SBCC Day 2 {Life Made Lovely}


Welcome to Day 2 of creativity.

This next gal just makes my soul smile. Heather so full of life … most lovely, a little not … but honest and open in a way that makes you want to work hard to make your own “Life Made Lovely“. Honest, I’m not just saying that because of her adorable short blond hair and awesome-ly decorated home. You could take away her hair and put her in a cardboard box and I know she’d still make your soul smile.

Here’s a little more about Heather in her own words::

My name is Heather and I blog over at Life Made Lovely.  I’m a wife and momma who happens to love taking the castoff bits of life and turning them around so I can see God’s beauty.

It all started in 2007 when my son Samuel passed away after a battle with bacterial meningitis.  I thought my life was over, but God had different plans.  He showed me that what I thought was the end of mylife, was actually just the beginning.  He taught me that through the journey of Samuel’s life, and through the grief of his loss, that I could live a more vibrant and joyful life than I ever thought possible.

Now I spend my days savoring the little things and finding the lovely that exists in life.  For me, a lot of that lovely comes from creating things with my hands.  Whether it’s giving new life to a thrift store treasure, stitching up simple projects for my home and family, or playing with vintage paper, I feel the most like myself when I’m using my hands.

Heather has also embarked on a ‘new’ creative adventure designing blogs … like her spirit, her designs are infectious and her business has really taken off. You can go visit her work by clicking on the shop link below.

Want more Life Made Lovely in your days?

SO … what did Heather create? Here’s here sneak peek and description …

For this project I opted to use my hot glue gun instead of my sewing machine.
The result is a happy wall hanging that shouts, in the very sweetest way possible, Spring has Sprung!

 Now SPRING on over to her blog to see the full reveal of her project!


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