A peek …

… into the sweat shop.

I’ve got so many projects going I had to bring in a temporary table … all the stuff on it, under it and to the side are bits and pieces of all that has to be done by this weekend.

I feel like the material is multiplying behind my back ;).

The good news is I have 9 of the 15 pieces *almost* done. Just needing buttons, hems, hand sewing … all the fun stuff that can be done while watching a movie and sitting next to my sweety (not sweaty) husband.



  1. busy girl!

  2. My, oh, my! You do have your hands full! I’m so impressed at how you’re plowing right through it all though! Not that I had any doubts! :)

  3. I don’t have quite as many projects going as you, but I know the feeling…I’ve been doing sewing prep like crazy. 8 new ruffly clutches, coming right up {soon}!

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