More about me and my new found puppy love …

… alright, here goes with personal answers {verses those related to sewing/handmade business} from this post.

But before I can jump into that I have to tell you that I have fallen hard for this little girl …

Miss Daisy

She kind of fell in our laps yesterday and we couldn’t be happier. We’ve had to switch our travel plans {thank you flu, pneumonia and cracked rib} to a “staycation” and Miss Daisy is making that quite a bit easier to deal with.

A little about her::

  • 8 weeks
  • 3/4 Corgi & 1/4 Mini Aussie
  • 6 lbs of pure sweetness

More about Miss Daisy in coming weeks ;).

Now back to me and my answers {you’ll notice, your questions didn’t scare me one bit}::

Have you and your husband been together that WHOLE time? Did you take a “break”? 
Yes, I started dating my husband when I was 15. He was my first love and my first kiss. We did have a two week ‘break’ about 2 1/2 years into dating. I’d rather not talk about it {I instigated it}, but my husband finds it very humorous to bring up. We got married a little after 5 years of dating. Which makes sense when you start dating your future spouse at FIFTEEN!!

Did you have trouble conceiving your first child?
Nope, we got pregnant the second month of trying. This makes our current infertility more of a mystery … but I now think maybe getting pregnant so easy was a miracle we didn’t recognize at the time.

As a result of your previous job do you find yourself a “saver”?
Hmmm, good question. Working at the bank did not influence my financial personality. I think I’ve always been a saver overall, but I also don’t mind enjoying the fruits of our labor when it is appropriate and falls into our budget. Thankfully both my husband and I came into our marriage knowing we did not want debt outside of our house {although I love reading about people who pay cash for their home} and a one car {and only as absolutely necessary}. I am proud to say we are debt free with the exception of our home.

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Me on organizing~
This could be a whole post or a whole series of posts {making a note}. I love to organize and be organized. Let me tell you that my husband bought me a label maker one year for Valentine’s day … mMy love grew for him on that day. My biggest piece of organizing advice would be to give everything a home. Second, do a little every day to stay on top of almost all of it. There are always areas of my home that need more organized, purged/filtered and re-organized, but the overall day to day flows because things have a place they belong and I try to end the day with them in their place.

I’d love to chat more on this … maybe more specific questions?

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Do you run/workout daily? What time of day?
Bwahahahaha. Daily? No. Never. Part of my exercise routine is making it realistic to me and my schedule. I do not want to have to work out every day and if I set that up as my goal I know I would fail. I say be reasonable with your expectations and then you’ll be able to follow through! My expectation for myself is 3x/week. I almost always get that. My goal would be 4-5x/week, but I almost never get that. I usually run early afternoon (when I tend to get sleepy) before I pick up my son from school. During the summer I like to go on late night runs or early morning runs.

Currently I’ll be on a 4-6 week running hiatus until I get my rib healed, lungs strong and energy back … boo!

{The next 3 questions are all from my bestie, who knows the answers, but thinks she’s being pretty funny. So I’ll answer and she can just feel pleased as punch with herself.}

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How do you feel about brand new socks? 
Love them. If I was crazy wealthy I would never wear a pair more than once. I love the way a new pair sucks tight to your feet. Weird? Yes.

What exactly is your iced tea order at Starbucks? 
Iced Venti, Un-Sweetened, Un-Diluted & Un-Shaken Black Iced Tea … or, just pour the tea over ice and pass it over people.

Do you like eels?
Typing this makes my skin crawl … eels are basically water snakes. I can not, for anything, stand snakes. Eewwwwww.

Is your family from Belgium or The Netherlands?
Well my mother is Dutch, but was born in Hong Kong where my grandfather was teaching. Originally though both my maternal grandparents were from The Netherlands. My grandparents along with my mom and her three older sisters immigrated to the U.S. when my mom {the baby of the family} was about three. They lived in Mill Valley, CA until my mom was Jr. High age. She has memories of hearing The Doors live and trick or treating at the apartment where The Grateful Dead lived {before they were well known}. Sadly my mother never learned Dutch and neither did I. I do have fond memories of my grandparents ‘arguing’ in Dutch though ;).

