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I’ve had a lot of time to think these past two weeks. I tried so very hard to not have a complaining heart, to not have a ‘woe is me’ attitude … and I’ll tell ya, it was not easy. I was in a lot of pain, I was tired, I wasn’t able to do 1/10 of what I usually can do in a day … I was dependent on others to help meet my needs.

I couldn’t help but turn my eyes upward and cry out for patience, for comfort, for peace in the midst of this trial.

I know it is at these moments God works the most on our hearts.

Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him.{James 1:12, NIV}

Reading His word helped to fill my heart.

{Image Credit: Red Letter Words}

Reading the words in, One Thousand Gifts, helped right my attitude.

Listening to this song, lifted my spirits … Hold Us Together by Matt Maher

Actually the whole album, Alive Again, is worthy of listening to … a lot.

So with all this talk of inspiration, it only seems appropriate then to offer a little inspiration to YOU.

{Image Credit: Red Letter Words – March Print of the Month (20% off)}

I’m so happy to kick off this week by hosting a giveaway from “Red Letter Words.” Dee {and her lovely staff} is in the business of inspiring you with her typographical art. From verses from the Bible, to custom subway art, there is something for everyone.

 {Image Credit:: Red Letter Words}

I don’t know about you, but I want to fill my home with visual reminders of where I want my thoughts focused. I want to fill it with sounds of praise that keep my heart tuned.

Our thoughts create our reality — where we put our focus is the direction we tend to go.
{- Peter McWilliams}

To enter to win your own 12×12 {cafe mount} print from Red Letter Words::

  • Tell me about something inspirational to you recently?

For extra entries {please leave a separate comment for each one}::

 Winner will be selected on Monday, March 28th {via}.

** Please, please, please make sure to leave your e-mail or make sure your e-mail is tied to your blogger profile {see this post about “no-reply” bloggers :D} so I can contact the winner. **

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  1. You are “Right Where You Should Be” is my favorite print. I almost cried when I saw it today!

  2. I’ve been inspired watching my bestie’s almost 2-year-old learn new things. Every single day!

  3. I love my house modern… wonderful!!!


  4. I follow your bloggy blog!!!

  5. my inspiration is my son and daughter. i love them so!

  6. my house modern or two are better than one or love never fails 3. they are all so so so cute. i would love to win any of them.

  7. i follow your blog and i am soo very happy i do!

  8. I find so much inspiration from fabric and other bloggers! Thank you for this opportunity! :)

  9. I love so many of the prints, especially, James 1:17!

  10. I follow the Red Letters blog!

  11. I also follow your blog! :)

  12. This beautiful spring weather is inspiring me lately!

  13. My favorite print is “Love Never Fails 4”.

  14. I follow the Red Letter Words blog.

  15. I’m following Red Letter Words on Twitter.

  16. I follow your blog!

  17. And I “like” you on Facebook. Thanks!

  18. I’m not sure I can pick just one…but if I must…it would be “Be Thankful”.

  19. I “Like” Knitty Bitties on Facebook. :)

  20. My grandmother receiving “Lady of the Year” at her church this past weekend was very inspirational. It was awesome to have the majority of my family to come and support her and celebrate her award! My grandmother is such an inspiration!

  21. I’ve been inspired how everyone is coming together and looking for ways to help those in Japan.

  22. I think the “Quilts” piece is great. I would go great in my sewing room…whenever I get one!

  23. I follow Knitty Bitties!

  24. I “liked” Knitty Bitties on facebook.


  25. I follow your blog afmarble at hotmail dot com

  26. I now follow Red Letter Words on Twitter afmarble at hotmail dot com

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  28. I like the Hebrew 13:2 on the Red Letter Words website afmarble at hotmail dot com

  29. Just today when I saw my two girls get off the bus and both break into a run toward me, I remembered to thank God for them :)

  30. I am following the RLW blog.

  31. i am following on twitter. @tracykuethe

  32. and I am a new Facebook friend of Knitty Bitties.

  33. I am inspired by mt kids every day – they are college and grad school age and work harder than anyone I have met and have a good outlook on life!

  34. I love the Hebrews 13 sign!

  35. I follow this blog.

  36. I have been so inspired by fellow bloggers lately, I have stepped out of my comfort zone to try new things and projects.

  37. I Follow Knitty Bitties Blog

  38. I Like” Knitty Bitties on Facebook

  39. I love the New York City Sights sign

  40. what a fun giveaway…i am inspired by positive attitudes….anyone who has one inspires me greatly!

  41. The beautiful Spring weather we’ve been having recently has been inspirational to me.

  42. I LOVE the “He is risen” print!

  43. I’m following “Red Letter Words” on Twitter.

  44. I’m a fan of Knitty Bitties on FB.

  45. I’ve been inspired by all of the quilters who are giving quilts to the Quilts of Valor for our wounded soldiers.

  46. I follow your blog.

  47. Watching my 2 year old son learn every day is incredibly inspiring. He is amazing!

  48. Just today I was inspired by the teachers I had growing up – they poured so much into my life and I want to serve others with the same energy they served me!

  49. I like Knitty Bitties on FB!

  50. Hebrews 13:2 is my favorite!

  51. My favorite Red Letter Word print is “She Knew…Clothed in Strength.”

  52. I follow Red Letter Words on twitter!

  53. I like the “Whatsoever things are lovely” print. It would look great in my sewing room.

  54. Sandy says:

    YOU are an inspiration to me! You get me in the crafty mood :)

  55. Sandy says:

    It is so hard to choose!! I think I want ALL of the scriptures… I need lots of reminders 😉

  56. there is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a girl…don’t know who said that but it is soo true for me. my horses inspire me. they are God’s gift to me. He uses them to encourage my heart to feel.

