SBCC Day 7{ME}


Welcome to Day 7 of creativity.

Today marks our final day of creations {whaaaaaaaaa} … it’s been so much fun waking up to something new each day, hasn’t it? I love that I was kept in the dark until the very last moment. I’m astonished at just how unique each project has been … all starting with the same few bits & pieces. It just shows how unique we each are!! LOVE it!!

So today … today you get me :).

I like to say that I’m just a girl doing my best to live with joy in her everyday. And it’s true. God’s blessed me incredibly and I’m living a life ‘better than I deserve’ {as Dave Ramsey would say}. I’ve recently been convicted of my need to live my present life FULLY and not spend it wishing, hoping and praying for the life I *think* is best for me.

Sewing makes me happy. And that is why I continue to do it

Three things inspired my project::

  • Bunting. Yes, I’m finally jumping on the ‘add bunting to everything’ craze. I’m a little late to the game {unless you count the actual bunting I make for the shop}. I couldn’t help myself … the ric-rac made me think of bunting.
  • Hoop Art. I recently participated in Life Made Lovely’s Hoop Art Swap and had SO MUCH FUN making mine. I kind of wanted to keep it. I used a similar design to my hoop art and again brought in some stamped words.
  • Home Decor. I’m on a kick lately creating practical {and lovely} items for around the house. Mug rugs, pup mats … pillows.

So I give you …

A SPRING Day Pillow Tutorial::

Finished size ~ 16×16

Spring Board Collaboration Kit {provided by The Fabric Shoppe}
** You can purchase yours here**
Fat Quarters (2)
7×7 square of unbleached cotton & fusible interfacing
16×16 piece of batting
Ric Rac Trim

1. Cut {2} 2.5×18 & {2} 3.5×18 strips from each fat quarter. Gather various scraps and cut into small triangles to make bunting.

2. Use fabric glue, glue ric rac to 7×7 square that you have reinforced with fusible interfacing. Place triangles (tuck under edge of ric rac) to make bunting.

3. Stitch ric rac down and then go back and stitch around each bunting ‘flag’ to secure it.

4. Begin sewing strips of fabric to ‘center’ bunting piece. Alternate prints and widths as you go around the center. Continue to build out, keeping all sides of the center square the same. When I didn’t have a long enough piece, I sewed to scrap strips together to make a longer length.

5. Iron and trim to 16×16 making sure the bunting square stays centered. Iron to 16×16 piece of batting and if desired pin using quilting safety pins. I chose to do straight line quilting around the center bunting and then around the other square.

6. For the ‘Oh Happy Day’ embellishment, I used a scrap piece of unbleached cotton and stamped it using Versamark ink. I trimmed it evenly and then stitched around it twice to secure to the pillow front.

7. Use remaining scraps to make the pillow backing. I used an ‘envelope’ closure. There are wonderful tutorials available on ‘how-to’ make an envelope closure such as this one from Sew Mama Sew! I like to do a serged edge to finish. Turn right side out and press.

8. Add your pillow form and admire your new Spring Day Pillow.

And now, I’d love to send this pillow from my home to yours. To brighten your days and put a smile on your face. To enter to win the above pillow cover {pillow form NOT included} simply leave a comment telling me your favorite thing about Sundays.
Don’t forget to go enter the other SIX incredible giveaways I featured earlier this week. They will all be open until tomorrow, Monday, April 18th.
Come back Tuesday for a final round-up of all these amazing projects!!



  1. This is such a bright & fun pillow! Love the colors! :) My favourite thing about Sundays is when I dont have a mile long to do list & get to relax! :)

  2. thanks for sharing great tutorials all week its been fun!

  3. I really love the color combo in the pack this week: Springy without pastels! Sundays are the highlight of my week! I get to worship, serve, eat, pray, and laugh all day with my amazing church family.

  4. Yours and Jodi’s have been my favorites!

  5. I have a non-traditional work week so the real Sunday I enjoy the crew that I work with. We have a lot of fun. My “weekend” however falls on Wed/Thurs so my favorite thing about “Sundays” aka Thursdays are spending time with my friends and getting time to work on projects.

  6. Thanks for the tutorial – such a happy pillow!
    The best thing about Sundays – is my husband makes me breakfast!

  7. What a lovely pillow! Great design! My favorite part about Sundays is that it is the start of a new week. Everything is fresh again and I love that. Thanks for a chance to win your sweet pillow.

  8. What a cute pillow! My favorite part of Sunday is relaxing with the kids :)

  9. Goodness–That pillow just radiates happiness! Thanks, again, for this fun series. Hmmm…my favorite thing to do on Sundays is spending time with my son outside in the evening. Such a nice way to end the day. Tricia

  10. What a fun pillow…this whole week has been super fun….Such talent….

  11. That is absolutely adorable!! My favorite thing about Sundays are waffles! My hubby is resident waffle maker and it’s nice to let someone else cook for a change, not to mention he makes THE worlds best waffles.

