From the heart …

I know that I don’t share a lot of my personal life {outside the sewing room} on this blog … this has never been my personal platform, but more a peek into the ‘business’ side of a stay-at-home mom running a handmade business.

However, there are times when I feel like I need to give a little more …

Like to really understand why helping another couple adopt a child would be close to my heart. A few weeks ago Andrea contacted me about wanting to help a family {husband & wife} bring a child into their home. Because life had given them some great challenges and left the wife unable to carry a child, they have decided to pursue adoption. Andrea was so moved by their story she wanted to do something tangible to help them make their dream of being parents a reality.

When I read or hear of stories like this I can’t help but thank God for the gift He gave us about 8 years ago when I got a positive pregnancy test after only two months of trying to conceive. I had a better than textbook pregnancy {no morning sickness, back pain, extreme swelling or the likes} with only a little hiccup {our little mister tried to come 7 weeks early} at the end. The delivery … just as easy. Seriously, cake I tell ya with the help of a wonderful epidural. Our son arrived weighing a hefty 9lbs 5oz and measuring 21in. Hello chunk-a-munk!

So why is it that adoption and the struggle to grow your family would be so close to my heart? Well just 9 months after our son arrived we started trying for another child. Months of trying turned into a year. I was checked and put on 3 months of Clomid. 1 year turned into 2 years and my husband got sick with a life threatening disease that caused him to go on a form of chemotherapy to shut down his immune system. During this year of treatment we were not able to try to conceive. Following his medical regime my husband was checked to make sure we were good to go ;). We were devestated to learn that he was 100% infertile. This visit has lead to years more, checking, hoping, praying and seeing some regeneration of fertility. But not enough to achieve a pregnancy on our own.

{How could I not want a dozen of these?!?}

To not make this long story longer … it has been over 6 years of longing for another child for our family. I’ve gone through the whole spectrum of emotion, but am so thankful that today I am able to hold onto this promise …

{Credit:: Etsy, Wall Bling}

I don’t just ‘know’ this verse, but I believe it. God has really been changing my heart the last couple of years {from bitterness, to sadness, to JOY} and these are my two greatest lessons learned thus far::

– Joy does not equal happiness. True joy comes from the Lord. Knowing that allows me to live with joy in the moments of heartache.

– God has given me this life to live. He did not make a mistake. His plan is not my plan. For me to set my heart and soul on something I believe would make our family complete is to waste away this incredible life I have RIGHT NOW. Don’t spend your days wishing for something you don’t have only to realize you missed what you do have.

With that, let me just encourage you to live your days like Andrea. Looking for moments of ministry to those around you and listening to your heart when it ‘nudges’ you to reach out.

Now, head on over to Andrea’s blog, Worley House, to read more about the wonderful fundraiser she is hosting full of handmade goods {including a Jo Totes bag} to one of the lucky donors.



  1. Amazing…Thank You for sharing this.

  2. That little chunk-a-munka is certainly one blessed little boy to have you for his mama. We’re thankful for him too! (and for his parents of course!)

  3. Thanks for sharing your story, it will help & bless so many. Thank you again for supporting!

  4. so thankful you shared, standing with you! praying, praying, praying!

  5. HUGS Andrea – always appreciate your positive attitude. Great reminder for all.

  6. I love you. You’re so brave to share this ‘with the world’. xoxo

  7. Thank you for being so open and sharing. Our daughter is adopted and we have never felt like adoption was Plan B just a different Plan A. We know God created us to be her parents. We are getting ready to start the process all over again!

  8. Wow,
    I don’t usually comment on things, but I just wanted to let you know that God just used you to speak to me. I saw the verse from this post on Pinterest and followed it to your blog, where I read this post. I was just feeling super unhappy about my life and upset about some things that aren’t really important, and this attitude meant that I was not the happiest mom/wife this afternoon. God sure didn’t waste time in speaking to me! Thank you so much for your courage in posting this. I know that God has a wonderful life planned for me, but sometimes it’s hard to see all that I have right now, and to remember that there are many more blessings to come. The day to day, small annoyances can start to block out all the blessings if I don’t constantly remind myself to let it go and keep my eyes on the Lord. Thanks and God bless! Anna

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