{WIWW} What I Wore Wednesday …

I’m pretty sure I’m liking my weekly ‘online’ shopping for my “What I {would} Love {to wear} Wednesday post more than actually getting dressed and taking a photo ;).

Which is why I only have 2 outfits to post this week.

But you’ll see I was clearly inspired by the sweater I picked up last week at Kohl’s. It was one of those ‘impulse’ purchases made because I knew if I didn’t I would regret it later. And then I proceeded to wear it 4 times in 7 days. Apparently I’m proving to myself that it was not an impulse, but rather a very well though out purchase that will get lots and lots of wear. Yes, that’s it.

Sunday {Church}::

{Cami & Gray Ruffly Sweater  – Kohl’s; Tank Dress – Forever 21; Skinny Jeans – DKNY via TJMaxx; Circle Necklace – Lisa Leonard Designs; Teal Necklace – Old Navy; Boots – Born; Side Braid – Me via a Pin on Pinterest … that I forgot to pin, gah!}

** Just after I took the above photos, my husband made the snarky remark that he should start a blog for husbands to share what their wives really wear after they take these pictures. I think it had something to do with putting on my fleece {soft} pants and sweatshirt about 1.5 minutes later. **

Tuesday {School Volunteering}::

{T-shirt – Forever 21; Ruffly Sweater of Necessity – Kohl’s; Jeans – Gap; Flower Brooch – Allora Handmade; Necklace – Lisa Leonard Designs; Shoes – Dansko}

“What I {would} Love {to wear} Wednesday” … 

{ 1. Nori Salad Sweater – ModCloth / 2. Rosette Ruffled Top – Kohl’s / 3. Perfect Khaki Capris – Old Navy / 4. Meaghan Ruffled Shoes – Target / 5. Emma Bangle Set – Forever 21 / 6. My Treasure Necklace – Lisa Leonard Designs }

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Happy Creating!!


  1. Impulse or not that Kohls sweater is gorgeous. We don’t have them in Aussie.

  2. Cute sweater!

  3. Love the sweater and your what you wish you wore outfit too :)

  4. Outstanding purchase of a clearly needed basic clothing piece!

    {Love it with all your outfits!}

  5. Cute, cute, cute and I love the what you wish to wear outfit. hehe husbands give all our secrets away! Have a wonderful week. ax

  6. The sweater is definitely a good buy! :) Love the total package of Tuesday’s outfit… the shoes really tie it all together! :)

  7. Cute! I love the sweater and how you paired it up :)
    (i love that chair behind you, too)

    Love that WIWTW post, too.

  8. Vicky L says:

    Love love love that sweater..do you know what it’s called or at least what brand it is?Thanks.

  9. You were totally right to buy that sweater! It’s super cute, and by the sound of it, super versatile, too!

  10. again with the shoes!! i swoon over ballet flats!

  11. WOW- Don’t you LOVE Kohls, seriously the BEST!

    Check out my blog for some fab giveaways this week!


  12. i’m a lisa leonard fan too…i’m here from seeing your comment at blessed little nest, but now i realize we both linked up with lollipops this morning! i’m reading one thousand gifts too, isn’t it wonderful?! happy wednesday!

  13. oooo love that ruffled top! too cute! happy wednesday! x0x0

  14. super cute!

    your hubby’s comment cracked me up! :)

  15. Love that sweater!!! And, I think your hubby might be on to something :)

  16. Very cute outfit! I love how you layered the necklaces.
    Link up?! –

  17. LOVE the sweater! Try it with a fun t-shirt too!

  18. I love your cute, comfy style! It doesn’t look contrived, but very natural and stylish. You look great. That sweater from Kohl’s is awesome! Guess what I’ll be buying tomorrow? (Hello! I have Kohl’s cash to spend. Woot!)

  19. So loving that sweater. I would wear it all the time also!!

  20. cute blog! came from pleated poppy wiww…fun sweater and great style…husband’s comment sounds about right for husbands…..!

  21. I really like that sweater. If Kohl’s wasn’t closing soon, I’d be on my way to see if I can find it..

  22. Ha ha, I snorted when I read the bit about your husband’s comment. Too true! I have to say, your church outfit was adorable. I am so jealous you can wear stuff from Forever 21! I went in there a few years ago and tried on a ton of stuff, none of which really fit, and I said as I walked out of the dressing room, “You reach a point where you’re not Forever 21 anymore…you’re forever 24!” (Yeah, I was 24 at the time) Kudos to you!

  23. Cute! Love the ruffly sweater!

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