SBCC Day 1 {Allora Handmade} & Giveaway

In order to reduce excessive typing of “Spring Board Creative Collaboration” I’m shortening it to {SBCC}.


Welcome to Day 1 of creativity.
I am so excited to introduce our first board member, the curly haired master of rosettes, Jessica of Allora Handmade. I’ve admired Jessica’s work from the first day I laid eyes on it. I own several Allora Handmade pieces {necklace, headband, brooch & earrings} and love them all. In fact, if you do a quick scan through my WIWW posts, you’ll see them almost every single week. So I’m honored to have Jessica as part of the board and am so excited to see what she created for you {that’s right … I haven’t even seen the full reveal}.

Here’s a little more about Jess in her own words::

Hey Knitty Bitties friends! I’m so thrilled to be part of such a fun project that has helped me to step out of my comfort zone and be creative in a different way!
Let me back up, my name is Jessica and I am the creator of Allora Handmade and co-owner of The Queen Bee Market. I am a full-time mommy and a full-time handmade business owner as well as a full-time wife of a student, disciple of Christ, ice-cream lover, happy color obsessor, and curly-haired monster. (And yes, that’s a lot of full-time-craziness!)
I started my business almost 2 years ago when money had run dry and I had to figure out a way to stay at home with my babies and contribute somehow. Now I can hardly believe that I get to live the dream of being creative AND being able to support my family while my husband finishes up his schooling.
I have always loved the creative process and even since childhood it has been very natural to me. However, I find that when my life is too busy, or too loud, or too complicated, my creativity runs dry. I am grateful for quiet, artistic moments that help me to think outside of the box and try something new. I am grateful for days when I am present enough to soak in the glowing sun and be inspired by the vibrancy of the seasons to help me bring that beauty into my own work. I really do believe that “the desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul,” and I am always happier when I have that in my life. (Dieter F. Uchtdorf)
Thanks Andrea for the opportunity to bask in the glory of spring!

Want more Allora Handmade in your days?

Well Jessica, you are most welcome and THANK YOU for joining up with me in the midst of some major life changes {Jessica is packing up and moving several states away in the next week or so}.

SO … what did Jessica create? Here’s here sneak peek and description …

It seems there are a million ideas floating around craft blogs featuring beautiful handmade wreaths. I must admit, I have never owned a wreath to hang on my door. Gasp! (can i still be part of the crafty club?) So, I figured this was the perfect opportunity. Spring for me is all about celebrating nature and rebirth after a long hard winter. Since for me most fabric is just screaming to be made into some sort of flower, of course i had to head in that direction, and the fat quarters sent over by the Fabric Shoppe were just begging to be transformed into some sort of floral arrangement.
Now SPRING on over to her blog to see the full reveal of her project!

AND … to win a pair of Allora Handmade Rosette Earrings in Rosy Red, just leave me a comment telling me your favorite thing about spring.



  1. My favorite thing about Spring is that it means that school is almost out!

  2. My favorite thing about spring is my Lemon Allora Handmade necklace and the opportunity to win a pair of her earrings 😉

  3. Cute wreath and earrings!

    My favourite thing about spring is the feel of fresh air on my skin. No more heavy coats and boots.

  4. my favorite thing is having new life on the trees and on the ground. flowers are the best

  5. Jessica is SUCH an inspiration to me! The wreath she created is gorgeous. :)

    I love the colors of Spring – usually I tend to lean towards the darker shades of colors, but this Spring I’m loving all the light, bright & pretty shades!

  6. I love Spring – cute baby animals, birds singing and no snow in sight!

  7. My favorite thing about spring is working in my flower beds while feeling a cool breeze drift by. I try to really soak it up because here in Missouri, it seems like we only get about 10 days of spring before summer temps and humidity arrive!

  8. I love the trees beginning to turn green again & the colorful flowers…so nice after a gray winter!

  9. I love the earrings and my favorite thing about Spring is the warmer weather and flowers.

  10. I love the crispness in the air and the smell of spring blooms!

  11. Ohhhh…I don’t have a pair of rosette earrings yet!

    My favorite part of spring is cleaning up the backyard to be ready to eat al fresco when the warmer weather starts!

  12. favorite thing about spring? TULIPS!

  13. Amy S says:

    My favorite thing about spring is the GREEN emerging from the ground.

  14. My very favorite thing about spring is the fresh new blooms of nature at it’s best, so full of inspiration. Oh and I get to wear my flip flops once again.

  15. What DON’T I love about spring?!?! But if I have to choose one, it’s the opening of the Farmer’s Market! I am SO excited for that!

  16. My favorite thing about it is working in the garden and soaking in the sun!

  17. My favorite thing about Spring is watching all the green burst through the brown of the leaves on the ground. The contrast and promise of some color after months of gray/brown make me smile!

  18. My favorite thing about spring is all the flowers in bloom.

  19. I love the smell of orange blossoms and lemon blossoms on the trees!

  20. I love tulips!

  21. My favorite thing about spring is having all the birds back at my feeders and the tulips and daffodils flowering!

  22. i love watching all the new life bloom. i run on the same treadmill most days and right now i get to watch as one tree transforms from bare twigs to green and full.

