{WIWW} What I Wore Wednesday … {with a twist}

… the twist?

Well … let’s just say I’ve been LAZY with taking pictures of my outfits. And that might possibly be related to the fact that I’ve been lazy with my outfits :).

Either way, I did want to share a few of my favorite things I’m wearing these days AND get your help picking a cute Summer dress.

Favorite new footwear {a present from my boys for Mother’s day} ~ Coral Taffy & White Dot Maine Isle Flip Flops by L.L. Bean

I had to dress up my toes so they’d look good sporting their new flips::

OPI, Big Hair, Big Nails

My {relatively} new white jeans are my new go to … dressed up or down::

Gap, Long & Lean

A new skirt which I know is going to be a summer staple::

eShakti,Tiered cotton skirt with floral trim in deep coral

Which brings me to the question, have you heard of OR shopped eShakti? I ‘discovered’ them though a pin on Pinterst and fell in love. I decided to splurge a little and ordered the above skirt and this dress::

eShakti, Ruffle front cotton poplin dress in sunset gold

Well … I LOVE the skirt, but the dress … well let me say the fit is incredible. Really, it’s like it was tailor made for me {which they kind of are}. I just didn’t love the ruffles on me. They were ‘a lot going on’ {in the words of My Sweets} and well it just didn’t work.

But, I was happy with the fit, I returned it for their gift card option {they give you your return amount PLUS 20% for your next purchase} and need helping picking from these three options.

Option 1::

eShakti, Ivory buttoned shirtdress in deep teal

Option 2::

eShakti, Floral rosette trim shift dress

Option 3::

eShakti, Leaf trim strap pleated dress in aqua

Which one do you think I should go with?

P.S. Sorry for the tiny pictures … you’d think that retailers would want you to be able to promote their product with a bigger image?!?


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  1. Definitely option 3. I love that color (and, may or may not be currently wearing a very similar dress).

  2. LOVE the skirt! Really a lot. As for the dresses, I say #3 is most definitely you!

  3. I vote #1, but maybe because I would love to own it for myself :)

  4. I’m going with #1. They’re all super cute and I love the color of #3, but when I looked at it up close the pleating on the top concerned me.

    I think #1 is just adorable and would look so cute on you!

  5. OH! I adore #1. Simply adore it!! Looks classic and timeless, casual or fancy.
    I think I pinned that yellow ruffly dress, too. Good to hear about them, though. I’ve never actually ventured to the site till now. Dangerous!

  6. I would go with number 3. I love the classic lines and aqua color.

  7. I would pick option 3 for you. Cute dresses.

  8. I vote for #3 as well. #1 is cute except for the awkwardly placed white bow…

    But I REALLY like the yellow one. Are you SURE you can’t branch out into those ruffles? 😉

  9. I agree with many others and vote for #3. :)

  10. Im gonna go against the masses and vote for #1. Its navy, its unique and while #3 is very cute, its one you can find anywhere. Go for unique!

  11. For some reason I am going with Option 1! I think you will get so much more wear out of it! Plus it is super cute! Love the nail polish!

  12. i think i am the first to vote for option 2. i think it is adorable and perfect for summer.

  13. I”m digging the first dress! Just love the color.

  14. I say #1!! LOVE it. If you don’t get it – maybe I should. :) Love your new flips too. So cute!

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