Lego Party …

It came as no surprise that my soon-to-be 7 year old {who is also my one and only} wanted to have a Lego themed birthday party. This was decided shortly after Christmas and allowed me plenty of time to ‘think on’ the party and come up with ideas.

**Disclaimer:: I am not a party planner, this is not a party planning blog and I had a hard time getting everything together and hosting and photo taking. So the photos are only, eh. But I hope you can still find some inspiration ;). **

Theme:: Lego / Main Colors – Red & Blue (with accents of Lego yellow ;D)

I wanted this to go out in hard copy, but alas life got in the way and it went out electronically. We had two parties {both on the same day}, one in the morning for my son’s closest friends and one in the evening for our combined families. I set up the Lego figurines my son selected for the invitation on a gray platform and then made the background using red card stock for the photo shoot. I added the words and banner digitally.

Thank You {Favor} Bags::
Several weeks before I had purchased mini Lego sets at TJMaxx which would be the main ‘thank you’ gift to give to his friends. I also included a sheet of Star Wars stickers (because can you really go wrong with boys and Star Wars? It’s even better odds than boys and Legos). And the ‘piece de resistance’ … a Lego head sugar cookie thanks to Callye at The Sweet Adventures of Sugar Belle.

I had discovered her sweet {pun intended? of course!} and AMAZING blog 3 days before the party and happened upon her Valentine’s post which showed the cutest Lego head cookies. I immediately sent her a note via Twitter and asked for more details on what I assumed was a Lego cookie cutter. But oh no, this girl had MADE HER OWN cutter and shared a quick {sneaky peak} tutorial with me. It’s brilliant, it worked wonderfully and today Callye is showing you how you can make your own too. Go visit her blog for all her wonderful tips and tricks. This was my first time with royal icing in I can’t tell you how long and I could not have been happier with the end result.

The favor bags were simple blue paper bags from Target and the tags were hand cut from a Lego silhouette (which I created in Adobe Illustrator) I used throughout the party.

**Links to my documents available at bottom of post.**

Simple, simple, simple.

  • Handmade Lego garlands created by sewing together a really long ‘garland’ of red and blue rectangles/squares of cardstock and then cutting to desired lengths and adding the Lego silhouette (which I cut out by hand) to the end with a hole punch and ribbon.
  • Legos color sorted in my dollar tree hurricanes.
  • My son’s Lego creations placed through out the party area.
  • Streamers, of course ;).

My one regret – not making a birthday banner. I really should have borrowed my girlfriends Silhouette machine to do this, but again, ran out of time. {Story of my life … daily trying to improve on my procrastination habits.}

For his morning “kids” party I followed suit {after reading this Lego party post by Ashley Ann} and ordered color coded doughnuts in lieu of cake/cupcakes. We then added Lego figurines and scattered a few more Legos on the table for decoration. Fruit and chocolate milk and we were good to go.

For the family party we made Baked Ziti, salad and bread for dinner. Then followed it up with buttermilk devil’s foodcake cupcakes with chocolate cream cheese frosting. Again, decorated with the Lego figurines. {And yes, that is the best photo I have of the cupcakes … I warned ya.}

Games (kids party)::

  • Our take on Lego’s creationary. We gave each kiddo a bag with the same Legos in it and then gave them 15 minutes to create something. My son was the judge and all were awarded a ‘rock candy’ stick.
  • Shrink-Dinks – I didn’t get a picture of this (ggrrrrrr), but it turned out so fun. I bought a pack of inkjet printable blank sheets from Hobby Lobby and then searched for “Lego line art” in Google images. I printed them at about 2x3in and the quality was grainy, but once shrunk they were perfect. We had Harry Potter, Star Wars & Atlantis images for the boys to color.

In the end despite my lack of photos, no wonderful birthday banner and a few other hiccups, my son was none the wiser and had a wonderful day being celebrated. And nothing makes me happier than seeing him happy.

Feel free to download either of the following PDF’s to use {for personal use only, please} for your own Lego party::

And because this is a SEWING blog … look at these cookies Callye recently made::

Seriously? I wish I could say they were all sent to me … but alas there aren’t enough hours in the day to run off that sugary goodness.

Happy Creating … whatever your medium!!

P.S. I’m ‘linking up’ with 30 Handmade Days “Pity Party #26” … hop over and snap out of a funk it with some great inspiration.


  1. oh my …makes me wish my boys were still little! your lego party was brilliant…my godson is lego crazy so i may have to make some of those cookies! cute cute…

  2. Wow! You really did a nice job on those. I live kids theme parties–they’re always so freakin’ adorable.

  3. Wow. You have more there on your “unfinished” parties than I do on my finished ones!
    Awesome party! Can’t wait until my little boys are old enough for legos!

  4. Came over from Callye’s blog. Your Lego Party looked great and I’m sure your cute little boy did not miss the birthday banner at all. Great job!

  5. Awesome…makes me wish I had a boy! Don’t be so hard on yourself, it looks like it went swimmingly. :)

  6. Oh My! All of the details are perfect. My son has already said he want a Lego party (in Nov.) so I will be bookmarking this for sure.