  23. my favorite thing about spring is not being a prisoner of my home & being able to play outside with my son for hours.. and the green grass & blooming flowers!

  24. my fave thing about spring is no more bundling up the kiddos and then having to unbundle them when they have to pee two minutes later!
    Goodbye snowsuits!!

  25. I love pushing my little man in his swing with the smell of flowers in the air :)

  26. My favorite thing is the smell of fresh, clean spring air!

  27. i love the smell in the air…so fresh!

  28. I love the flowers. Beautiful!

  29. My favorite thing about spring in the Pacific Northwest is SUNSHINE! Thanks for a chance to win. I love and own Allora fashions!

  30. my favorite thing about spring is warm days & cool nights. sweet heaven!

  31. My favorite thing about spring is the blooming flowers. It gives me a chance to practice my photography :)

  32. My favorite thing about spring is the blossoming of the trees and flowers – so refreshing.

  33. My favorite thing about Spring is the fun times playing at parks before it gets too hot to enjoy running after your kiddos!

  34. being from north dakota I would have to say sunshine that actually has some warmth to it! we have sun in the winter too….it can be -20 degrees and sunny but there is no heat to be felt anywhere. So warm sun is my answer!

  35. AHHH spring…new life is all around us– My favorite part of spring is getting to head to the barn more and see my girls ride while the boys explore….Life good when we are there;) thanks soo much!!
    ktwalser at yahoo dot com

  36. My favorite thing about spring is that I do not have to pile on the winter coat, boots and gloves every time I am taking a short walk out my back door. And that we finally got to open our windows for the first time yesterday!

  37. My favorite spring thing is…warmer weather!

  38. My favorite part of spring is the baby blue skies, yellow daffodils and spring green leaf buds. . . . all make this color person a very happy girl!

  39. my favorite thing about spring is being able to go outside. the longer days. I don’t even want to attend playdates, or go anywhere because I can be outside with my kids, my plants & flowers, a good book, or all of the above :0)

  40. My favorite thing about Spring is the flowers, flowers, flowers!

  41. Well, I live in Texas, and so I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bluebonnet season.

  42. My favorite thing about Spring are the longer days. I love being able to stay outside longer.

  43. I love the new growth in my garden!

  44. I love spring because it’s a new beginning; the flowers, the air, the birds, even the weeds.

  45. My favorite part of spring o is getting in the garden and tending my early blooms. Those ratings are to die for.

  46. my fave thing about spring?
    hearing the birds sing. xo

    you rosettes are lovely.. I so admire you for all u hv accomplished! hugs xo

  47. That beautiful green bright and soft at the same time that only spring brings. Thanks or the giveaway loving the Allora wreath beautiful.

  48. Wow, I am so impressed with that wreath. The earrings would be fun. Spring is so tied to Easter for me, it always makes me grateful for new life.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Hey – I am definitely glad to find this. great job!

  50. My absolute favorite thing about spring is the fresh, clean smell that fills the air (do you know what I mean?!)! This smell alone continually brings back the memory of what happens during spring such as birds chirping, green grass, light clothing, rain/thunderstorms, warmer weather, etc. – all things that make me happy and smile! :)

  51. Nothing says “spring” like hyacinths! Such vibrant colors and a wonderful aroma!

  52. I love tulips!!

  53. My favorite thing about Spring is the promise of sunshine and warmth. Thanks for a chance to win!

  54. my favorite part of spring is watching the world come back to life. i will walk around our yard several times a week looking for new buds.

  55. I love the smell of the daffodils & hyacinths!

  56. I love how spring brings warm weather, beautiful flowers, and my wedding anniversary this month. I always know its spring when I start to see daffodils popping up:)

  57. I love the variety of pretty leaf colors, like pale yellowy greens, whites, deep reds, grass greens, and everything in between!

  58. I love the warmer weather and longer days!

  59. My favorite thing about spring is the trees and grass turning green. So beautiful and alive.

  60. Anonymous says:

    I had to think about this but I believe it is when my baby kids (goats) are born -so sweet, soft, and loving and then to see them scamper and twirl around -such fun!

  61. Flowers, of course! Flowers and sunshine make everything better. 😀

  62. picnics :) a tradition from my mom, the 1st day of Spring is celebrated with a picnic!

  63. flowers and sun!

  64. My favorite thing about spring would be the warmer weather and pretty flowers. 😉

    ~Emily N.

    (You can email me at, if I win the giveaway)

  65. Being able to come up with so many ideas when looking outside at nature and all the blooming plants! I love the sunshine and how it makes you instantly happy! :)

  66. Anonymous says:

    I love the gorgeous days that Spring brings! Puffy, white clouds, blue skies, green grass, and colorful flowers! Love, love!

    Jessica (

  67. i love the WARM weather!

  68. i love your fabric floral creations and can’t wait to see your ‘reveal’. My favoritest thing of spring might be the smell of freshly mown grass (despite any sneezes). :-)

  69. Tracey B says:

    My favorite thing about Spring is the ability to pull out all my bright-colored clothes & peep-toed shoes!

    FrugalT at hotmail dot com

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