{M} is for Moms, Mugs & Mug Rugs

Are you sick of the mug rug talk?
I hope not, because I might have a bit more to share :).

As you might have guessed {by all the blah, blah, mug rugs, blah, blah} I’m a little smitten with these little creations.

In fact, I whipped one for my mom and one for my mother-in-love for Mother’s Day. I added an adorable monogrammed mug from Anthropologie and some carrot cupcakes in a jar. A little bag of sweet treats to let them know they’re loved.

I think this is my ‘go-to’ gift for 2011. So, if I normally give you a gift and I haven’t already, I probably just spoiled it for you :).

SHOP UPDATE tomorrow with ………. you guessed it … MUG RUGS!!

And just-in-time for warmer days … a new batch of “Ruffled Up” zippered pouches.



  1. i totally love them…..i think my mug is lacking without it…:(


  2. I too love mug rugs and am hoping to make a few for my living room to replace my outdated coasters. Love the Mother’s Day gift….I am thinking it might have to be my go to gift too :)

  3. Yes, I love them. And I will try to make one from that tutorial someday soon! :)

  4. I really like this mug rug….and the cup!

  5. I love those! I am loving your tutorials. I’m going to make those dishtowels. But I have to wait until naptime!

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