SBCC Day 5 {House of Smith’s}


Welcome to Day 5 of creativity.

Friday seems like the perfect day to introduce my next board member, Shelley of House of Smiths. She is just a ray of sunshine and just like we look forward to Friday to kick off a good weekend, I get that same excited feeling each time Shelley posts. Her posts get me excited to tackle that next DIY house project on my list. Well really she makes me want to move in with her … seriously, I asked if I could live in her pantry … do you know what she said? Well being the sweet thing she is, she said yes … as long as I promised to keep it stocked with fresh snickerdoodles. Deal.

Here’s a little more about Shelley in her own words::

Hi! I’m Shelley Smith! Blog author from
I’m a proud Mom to three adorable girls, and am lucky enough to have a husband who is as passionate about life, DIY-ing and making our “house” a HOME, as I am!

I’m a firm believer in tackling one space at a time, when it comes to home projects, and I adore thoughtful, unique, beautiful creations and design.
I strive daily to create a space that reflects our families outlook on life… Bright, Happy, Beautiful, and Welcoming!

My blog has become a fantastic way for me to express myself through crafts, home projects, and all the daily laughable life situations, that go along with them.

Want more House of Smith’s in your days?

SO … what did Shelly create?
I just can’t get ENOUGH of ruffles lately! There’s just something about the way they jump off of anything their on, and scream… I’m CUTE! lol.
So with my supplies from the Fabric Shoppe, I created a fun, ruffly apron!
SPRING on over to the “house” to read the full tutorial on how it all came together, and while you’re there… enter to win this fun springy creation for yourself!

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