"On the Road to Spring" Quilt

Like most of the quilts I’ve completed, this one started at least a year ago. Apparently my formula for quilt making is: buy fabric {wait 2 month}, cut fabric {wait 7 months}, sew squares/rows {wait 2 months}, sew top {wait a month}, quilt & bind. It’s not an exact science, but don’t worry I’m working on perfecting it ;).

So … here is my version of Randi’s {i have to say}, “On the Road to Spring” quilt::

You’ll notice (if you pop over and look at the tutorial) that my quilt bares a striking resememblence to hers. Yep, sometimes you don’t mess with a good thing and I loved here color combination {red+limey green+brown}.

I tried an IKEA flat sheet for the backing {after reading a review on Oh, Fransson!} and am so happy with the end result (which I didn’t take a picture of?!? Gah!).

I did straight line quilting on each side of the horizontal seams and ‘random/wonky’ straight lines vertically. I used a green Sulky thread on the back and it was a perfect match.

Imagine my delight when I realized that the quilt would work perfectly at the baby shower I hosted this past weekend.

Love, love, love a new quilt.


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  1. Lovely quilt and love those strawberry cups:)

  2. This is a lovely quilt. The piecing is simple but I like the design and it would be fun for FMQ the top.

  3. Oh how I love beautiful quilts. Someday I will be brave enough to try them. Hubby tells me Im nuts for thinking I cant do them since I make so many bags, quilted bags,etc… Theyre just so intimidating to me.
    Love yours! That color co,bo is new & fresh.

  4. hmm…that sounds alot like me :) Love how it turned out and loving the new blog header!

  5. Gorgeous quilt!

  6. And I thought it was only me that took ages to finish a quilt. I start one for my daughter. I bought the fabric, cut the squares and squares sewn in two days …… and it’s now been sat for 2 months waiting for me to finish it!!!

  7. That quilt is gaw-geous! Love it! Where is the tutorial for it?

  8. …and I got to sleep under it first! I’m so honored! :)

    Love your formula for making a quilt – made me laugh out loud.

    It’s beautiful – LOVE it. One day, when I grow up, I want to make a quilt too.


  9. Lauren T. says:

    Wow!! It’s absolutely beautiful! What talent you have Andrea! Gorgeous!

  10. Andrea~
    I am speechless!
    This quilt is amazing!
    LOVE the color combination!
    You are so talented!
    Truly you are!
    LOVE LOVE the new blog design!!
    Where have I been?
    Hugs and HAPPY week!

  11. The quilt looks great! I’m especially interested in how you quilted it. What does it look like from the back?

  12. Victoria Pinkham says:

    I love this quilt, but how much fabric would I purchase and how many kinds if I were to make a queen size quilt instead of a lap quilt? Many thanks!

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