Shhhh …

I’m having a really hard time keeping my lips zipped on a lot of secret projects going on around the shop these days.

I’m in the last days of prepping for a baby shower I’m hosing for my niece-in-law on Saturday. But she’s a pretty faithful reader of this here blog, so no sneaks. I will do a full post next week … trust me, it is going to be SWEET in every way!!

I’m also in the first days of summer break. Figuring out a new balance of work and play. This week my little guy’s mornings are filled with all things VBS. Did you go to Vacation Bible School growing up?

I finished up the zig-zag quilt I mentioned in the last post. ADORABLE. Seriously. But I’m scared to wash it. The front has a lot of white. The back has a lot of coral/red. They are both Kona which is top notch, but still scared. So I’m taking lots of pics tomorrow pre-wash, then crossing my fingers and tossing in a Shout color catcher. Again, can’t share it until after Saturday.

I started cutting another quilt. For a tutorial. Coming soon …

I am wanting to get to work on a blog re-fresh along with updating my Etsy header, business cards, etc. Just need to find an extra week to work on that. Because I got some custom art today that I am over.the.moon. excited to show off.

Again, reminding myself daily that this is summer time. This time with my son is precious. Everything else can move down the priority list. This is after all why I work from home. For these moments.

And just for giggles, here is me in the last 100m of my 5K ‘race’ on Saturday. I managed to run the whole thing and end with a decent {for me} time. I love this picture because I look ‘legit.’ Pictures are deceiving ;). So now to keep at it and make up for the last 3-4 months.

The red velvet cake for Father’s day {thank you Costco} is not helping the situation.

Thanks for letting me ramble a bit!



  1. I have never had my colors bleed on a quilt. And I never prewash. Good luck, I hope your don’t bleed. What was your time?

  2. Wow, you sound like you are busy, busy, busy at the moment! I’m the same though but it’s just work that’s getting in the way. I have sooo much I want to do at home, but just can’t find the time :-(

    I love the running picture … you look like a ‘proper’ runner if you know what I mean. I keep meaning to start training, but I just can’t get my bum into gear.

    Have a great week

    Marge x

  3. Whatever that aqua and rust colored floral is, is GLORIOUS!

  4. congrats on your 5k! you look great!

  5. Sounds like you’ve been busy! Can’t wait to see your “secret” projects :) And that picture is awesome. If you said you were finishing your first marathon, I would have totally believed you 😉

  6. LOVE those fabrics you pictured above. I do believe I spy some innocent crush in there, dont I?:) BTW, I got my mug rug and I LOVE it! It’ll make me smile each day I go in to work and see it on my desk. Thank you.

  7. So so so excited!! :)

    You were legit at your race just so ya know!! I was there and saw it in person :)

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