Virtual {Iced Tea} Date

Since I’m not a big coffee drinker, I’m going to invite you to share a cup of iced tea with me, k? I’ve blogged along with ‘Amy’s {Lucky Number 13} Virtual Coffee‘ before, but only on my ‘personal’ blog, not over here. But I have several things to chat about, so I figured what better way to catch up than over a glass of tea {and maybe some Sweet Chex Mix}.


If we were having tea, I’d start by telling you what a wonderful birthday I had. The celebrating started several days before and went several days after. On the day of, I had lunch at one of my favorite spots, Cafe Rio {Mmm} with my sister-in-love. And then I went home and got cleaning done {which makes me very happy} before I headed out for Bunko. My sister was this month’s hostess and she celebrated not only my birthday, but my first day off my ‘sugar strike’ by serving salad for dinner and then a large buffet of sweet treats {including these and these}.

{Do I look 34?!?}

I’d tell you how my parents gifted me a Silhouette for my birthday and I have yet to play with it … I know! I think I’m going to have to schedule a playdate!

I’d tell you about my best friend {who I haven’t seen for almost 6 months} and her family came to stay with us for 5 nights. I love that we don’t miss a beat when we see each other. It’s as if she lives down the street {oh how I wish}. It’s such a comfortable relationship. We’re happy to go to Target & Starbucks, get our hair glitzed & toes painted and catch up on Army Wives together.

I’d show you my quilt I finished last week. I started it last year, finished the top in April of this year and finished it in May. I love it … so much so I’ll share the deets {and more pictures} in another post.

Then I’d tell you that Memorial day did not go as planned. We had every intention of going to see Kung Fu Panda 2, but my sweets and I both had a rough day and ended up spending much of it in bed resting. We did make it out last night though for ice cream treats so our little had something to look forward to.

And I couldn’t let you go without telling you that I have some really fun posts planned for the next few weeks. Two tutorials, an inspirational link party post and more.

Now, let me ask you this before you leave our virtual date … if you happen to own a Silhouette (or maybe you just really, really want one}, can you share your favorite download and/or a favorite project? I need to build an “Ideas for the Silhouette …” board on Pinterest.




  1. ahhh, there is just nothing like a best girlfriend, huh? mine lives a few hours away and it is so fun when she comes to visit. your quilt looks great and i am seriously jealous of that cutter, wow! thanks so much for joining in for coffee today–or iced tea : )

  2. I may be a little jealous of the bestie time and the new toy….glad you had a good birthday!

  3. ut oh. I might just have to hate you now, you Silhouette owner. {sniff sniff}…
    So glad you had a wonderful birthday! It doesnt matter what the age, we should still enjoy them and be spoiled! You deserved a great one:)

  4. No…you look 17..I {pretend} hate you!
    Happy Birthday!

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