, don’t they?

A few updates around the shop … 

I did not plan to update the shop with anything this week because it is in fact ‘birthday week’ (aka, I run around crazy trying to pull together two parties, a meal for more than 15, wrap presents, decorate the house, etc) for my soon-to-be 7 year old. Gah!!

{Almost all of these fabrics will be in the new colorway!}

But, I just couldn’t help it … new fabric came (gray+aqua) and it’s cut and ready for me to sew up tonight into a new colorway. Get ready folks, it’s going to be cute and if it’s anything like it’s twin (gray+yellow) it’s going to go FAST!!

{Gathered eReader/Kindle covers in similar fabrics}

And if I’m cutting slipcovers you know I’m going to want to cut some new eReader/Kindle covers too, right? Well I am. And I’ll have a couple (as in TWO) in the gray skies colorway available (different fabrics than those shown, but same color palette).

Updates should happen tomorrow or Thursday.

Happy Creating!


  1. Can’t wait to see the new shop items…because, hello…I LOVE those fabrics!!! I might have to buy a Kindle just to carry it around in one of your covers!

  2. I really love that aqua/yellow and gray fabric! Can you tell me how to find it?

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