Spring Board Creative Collaboration RE-CAP

Well … I don’t know about you, but I am EXHAUSTED from all that creative energy {and my son having the flu for the second time in 6 weeks} last week!! I’ll say it again, I am amazed at the unique projects that each of my ‘board’ bloggers created.

Let’s take another little peek at them all together::

My main hope for this blog event was to INSPIRE you to create something … anything. You can see with just a few materials {no need to get overwhelmed or weighed down with too much} you can make something that will make you {or someone you love} oh so happy.
If you’d like to pick up your own “Spring Board” kit and make your version {or something uniquely you} of one of these projects, you can still get them from the Fabric Shoppe.
Winners from the giveaways I hosted here last week::
 Spring Board Kit ~ #8 {Jessica of Barely Sewing}
Allora Handmade Rosey Red Earrings ~ #54 {Dawn of Quilting By Dawn}
Gussy Sews {$30 Shop Credit} ~ #78 {Tonya of Down by the Willow Tree}
{Winners, please send me an e-mail so I get you your winnings.} 
My Spring Pillow giveaway will stay open through the end of today. I’ll announce the winner on Wednesday.
Now, if you’re not feeling inspired … go check your pulse.
If you DID feel inspired by this series, I’d love to hear a quick bit of feedback {just leave me a comment}. I’m thiking of hosting something similar {with a holiday gift idea twist} in the fall and would love to know if it’s worth the time & energy we all put into it.
A big THANK YOU to Jodi & the Fabric Shoppe for hosting this event … and to Jessica, Heather, Larissa, Maggie, Shelley and Jodi for humoring me and playing along!! <3


  1. It was fun to see what everyone came up with using basically the same materials. Thanks so much for putting so much time and effort into it!

  2. so much cuteness in this post! a big thanks for putting this together!

  3. As Gussy would say, “Yeow!!”, I can’t believe I won!! Thanks for the giveaways, and I loved all the inspiration!! Sorry to hear your son is sick again, it has been a bad winter for illnesses this year. Hope he gets to feeling better soon.

  4. I’ve loved seeing all the wonderful, individual creativity. Hang in there with the sick boy. I hope you get a bit of rest this week. :)

  5. it was a great week and also grat to get know a fw great bloggers

  6. I loved this idea! it was great to see what the same materials inspired in each of the women…just shows that we all have creativity to unleash! :)
    thank you for doing this.

  7. thought it was a great idea! enjoyed reading them. :)

  8. I am amazed that a single craft bundle can lead to so many wonderful ideas. It was a lovely project to follow, and if you can swing it, I’d love to see it again in the fall. Thanks!

  9. I thoroughly enjoyed this so please do it again. I am amazed at the variety of projects from the same stash.

  10. I think it was a brilliant idea! I loved seeing how different all the projects turned out. And you know I think the fall/holiday gift idea is a good one 😉 I can’t wait to see that one!

  11. What a fun week! I loved everyone’s piece and am definitely inspired! Thanks.

  12. Great series! I thought it was fun to follow:)

  13. Great series! I thought it was fun to follow:)

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