{WIWW} What I Wore Wednesday …

Success! I had a few days out of the PJ’s again this week.

And after several comments last week I made sure I had my face in several photos. The photos still need improvement as does my awkward smile ;).

{Teresa, the PJ/Lounge outfit day is for YOU!!}

Sunday {Church}::

{Gray “Dress” – Target; Skinny Jeans – DKNY via TJMaxx; Flyaway Sweater – Kohl’s; Flower Pin – Me; Necklace – Lisa Leonard Designs; Boots – Born}

Monday {Dr. Appt. for little … again}::

{Wonder Cami – Down East Basics; Long Sleeve Tee – Old Navy; Sweater & Necklace – Old Navy; Long & Lean Cords – GAP via Consignment Shop; Flower Brooch – Allora Handmade; Flats – DSW}

Tuesday {Sewing … hanging at home}::

{Lace Cami – Kohl’s; Sherpa Hoodie – Target; {Not long enough ever} Lounge Pants – Old Navy; Ankle Socks – Champion via Costco}

**I heart the ankle socks. I basically wear them year round in the house as ‘slippers’. Sometimes I wear them with actual slippers, sometimes not. I can’t stand walking around bare foot. Weird I know. This last set I got too big and while it drives me slightly crazy, I’m going to wear them out before I buy more in the right size ;). **

“What I {would} Love {to wear} Wednesday” … 

Seriously it is still too cold here for a full on ‘spring’ outfit, but I love this sweater and layering the striped shirt underneath. A great outfit and all of the pieces {except the shirt, but it would be easy to find something similar for much less} are very reasonably priced.

{Credit – Pinterest}

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  1. I love your blog, you are so cute! I found you from the Pleated Poppy linky party and I am now following. Super cute outfit choice too, at the end. Well they are all cute, but I love the color choices!

  2. I am LOVING that old navy necklace in the 2nd days outfit. Is that a recent purchase?
    And on a side note, that chair behind you is fabulous too(yes I notice extra details)
    Have a great day!

  3. Love that first outfit! So cute. :) Glad you’re feeling a bit better! {{hugs}}

  4. I know, it’s still really cold here too, but I keep spring in my heart :) Love the outfits, the grey dress is adorable!

  5. great style!

  6. Love the boots!
    Gotta have the boots!

  7. I just recently subscribed to your blog and am loving it! :) Love your sense of style!

    I just had to say that I can’t stand being barefoot in the house either. :)

  8. I love to see how you use accessories :) That’s one of my shortcomings. Love the “dr’s appointment” outfit!

    And thanks for including the relaxed outfit 😉 It makes me not feel so bad that it’s nearly 10:00 and I’m still in my PJ’s!

  9. love those boots!!! and all the flower pins… so cute! :)

  10. Super cute! I love that grey dress from Target in the first post. And I am sure I mentioned it before, but I adore that chair.
    Also? I hate walking around barefoot, too. Must wear socks. Or in the summer, flops :)

  11. You look adorable. Such cute outfits! I also love the outfit you put together. I would totally wear all of that!

  12. You are such a doll~baby!
    LOVE seeing that SMILE behind the camera!
    LOVE the lounging wear~{my fave…comfy!}
    You got some STYLE going on in those church clothes!
    Love it all!

  13. I love the Sunday church outfit! Adorable! I however hate ankle socks with a passion…I’ve never been a sock person though. Most likely because I was born, raised, and still live in Florida. Too hot for socks most of the year!

  14. Love the cardigan. Your outfits are too cute. Hope you have a great week.

    By the way, I found you through the Pleated Poppy.

    I’m participating in What I Wore Wednesday too but I’m way too lazy to post everyday. LOL

  15. ok, love your outfits, indeed, but you must give me that upholstered chair. :-)

  16. oooo! I want to wear that outfit too! You are adorable, and your outfits are too!
    Found you on the Pleated Poppy…Come link up your cute style over at my party too!

  17. You are the cutest. Seriously.

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