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Well I’m surely not going to share our recent tax forms on here, but I’m also happy to give you a little information. I too am often curious about different financial dynamics and how families make it work.

We are primarily a one income home. My Etsy business does bring in some income {more on this in the business answers} but our day to day budget is based off of my husband’s income {which is under six figures}.

We’ve lived in our home for 5 years. This is the third home we’ve owned and the second home we’ve built. I love our house and feel very blessed to have it. It is not however a mansion and is not decorated extravagantly. It’s about 1900 sq.ft. and we got a deal on it {about $100/sq. ft.} from having a great contractor to using the equity of our previous home. We have a great interest rate and taxes are reasonable meaning our payment is not too outrageous{about 1/3 of our monthly take home pay goes to our house payment}.

We only have one car and we paid cash for it almost 7 years ago. We are blessed that my husband has a car provided by his employer. However when he is not at work we have to make it work with one car. One car means less car insurance and a lot less in gas. It’s a ‘sedan’ style car so it gets good gas milage. Don’t hate me, but I think our gas budget {even at almost $4/gallon} is under $200/month.

We only have one child. I say this because this makes a big difference in a monthly budget … from food to clothes, etc. We are out of the baby/toddler stage, so we don’t have a lot of additional costs each month for our son.

Like I said before our house is not decorated extravagantly. It’s nice and I love to make it a home, but I’m not a big shopper of home decor items. My husband has built up quite the woodworking shop over the last 10 years and the benefit is he can build us beautiful custom pieces for a lot less than we could buy them.

I love to get a good deal and shop sales. I almost always use coupons and take advantage of special programs like $ back on our AMEX {paid off monthly}, Swagbucks {provides GC to for gift giving}, Ebates {cash back on online purchases … I love this when I do my son’s clothes shopping}, etc.

Again, I could go on and on with this topic too. So let me know if I didn’t touch on something you’d like to know more about. I’m a pretty open book ;).



  1. Hello There Sweet Sweet Miss Daisy!
    Doogan and I are both in LOVE with YOU!
    I love this post!
    Love getting to know your cute self!
    Happy Happy Weekend!
    Take it easy on that cracked rib…ouch!
    Take it easy period…you need to REST!
    Snuggle Miss Daisy!
    There’s just nothing like a bundle of PURE PUPPY Love!
    Let me know if you need my number so you can text me with PUPPY questions…when you need them QUICK! xoxoxo

  2. Question: When can I meet Daisy? (hee! seriously though, can’t wait and I must give you fair warning that her 1/4 mini Aussie makes her at least mildly similar to Jazzy…um, yeah, you know what I mean)

    Second, can’t wait for you to get better and why do you know so much more cool stuff about mom than me? Hrmph.

  3. Snicker**Snicker**. Thanks for answering my questions!! 😀

    I’m so glad you love your Daisy-dog. Can’t wait to meet her. Keep those pics coming.

    I miss you.


  4. oh your miss daisy is so sweet! In fact she makes me want another little dog! Our old “puppy” was hit by someone soon after our move and I have missed him so much. (he was close to 9 but still acted like a puppy… stinker that he was which is how we lost him, he loved to roam.) He was a corgi, sheltie, possibly pom and something else mix, sweet as can be but still so BAD at times! LOL (we weren’t dogless as we still had our 85 lb malamute/newfoundland puppy! she is just now close to adult size a year later… ha ha)

    Thanks for answering all the questions! Its a pleasure getting to “know” you a little better.

  5. i love getting to read more about you….and can i say that that is the cutest most precious puppy i have ever seen. no wonder you are smitten

  6. amanda says:

    Did I see a puppy! I bet E is over the moon, so sweet. Ash would love to have a little dog like that, I see her with a little dog she carries around in her purse while shopping at the mall. ;o)

    I’m glad to hear you’re on the mend … enjoy your down time and break with E!

  7. Thanks for this… and just in case you need any further inspiration, I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE (and I’m sure others would too) to read anything and everything about organizing… so series of posts re: that- YES! When can you start? :).

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