{Tutorial} Thursday:: Pup Mat

Gah! If you would have told me two months ago I would be writing a tutorial for something for a D-O-G I would have laughed at you. I guess the joke is on me :).

Most of you know we got a puppy {our first dog for our family} 3 weeks ago today. Her name is Daisy, though I almost always call her Daisy Girl. We are smitten.

Okay, so when we set up Daisy’s food & water I just threw down an old tea towel underneath her bowls to protect our hardwood floors and keep her bowls from sliding around. Get ready … it looked really nice …

Hmmm. Maybe not?

Well yesterday after cleaning the house {Hallelujah!} I decided to whip up a quick ‘pup mat.’ You’ve heard of the mug rug craze sweeping the sewing world, right? And then there’s also snack mat’s for your littles. Well really, all of these are basically variations of quilted placemats. It’s nothing new, my idea is not original, but none the less, I thought I’d show you a quick “how I did it” in case you want to make one too.

Pup Mat Tutorial::

Finished Size: Approx. 13″x19″

(1) Backing Piece – {Old} Dish Towel
(1) Front Piece(s) – Various widths of fabric x width of tea towel
Coordinating thread {I used natural on top, forest green for bobbin}

1. Measure your towel to determine what size to cut your front scraps. I cut off the end of my towel to make a more even rectangle {approx. 14×20}.

2. Cut your fabric {or use scraps} at various widths x the width of the tea towel {mine was 14}. Arrange your strips in the order you’d like and then sew together using 1/4″ seam allowance. Press seams open and iron your top piece.

3. Trim top piece to match your dish towel. Place dish towel on top of top piece, right sides together, and pin in place.

4. Stitch around the entire rectangle using a 1/2″ seam allowance, making sure to leave a 3″ opening to turn your mat right side out.

**Helpful Hint #1 – Anytime you’re working with multiple layers of fabric {especially ones of different weights/weave} a ‘walking foot’ will make things SO much easier, giving you an a set of feed dogs on top to guide your layers through at the same speed. If you’re machine didn’t come with one, you can most likely order it. It is worth EVERY PENNY!**

**Helpful Hint #2 {which I learned from an Oliver+S pattern} – When you start stitching, start perpendicular to your project, stitch & back stitch the width of your seam allowance (in this case 1/2″) and then with your needle down in your project, rotate to a parallel position and stitch around the project. When you get to where you want to end, finish in the same way. Sink your needle, turn project perpendicular and stitch/back stitch the 1/2″. This makes a nice clean tuck of the opening fabric when you turn your project right side out. **

5. Make sure said ‘puppy’ helps you make her mat. Daisy was kind enough to lay on my foot/slipper as I sewed. See how I kick off my slipper when I sew? Who else does this? Can I also say that all the little bits of thread ALWAYS on my slippers make me smile!

6. Trim your corners, turn project right side out and press. Pin the ‘opening’ closed and top-stitch around the entire mat 1/8 – 1/4″ from the edge. Add additional ‘quilting’ if you’d like. I added a line of stitching on both sides of each seam. Clip threads and admire your finished … Pup Mat!!

Last … scarf down your food while you admire your new mat. Then reward yourself for all your hard work by taking a nap!!

I also have plans to make three more ‘mats’ … one for under my dish drying rack; one for under our shoe basket by our front door and one for under my liquid laundry detergent that sits on my dryer. Lots of possibilities to ‘cute’ up your world in a practical way.

Want to know what else is going to be SO cute? The projects being created for the Spring Board Collaboration happening here next week!! Come back tomorrow for all the deets!


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  1. I too have a dishtowel under my dogs bowls..this is wayyyy cuter!

  2. So cute! Don’t you love it when you can take a necessity and find a way to make it pretty? Thanks for the great sewing tips! Tricia

  3. Oh my gosh! I might have to request one of these for my 2 monsters since the sewing machine scares me :)

  4. glad to hear im not the only one! im always loosing slippers under my sewing table because i kick off the right one to have better control over my pedal when i sew, then i forget what ive done with it. :)

    also, i love all the little quilted mats. love them.

  5. it looks really cute…and believe me, you’re not the only one who never thought they’d do things for their dog… :) they get you wrapped around their little paws in no time at all! :)

  6. This is BRILLIANT Andrea!
    You need to market this and call it the DAISY Mat!
    LOve it!
    Love that Dasiy Girl!
    She’s a dolllllll~baby!
    So much like my ROofus!
    Hugs sweet friend!
    Can’t wait to get my sewing machine and create some of the things you are sharing!

  7. That’s so cute! I think I need a “Kitty Mat.” :) Learned about your blog from Teresa. ♥

  8. This is SOOO cute!! I agree with Teresa that you should call this the Daisy Mat! Make millions girl. :)

  9. What a great idea! I don’t have a dishtowel under my doggie bowls, but one of my kiddo’s old placemats! LOL! I have to make one of these, pronto!

  10. Sandy says:

    Love the pup mat and the idea for under the laundry detergent. I think I also want one under our coffee maker (is mine the only one that drips?). Seeing Daisy warm your feet while sewing made my heart happy. Isn’t it so fun to have such a cute little buddy to help wherever you go?

  11. I think this is brilliant and gorgeous! but I wish my moose wouldn’t need a person size towel to get the job done!

  12. yvonne says:

    good idea for the pets. just might try one day soon. busy making denim bags right now. thanks for the great idea for my cat Brigus.

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