Someone’s in the kitchen …

… with Andrea …{go ahead, sing along}…

One of the best things about our new “Daisy girl” is having a constant companion {which I love}. She just follows us around, wants to be right under our feet and in the middle of everything we are doing.This picture of her hanging out in the kitchen with us makes me so happy::

Speaking of happy, I’ve been having a lot of fun in the kitchen the last few days.

It started with Buttermilk Banana Bread::

{Photo Credit: Two Peas and Their Pod}

Then after seeing Teresa‘s adorable self post about her ‘Balanced Meals‘ {and my recent delicious lunch at Cracker Barrel which included a yogurt parfait} I was inspired to make up a batch of Homemade Granola::

{Photo Credit: Two Peas and Their Pod}

But before I could make the granola, I had to make a batch of Cinnamon Roasted Almonds {and Pecans}. Mmmmm our house smelled good last night.

I know that yogurt is a great source of calcium & protein along with all the benefits of ‘good bacteria’ … but my little guy ruined me when I was pregnant with him. I went from eating a yogurt a day {pre-pregnancy} to not being able to stomach the smell or taste of it while pregnant. And sadly it didn’t get much better after he arrived. I can *tolerate* plain yogurt {I like the tart} and it’s pretty palatable if I add some honey & granola. So fingers crossed for a good week of yogurt {not ice cream} eating for my nightly ‘dessert/snack.’

Also thanks to Teresa’s post … I think I’ll be ordering up a 3 pack {hello Amazon … you’re the best} of Justin’s Nut Butter. Because adding this to my yogurt dessert sounds divine. The question is … should I order the Honey Peanut Butter, Honey Almond Butter or Maple Almond Butter … oh the choices!!

{Photo Credit: Smitten Kitchen}

On the schedule for tomorrow? Making up a batch of Homemade Pop Tarts. My little is quite excited {and so am I}.

And if this post didn’t tickle your taste buds {or you just want to read more about me and my love of food} pop on over to my guest post on Allora Handmade.

Alright … back to work!! Shop update {and discount} coming tomorrow!!



  1. OMGoodness!
    Homemade POP TARTS…do WHAT!!!!!!
    Can you send me one of those…
    I’m only one state over! ;o)
    I am LOVING Miss Daisy all sprawled out in the kitchen
    under your feet.
    I have got to make some homemade granola!
    We buy homemade granola here at a bakery and ship it to my mom…who LOVES it!
    You’re gonna LOVE Justin’s Nut Butter!
    I love the HONEY Almond…but have wanted to try the Maple Syrup Almond.
    So many good choices!
    I’ve got to email you back!
    Super EXCITED by your last email.
    Hugs for now!

  2. Okay. What I tried to write in my last comment was that you have made me hungry for something other than macaroni and cheese. I am, sadly, incapable of typing without typos today. Maybe I need some of your yummy granola!

  3. Yum! I think you should get Honey Almond Butter! Have you tried the Chocolate Hazelnut Butter? Ohh that one is to die for! :)

  4. Squeel!! You’re dog is adorable!

  5. wow that is some really awesome baking going on at your house….those pop tarts are something i have always meant to make.

  6. Justin’s cinnamon PB is pretty darn good too. I’m a big Greek yogurt fan. My favorite kind is from our local Fresh and Easy grocery, but Fage is pretty good too. Nice and tart and way more protein than regular yogurt. Delicious with homemade granola or muesli and berries.

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