  57. Love it!

  58. I just (as in yesterday) returned from Israel! Just standing in Jerusalem is a huge inpsiration; that city has tangible energy!

  59. I LOVE the following: the Hebrews 13:2 cafe print, the coffee cafe print, and fruit of the spirt. And they would all look great in my living room!

  60. I follow your blog.

  61. I like you on Facebook!

  62. I love this giveaway.

    The most inspiring thing for me lately has been watching my daughter become more aware of things. She si 3.5 years and the other day while her daddy had his shirt off to mow the grass, she wanted to know what his scars were on his chest.

    He went into cardiac arrest when she was 6 days old and had some heart surgeries. He told her that he got super sick when she was a baby, but he is all better now. She was so interested in what happened and how the drs. saved her daddy.

    It light up my world.


  63. I also follow your blog and love it!


  64. I am a facebook fan as well!


  65. Sweet Girl~
    I am so sorry you have been in so much pain.
    Maybe you needed to SLOW down a bit.
    Maybe you needed time to reflect as only we can when we slow down.
    “With stillness…comes clarity.”
    Delighted you are on the up~swing with your CHEERY self.
    I know Miss Daisy has been a COMFORT to snuggle.
    What a FABULOUS giveaway.
    Let me see.
    What has inspired me lately?
    Well the wonders of nature that surround us here on Bainbridge INSPIRE me each day!
    Waking up to the fir trees and the cool~pure air begin each day with a FRESH~inspiring start.
    I’ve been especially inspired by the AWESOMENESS of friends in the blogging world.
    There’s so much TALENT out there.
    Being that I am beginning anew…learning to sew…{going to look at machines today}…thinking about opening an online shop….I am absorbing it all more than EVER.
    There are so many inspiring girls out there!
    YOU being one of them!
    Thanks for INSPIRING me Andrea!
    And I really mean that!

  66. OH My Goodness!
    Let’s chat about the AWESOMENESS of this GIVEAWAY!
    I am completely blown away by Red Letter Word!
    I can’t TELL you how inspiring it would be to have one of these phrases in my home.
    I would hang it in my new sewing studio that I am creating. So EXCITED.
    It would adorn the studio and be a daily reminder.
    I LOVE all the phrases.
    LOVE them all!

  67. I am following the FABULOUS~ness of the Red LEtter Words on their blog~

  68. I love the “You are right where you should be” picture/art. It speaks to me.


  69. Tweeting with Red LEtter Word!
    Yeah! xo

  70. I LIKE~LOVE Red LEtter Word on FBook!

  71. I subscribe to Knitty~Bitties!

  72. I ADORE you!
    Does that count! ;o)

  73. Doogan FOLLOWS Miss Daisy!
    xoxoxoxoxo ;o)

  74. I’ve been lately inspired by the love my husband has been showing me through my pregnancy! I’m so blessed and humbled by his love.

  75. My favorite print is “The Fruit of the Spirit”

  76. I’m officially following you now :)

  77. I love the Jeremiah 17:7 one! It is so easy to be distracted in our culture, but this is a reminder to hope on the One who is faithful.

  78. Right now, my daughter is my inspiration. She has worked so hard in high school and is getting ready to fly away from me and go to college..**sob** :)

  79. I have always wanted a “Keep Calm and Carry On” Print..and in pink would be awesome!

  80. I joined Red Letter Words blog via Google Connect

  81. I am inspired by my two girls!

  82. i am a new follower to Knitty Bities

  83. i am now following RLW blog too

  84. I am inspired by the spring flowers poking up thru the soil! I feel like it’s a breath of fresh air from God!

  85. I’m a kitty bitties fb fan.

  86. I’m a blog follower of red letters.

  87. my favorite is the fruit of the spirit print. they are all lovely!

  88. I’m a knitty bitties blog follower! love!

  89. 2 are better than 1 is my fav!

  90. Ann’s book (1000 Gifts) has been helping me look for my gifts everyday, those many, many gifts inspire me!

  91. I follow your blog!

  92. I like you on FB!

  93. I follow RLW on Twitter!

  94. Watching my little boy ride his new bike with training wheels was inspiring tonight… he just hopped right on and took off, like a natural, totally confident! I love it! Thanks for the giveaway!

  95. I like Knitty Bitties!

  96. I follow Knitty Bitties too!

  97. One Thousand Gifts is inspiring me daily!

  98. I have always loved the “She knew that she was worth far more than rubies” print.

  99. Following Red Letter Words Blog

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  101. Following YOUR blog!

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  103. I follow Knitty Bitties! :)

  104. I like you on facebook!

  105. What is inspirational right now? Watching a girl in my fourth grade class have to move due to her dad’s cancer. The way the mom/wife is handling it is very positive even though it must be so hard!

  106. Ooo I like so many. I like the London tube words as well as the Fruit of the Spirit. I also like the Right Where You Should Be.

  107. I now follow Red Letter Words

  108. I’ve been inspired by my 8 mo old son. He has taught me more about God’s love in the past 8 mo than I have known my whole life.

  109. Wow. Love RedLetter. The “Fruits of the Spirit” really stood out to me, but I have a lot of favs after visiting their site! So very neat!!

  110. I follow Red Letter’s Blog now!

  111. I follow your blog also!

  112. I follow Red Letter on Twitter!

  113. An inspiration to me lately is watching Secret Millionaire. Inspires me to help others.

  114. I love the hope is an anchor to the soul. Hope is all we are living on right now!

  115. I follow red letter words – gfc -emillie.

  116. I follow them on twitter – hisprincess886.

  117. I follow you – gfc – emillie.

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