  12. That’s achingly adorable!!
    My favorite thing about Sundays is how my nephew comes over for the day and manages to find some way to get us into trouble :) And, of course, Sunday dinner. Followed by Sunday dessert.

  13. Sunday is a day of rest.
    A day to spend with family. It is a day of new hope for the week to come.

    Love this pillow.
    No I really love this pillow.

  14. I LOVE the pillow! I’m a big fan of bunting, too. My favorite thing about Sundays is getting to relax at home!

  15. my favorite thing about sundays is spending time with the people i love the most. :)

  16. I love this pillow! Such a great idea. My favorite thing about Sundays is that it’s “date night”. My in-laws keep our boys most Sunday evenings so my husband & I can go out alone.

  17. It’s my official Praise the Lord day, but I try to do that everyday.

    Keeps me in focus.

    Love your tute!

  18. LOVE this pillow ~ so, so cute! I love relaxing on Sun afternoons – either taking a nap, or reading a book, or doing whatever before the start of another busy week!

  19. Lovely pillow – you are so talented. I love Sundays as it is church day and beginning of a new week!!

  20. The whole series has been fun. Thank you for the tutorial so I can make my own (if I don’t win!) Sunday we attend church and get our spiritual nourishment and REST. It’s the only day I get to take a nap. :)

  21. I would love to win this pillow… So happy and cheerful!

  22. what I love about sundays is we go to church twice as a family and have no other commitments other than spending time together. so cozy.

  23. Great pillow. I love going to church and spending time with family on Sunday.

  24. So cute, I love the little banner..precious! I love that Sunday is a fresh start to start each week new!

  25. I LOVE your pillow!! Really, out of all the projects (great as they are) I like yours the best. truly!

  26. oops! forgot to say…my favorite part about Sunday, besides going to church is having my hubby home all day!

  27. My favorite thing about Sunday is going to church with my family and enjoying a quiet afternoon with my husband. Pretty pillow!

  28. Two favorites about Sundays: sleeping in and spending a quiet breakfast & reading time with my husband AND going to the evening service at our church.

  29. Your pillow is so pretty. I love the spring colors in it! My favorite thing about Sundays is that I can spend time with my family and friends and of course…Sunday naps! :0)

  30. My favorite thing about {warm} Sundays are walking downtown after dinner to get fro-yo! Gorgeous pillow!!

  31. OOOH! I love this little pillow so much! My favorite thing about Sundays is being with my family…and coupons come on Sundays too!

  32. I love Sundays because I get to teach kiddos in classes at church and then we come home for a literal day of rest. Its a wonderful way to recharge for the week ahead:)

  33. The pillow is adorable. The color scheme fits me living room. I love buntings too.

  34. I looove the hoop you sent! It’s on the blog today. :)

    That pillow is so sweet & adorable. My favorite thing about Sundays? I don’t feel too guilty if I take a nap… 😉

  35. FAbulous! I love this pillow!

  36. Oh, very fun pillow, and thanks for the tutorial. I can’t wait to try out some of these techniques!

    My favorite thing about Sundays is an inspiring church meeting and relaxing at home afterward. (Last night I spent three hours gluing ribbon flowers. So fun!)

  37. Oh Happy Day what a lovely pillow…. and talking abut Sundays…. thats a happy day for sure.. no work.. you can do whatever you like!! :o)))

  38. Sunday is one of my favorite days! lately its been church, lunch with hubs, golf with hubs, and dinner with hubs! i just love spending all day with him! (i know its lovey dovey and a little gross, but it’s been so much fun!)

  39. My favorite thing about Sundays is squeezing in the occasional nap and not feeling the least bit guilty about it!

  40. Yikes, that is the cutest darn thing I’ve seen in a while! I love the buntings I’ve been seeing around the webs, but how sweet to use ric rac and a pillow. Love it!

  41. how adorable!

  42. I love Sunday because we sit with my daughter’s family in church so I get to spend the hour with my grandson and take part in the beginning of his Christian upbringing. So far he loves to put the offering in the basket and give all those him around him the sign of peace. Precious!
    LOVE the pillow!

  43. LOVE your pillow. Of course it’s adorable. Where will it live? In your sewing room?

    Missed you today – hopefully it will work to chat tomorrow. xoxo

  44. Laura N in CA says:

    Sundays are great for saying your thanks, relaxing with your kids and having a picnic!

  45. Everything! I enjoy going to Worship in the morning at church, eating lunch with friends and then taking a nap!!


  47. Just adore the sweetness of your Spring Pillow!

  48. I found your pillow on One Pretty Thing. It is absolutely beautiful. You have a great eye for detail and fabric choice.

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