Unwind my bobbin …

Cute, no?

That’s my creative way of saying, let’s have a Q&A post ;).

I’ve been wanting to give this a try again since I’ve received a lot of questions over the last few months from Etsy/handmade business advice to running questions to the obvious, sewing help/information.

So, I’m getting ready to head on a little spring break R&R with the family and I’d love to have a few answer posts to help tide you over while I’m away {I really don’t want you to miss me too much}.

Here’s a brief resume, that might spark your question::

  • I’m 33 {for a few short months, whaaaaaaaaa}
  • I’ve been married for 13 years {we’ve been “together” for over 18 years}
  • I’ve been a full time mama to my one and only {not by choice} for 7 years
  • I’ve struggled with infertility for 6 years
  • I have a BA in Graphic Design
  • I worked at a national bank as a Project Manager for over 8 years before I became a full time mama
  • I’m half Dutch
  • I drink iced tea every. single. day. 
  • I try to have a bit of peanut butter every. single. day.
  • I started running over 3 years ago.

Okay, I’m not going to give you any more or you’ll have nothing to ask, bwahahahahaha. But I wanted to share a bit so you could see my vast array of life knowledge, from trust accounts to tulips, I’ve got ‘ya covered.

{Credit – Pinterest Pin}

So seriously, unwind my bobbin people … ask away. I’m really not shy … really, if any of my ‘real life’ friends pop on here and comment they’ll second this … I tend to share way too much ;).

I’ll take your questions and try to group them into a couple categories and then write up a few posts … I know you’ll be waiting with baited breath. Yeah, my life IS that exciting ;).

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  1. Real life friend seconding that. :)

    And I’m going to trust this post was scheduled and that you’re not really up this early.

    And cute new signature thingy.

    I was trying to think of a witty question to ask you but I’m pretty sure I know all the answers. :)

  2. I’m soooo nosy!
    I just have to ask–
    have you been together that WHOLE time? or did you take a “break”? you have been with your hubby since you were 15?

    did you have trouble conceiving your first child?

    when did you start crafting/when did crafting become a job?

    what made you begin to craft for money? were you saving up for something?

    what advice would you give to someone considering crafting for profit?

    as a result of your previous job do you find yourself a “saver”?

    where do you buy your fabric?

    okay I’ll stop now :0)
    I enjoy reading your blog soooooo much!

  3. I’m interested in anything you are willing to share about your organizing talents. Whenever I’m feeling distressed about the state of things in my studio, I click over here and get inspired to get things in order. I particularly love your My desk Monday posts for that reason, motivates me to get off my toosh and get started.

    Unrelated, I’m also interested in what kind of peanut butter you try to eat every day.

  4. You are the CUTEST thing!
    I LOVE your ENERGY!
    I would like to know~
    *Are you HAPPY with your online Knitty Bittie Business?
    *How long have you been sewing?
    *How many hrs a day do you sew to keep up with your orders?
    *What advice would you offer to someone {me ;o) } who is considering learning to SEW in order to create an online business?
    *Do you run/workout daily? And what time of day?

  5. I would just love to hear any advice you have for those of us newish Etsy sellers. I’ve had my shop open for awhile, I have a lot of items listed, I try to renew if I’m not relisting, I (think) I have good pictures. But nothing seems to be happening. And beyond any advice you can share about your own success, what about advice for how not to get discouraged and just close the shop (I did that last year and I’m trying to remain optimistic and persistent this time). Ok, that’s all. Anything and everything Etsy related 😉

    Here’s my shop link if you want to take a look http://www.happybabydesigns.etsy.com

  6. How do you feel about brand new socks? What exactly is your iced tea order at Starbucks? Do you like eels?

    <3 :)

  7. It’s not too late is it? I wanted to ask you how you think you’ve been able to develop a handmade business successfully? I guess similar to Kelly’s question, how did you manage to do it at a profit. When I tried, I ended up feeling like with my time spent and packaging and shipping, I wasn’t really making anything. You don’t have to share all your secrets haha! But really inspired by women that can do this handmade stuff successfully.

    And just for fun, what’s one of your favorite blogs and favorite type of music.

  8. I love this post. I can’t think of anything worthwhile to ask, except maybe future goals….but what you said wad so very interesting!

  9. Hey, A! I haven’t read your other post, so please stop me if I’m being repetitive. But I WANT TO KNOW! 😉 What kind of sewing machine do you have? Do you love it? Do you have a serger? I feel like I should know this. But I’m old and my mind is feeble. So please refresh my memory! 😉 Love ya!

  10. Is your family from Belgium or the Netherlands (or somewhere else that Dutch people come from-I’m geographically challenged)? Does any of your family still speak Dutch? I tried to learn a bit when I was in High School, but I didn’t retain much 😉 “Vie es de frau on de overkaant?” is about the only thing I have left. NO idea why that’s what I remember <3

  11. Don’t know if you would be comfortable talking about this or not…but one of the things I always wonder about is finances! It seems like 90% of the blogs I read are SAHMs with Etsy shops, and beautiful houses and kids…and I always wonder how they make it work — it just doesn’t seem like something we’d ever be able to do. I’m curious how much of this appearance is due to geographic location/cost-of-living in other parts of the country, husband’s job, success of online businesses and good old fashioned editing out the mess online!
    Hope this doesn’t sound crass, but you seem to be open to candid discussion…

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