{WIWW} What I Wore Wednesday …

Not a lot of getting out of the PJ’s the last two weeks. Between another round of the flu and a weekend away with girlfriends, the lure of the soft pants was just too great.

In fact, I only have one lonely outfit that is actually from about a week and a half ago ;).

Saturday {Date Afternoon/Evening}::
Yep, I had to be wined & dined {i.e. take me to see the Lincoln Lawyer & to dinner at Cafe Rio) to get me out of my PJ’s.

{New hair …6+ inches chopped off … yikes!!}

{Dress – H&M ($12.50!!); Skinny Jeans – DKNY via TJ Maxx; Necklace – The Silver Dog; Flats – Born via DSW}

{My WIWW Assistants}

“What I {would} Love {to wear} Wednesday” …

Okay, I love this whole outfit (found via Pinterest).

{Pinned by Me}

And even more, I found the perfect acessory to go with it. This bag is calling my name. I’m wondering if I’d ever be able to ‘justify’ a $26,000 handbag {uhm, let’s just answer that with a big fat NO}.

But do you know it would make me think of Gilmore Girls every time I stepped out with my Hermes Birkin bag. {“That’s a VERY nice purse,” she tells Rory. “A Birkin bag! A Birkin bag for Rory! I’m just saying, Richard never bought ME a Birkin bag. Oh, this is exciting!” ~Emily Gilmore}

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  1. Who can afford that kind of purse!? I love what you wore on your date – especially the necklace 😉

  2. ohhh I love the green, really cute

  3. that green bag is a must have! xo

  4. love the bracelet and scarf!!! you looked adorbs on your date too! happy wednesday! xo

  5. See?!? This is why I said GREEN the other day! I’m not crazy!

  6. So glad I stopped by. Your blog is awesome! Will be following!!

  7. Oh, that tunic is darling! Cafe Rio makes any day better, doesn’t it? When we were getting read to move to Boise, I drove down the road and saw Cafe Rio was opening and literally squealed out load, scaring my kids. It made moving easier for me. :)

  8. A 26K purse? Thats insane! I love your pinterest outfit…the colors are great together.
    I just got my hair cut too. Its a bit shorter than I wanted but it grows fast so I shouldnt whine too loudly I guess.
    Have a great day!

  9. Your new hair is so cute! And I kind of wish you were in charge of dressing me…I like how you pull things together. =)

  10. I am so in love with the dress-over-skinny-jeans look! And $12.50 for an H&M dress?!? Good find! Love the necklace too, it adds such a fun pop of color.

    And I’d have to say that even if I had $26,000 lying around, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t spend it on a purse!

  11. oh my goodness. You have a corgi.

    He (she) is ADORABLE.

    my corgi sends his love 😀

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