    I have never thought about donuts and choc. milk for a morning party, but that is brilliant!

    Great job!

  7. Thanks so much for the pdf files you saved me having to figure it out on my own! Thanks for sharing. Cristin

  8. The party was wonderful! It was not one bit unfinished! The kids LOVED it all! And I’m making you those sewing machine cookies for your birthday! :)

  9. Love those goodie bags! How fun!

  10. What a great party! I did a Lego party for my only (he’s 5) late last year. Links to details are here:

  11. Cute- we are all about Legos in this house, as well so was curious what you did for your party. I AM a party planner (at least I pretend to be on Birthdays and Halloween) but frankly I love the planning a lot more than the executing. Hmmmm, maybe I should be a professional party planner which would allow me to spend someone else’s money AND leave when the party starts…? What, oh I got off track…

    Before I saw the picture of your beautiful son I was wondering if you were the secret blog of my friend Annlyn as she too has one Lego-loving, 7-year-old son, named Ethan, and 6 years of infertility. But alas, her Ethan is all surfer dude blonde.

    I hope you are now feeling better from your illness and thank you for sharing your Lego party ideas. I have done Lego parties but more specific- Star Wars and Indiana Jones, I like the generic “Lego man” idea.

    Does your little one enjoy Lego Universe? My 5 year old does- obviously I end up playing a lot as well.

    I had health issues-not infertility- that led to my kids being 6 1/2 years apart and I’m giving unsolicited advice because I read your comments about having one child as “not my choice” and admitting to the infertility issues as meaning you are still actively working towards another child- in some way, shape, or form. When it became clear that my kids were going to be spaced far apart I began to worry about the wide spacing. That is not exactly true- I didn’t worry until I heard over and over (from every mother I spoke to) about how kids needed to be spaced closer, rather than farther, and anything over 2 years was asking for trouble. I remember when I was asked how many kids i had or if my Ryann was my one child I would answer like you- with that feeling that she was the only one but that it wasn’t meant to be that way. Of course since Infertility wasn’t my problem, I never worried that I COULDN”T have another- it was more an issue if I could physically handle another due to my chronic, then-undiagnosed illness. This whole long explanation was just to share with you that my kids- 12-year-old Ryann (a girl) and 5-year-old Chase (boy) are the best of friends and I have such fun watching them together. Don’t get me wrong, they fight but it is usually because one is doing something very specific to annoy the other. They don’t have that underlying competition and annoyance I see in other families and I don’t ever have to ever hear one say to the other “you’re a douche” (as said by my niece to her brother). They do fight and I will never be out of elementary school and I still have to buckle a car seat 12 years after first being a mom. Then again, when Ryann drives me crazy with her drama, PMSing, her cell phone, texting and begging for sleep overs with people I don’t know… I can turn to cuddly little Chase who just wants to play Legos or a board game, or maybe snuggle and watch Wild Kratts on PBS.

    I have no idea what your plans are but if you are worried that they will be too far apart in age at this point…. no worries. I truly believe that you never know if your kids will like each other or hate each other and it has nothing to do with age and spacing and everything to do with their personalities- something you cannot control no matter how much you think you can.

    Good luck, great blog, Danee

  12. Anonymous says:

    Your lego party is fab, my little boy is lego mad so this would be a perfect party for him in August….I’m going to have one happy boy too. x

  13. I love your Lego cookies
    Check out my baking and event planning blog

  14. I am SO excited that I found this post – this is exactly the bday party that my almost 7 year old son is asking for! Thank you so much for your photos and tips!! Btw, which cookie and icing recipes did you use? Any additional cookie tips that Callye doesn’t mention on her blog? Thanks again for your awesome blog!!

  15. beautiful party! :-)

  16. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so, so much for providing me with the link to the LEGOs cookies. I took the scenic route checking the other photos–which were absolutely beautiful… But it was worth the wait. Thank you again for posting. Great job mom–you rock!

  17. Love your ideas… I think you’ve found a party planning calling here! Am planning a ninjago party… will be borrowing your banner!

  18. Thank you so much for sharing the file! My boys are going to be thrilled with their lego head cookies!

  19. Thanks so much for the templates!! Great job on your party!!

  20. I would love to make these Lego head cookies for my son’s upcoming bday. I downloaded your template, but was unable to find the post from The Sweet Adventures of Sugar Belle that explained how to make them. I emailed her too and have not heard back. Any further info you could provide would be great!!!

  21. Hmmmm…cannot seem to download template of Lego head. :(

  22. Thank you for this template! My son turns 8 this month and wants to go to the Lego Movie for his party- this is going to be a great cookie to send his friends home with! THANK YOU!!!

  23. jennifer says:

    I cannot download the file to the lego head either. Hmm…

    • I’m sorry you’re having trouble. When I check the link, it takes me to media fire where I have the option to download the pdf file. I’d be happy to e-mail them to you, just let me know!

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